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Chapter Directory 2406 Luo Yangming And Wen Tietou
    Chinese Name: 临高启明  Author: 吹牛者(Chuīniú zhě, Boaster)
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Luo Yangming didn't worry about this. He knew the situation very well. The Ming army was too busy to care for itself, and even Guangxi couldn't help it. What talks about countering Wuzhou? At best, it is annoying.

     However, depending on the situation, the scale of the enemy's attack this time is not small, so big, and the noise is obviously not a small enemy. Although Luo Yangming quite trusts Qian Duo and Zhao Fengtian in controlling the situation, it is also true that Wuzhou Chengcheng's air defenses are empty. He heard the sound of guns and footsteps outside and did not see it sparse, but instead became denser. Luo Yangming was a little unable to breathe.

     Suddenly, a sudden drumbeat spread throughout the city, Luo Yangming had a surprise: This was the drumbeat that declared a first-level alert for the enemy in the city.

     The enemy has burst into the city? He’s somewhat anxious, but it seems unlikely to think about it again. Wuzhou’s city walls are quite fortified. Without an absolute advantage, the Ming Army would not rush into the city in the dark night. There is a large enemy activity, and there is no possibility that the small enemy will converge overnight.

     He immediately remembered Hao Ran's case, could it be...

     Could it be that they are trying to deal with a mess in the city? !

     He actually thought about this idea when he went to see Zhao Fengtian to discuss the case. Now it seems that his prediction is completely accurate! This Hao Ran is the key figure!

     