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《Illumine Lingao》brief introduction

Illumine Lingao

author: 吹牛者

Crossing into troubled times is not about being struck by lightning, but their own choice. Some people want to be king, some want to relieve the people of sore straits, some want to use their own power to prevent the last conquest of civilization by barbarians, and thus rewrite the history of the Chinese nation. Of course, some people think of only three wives and four concubines, living a very corrupt life that cannot be lived in this world. This group of half-hearted people with different aspirations has no tiger body, no Qi of tortoise, and no mental retardation aura as stage props. Crammed into an old boat, there are only modern machines, technology and various theories. Thees traversers, with the aspirations could not be achieved in this world... (Chinese Name: 临高启明)

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