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Chapter Directory 2405 Capture
    Chinese Name: 临高启明  Author: 吹牛者(Chuīniú zhě, Boaster)
    Original: www.qidian.com  ******************************
| Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Xie Huiren's face became pale, and to say that he was a reporter, he had experienced some things on the scene, but it was the first time that he was directly hit by the knife to his chest-different from the "bluff" of the old time and space. In fact, some indigenous people can really get the white knife into the red knife.

     "This is Xie Kun?" another man in black came and asked.

     "Yes, it's him." The thin man looked at Jie Huiren. "This look, this dress, and the pistol in the drawer, are only available for Zhen Hao." After all, the revolver and Xie Huiren in the drawer The bullet box was taken out and inserted into the waist.

     Xie Lingren tremble with fear, barely keeping calm. Although this little man speaks a little accent, it is only the naturalized people who speak "new words". He remembered that when he first entered Wuzhou, the permit informed him that there was a possibility of traitors in the Ming army. Looking at this person again does not play with the pistol. He inserted the revolver directly into his waist. His movements are skillful. Obviously he is not an indigenous...

     Jiang Suo will dig through his pockets here, without even letting the toilet paper go. Only then was Xieren's rope tied up, his mouth was stuffed with numb kernels, and his head was covered with a hood. For a time, Xianren's dark sky and black earth were released, only to know that someone dragged him in front, he could only stumble and follow .

     Song Ming also wanted to search in the office to see if there were any unsolicited letters, but Jiang Suo warned that the gunshots were slamming, the reaction speed of the thief was very fast, and someone would soon come over-no place in Wuzhou city Big, here is the distance from the south gate to be almost within reach. Once the Australians react, it is not something they can resist.Song Ming thought so too, but since he came here, he could not enter Baoshan and returned empty-handed, and regardless of the three sevens are twenty-one, he explained that the things in the drawer of Heren were poured into the package, all on his back. Only then ran away to the backyard.

     They walked just in time, the gunshots sounded, and Qian Duo, who was watching the enemy's situation on the Great South Gate, had a surprise: gunshots were heard in the city. This was not the sound of a bird or some fire, but the sound of a Nanyang rifle!

     Listening to the loudness of the gunshots and the direction from which it came, this shooting happened in Nancheng, close to the county government and government offices!

     Qian Duo was shocked by the cold sweat. If the government office was attacked, wouldn't it be a big deal! He immediately called a sergeant and took a squad to Fuya to check the situation.

     The gate of the government office was completely closed, and there was no abnormality, but the sentry at the door was gone, and the corner door opened. The sergeant did not know well, and immediately ordered:

     "All bayonet, ready to shoot!"

     The whole class made a little preparation, and burst into the front yard from the corner gate—not a soul in sight. The sergeant asked someone to open the gate and sent a soldier to search. Without taking a few steps, he found two at the preparation entrance to the second hall. The body of a sentry was shot with a crossbow and one was killed.

     The sergeant knew that the situation was serious, and immediately asked someone to go back and tell him how much money he had.

     Entering the second entrance main hall, there were four or five bodies in the yard. There were both "guards" and unidentified men in black.

     "These chicks!" the sergeant murmured, and something serious happened in the Xingzhi county office. He no longer considered "holding weight" and directly shouted:

     "shooting!""No!" A soldier next to him took his arm. "The chief may be inside."

     The sergeant secretly called a fluke, and it took a row of guns to hurt the veteran, he must not execute the whole family unto the third generation! Raise a rifle and shoot at the sky, shouting: "Go!"

     As soon as the clinker rushed into the courtyard, they were shot in a face-to-face burst. Two people shot arrows on the spot, and then a dozen people in black screamed and rushed out from under the flower hall and gallery. Fight.

     Most of the Bobo soldiers have been in service for many years, and they are skilled in white-blade warfare. Although two people were downsized at the start, they were at a disadvantage. They immediately went back to back in groups of three and two, fighting with the enemy.

     They were ambushed by Song Ming’s family soldiers, the most brave. They left behind the palace and saved their mortal heart early, all dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety, fighting desperately, no one could be disabled for a while. to deal with each other.

     During the stalemate, Zhu Si and the guards were killed again. Song Ming left the soldiers behind the palace unable to resist, or was killed or captured. Zhu Si broke into the office and saw the mess in the office. The corpse was on the spot, unconsciously jaw drop-the chief is gone!

     The master is lost-no matter whether it is killed or captured, the consequences are not clear to Zhu Si, who served as a soldier in Daming. He does not know what the Australians will do, but the identity of the veteran is obviously more prominent than that of the governor of Daming, at least it is also the style of the prince.

     For a thought until here, his hair was straight, and he immediately ordered people to search Quan Ya, and then sent someone to report Qian Duo and Zhao Toyota.The soldiers searched quickly found several guards who were killed in the backyard. The backyard door was wide open, apparently ran from the backdoor.

     Zhu Si's eyes glared bloody, dragging a prisoner who was stabbed into a severe wound, and asked, "Who you are ?! Where did you get the chief?"

     The captive had a bayonet in his abdomen, and his intestine came out. It was already unable to survive. Panting heavily smiled and said, "What do you know..." He was completely crooked.

     Zhu Si was so angry that he chopped on the body with a knife. In the yard and the hall, there is no body found at the head of Xie Jie, apparently taken by the group. Judging from their combat power and weapons, they are not ordinary bandits, but elite officers and soldiers. This assault into the city was also prepared.

     On the one hand, Zhu Si organized people to follow the track, while sending people to beat the drums of the city to enter the first-level alert at the Bell and Drum Tower-this is to tell all the naturalized and indigenous retained personnel in the city: there are enemies in the city!

     According to the pre-plan, after entering the alert, all the defense zones entered the alert state, and the reserve teams in the three headquarters immediately carried out a citywide search with the cooperation of the detective team to search for the enemy.

     But now the plan is slightly biased, because of the lack of troops, no matter whether Zhu Si or the money is large, there is no reserve team at all. Zhu Si was as anxious as a headless fly, but no matter what, Qian Duo and Zhao Toyota came.

     "The situation how is it?"

     "The chief is missing!" Zhu Si panicked and said, "I've sent someone to follow me, I don't know if there was any delay..."Qian Duo was cruelly cursed: "No wonder! It turns out that the enemy is threaten the east and strike to the west!" he thought for a bit raised his head and said: "Now the situation is clear, the enemy does not mean to attack Wuzhou. Just gather the whole company and start a citywide search! You must get the head back if you dig the ground three feet!"

     Zhao Fengtian felt that this was unlucky, and quickly said: "There is no need to dig the ground three feet. From the gunshot to the present, it is at most fifteen minutes. The enemy can't run far. The walls are on all sides, and they can't run away!"

     At the moment, three people were assigned work, Zhao Fengtian took a post in Fuya, Zhu Si went to the Great South Gate to take charge of defense, and Qian Duo took the company to search the whole city.

     "... Captain Zhu, you immediately dispatched everyone to the detective team and said to them: As long as you find the trace of the enemy, you will be rewarded with twelve silver, the reward for the discovery of the leader’s trace will be twenty-two, and the rescuer will be rewarded. One hundred two." Zhao Toyota said.

     The detection team is full of retained personnel. This critical juncture may not be willing to work hard, and can only be driven by heavy profits.

     The three split their heads, Zhao Fengtou stomped and sighed again, even the idea of suicide came out. At this time Zheng Ergen also came, panic.

     "Why did you shoot? How did you send out the detective team..."

     "Big incident occured!" Zhao Fengtian said the situation, Zheng Ergen's face was also white-is this not a big deal! He stammeringly said: "Resolve the head... the head... no... won't be alright..."

     "Chief Heaven helps the worthy." Zhao Fengtian comforted him. "Besides that they didn't rush into the government office for a long time, and it was not so easy for the black lights to blindly want to run out.""If only it were so, if only it were so..." Zheng Ergen murmured, and suddenly remembered something, "Master Hao, I am afraid it is a criminal ringleader, main offender!"

     "Even if not, he must be involved." Zhao Fengtian suddenly thought that Cai Lan and Jiang Qiuchan, who had major suspicions, were not arrested, and they are still in the San Zongfu. The two weak women could not escape, but the movement outside was so big that very possibly might commit suicide...

     He immediately said: "Lao Zheng, you immediately take someone to the San Zongfu, and take Cai Lan, Jiang Qiuchan, and the servants in the yard, as long as they are in contact with Cai Lan, all are arrested-to guard against someone suicide!"

     When the explosion sounded, Luo Yangming already returned to the mansion, because he could not rest assured that he simply did not have a room to rest, but took a nap in the study.

     The explosion outside the city immediately awakened him. Luo Yangming jumped up and stood up to the window and looked around. He heard the sound of gunfire bursting out, heart tensed up: this is what? !

     The sound of the artillery was not the sound of the fire of the Volvo Army's artillery-it was more dull and dull, obviously the firearm of the officers and men. Could it be that Xiong Wencan counterattacked? This is obviously impossible...

     Although he was full of doubts, he was a secret person. He could not go to the government office asking about the situation at will, let alone attend meetings without permission, and could only turn around in the study and wait for news.

     From the sound of the outside alone, it seems that the situation is somewhat critical-because he not only heard the gun body, but also the whistle of the signal rocket passing the sky, followed by the sound of gunfire.

     The sound of gunshots particularly worried him, indicating that the enemy had approached the city wall.The people in the house and the shop were awakened by the sound of guns and guns. No one dared to turn on the lights. They all put on their clothes and came quietly to ask.

     "I don't know what the situation is outside." Luo Yangming comforted everyone. "It's about the Ming State's army attacking, it won't hinder you. Don't be afraid."

     "God, Buddha," Ding Atao's hair bun was scattered, with tears in his eyes. "If this Daming army recovers Wuzhou, you can do something for the Australians, what can we do if the government investigates it?!" Cried.

     Li Wensheng quickly persuaded: "Mrs. Mo should not be anxious. There are so many gangsters in the aftermath. The sky is falling down and they are facing it. Besides, Ming Guo may not be able to fight back."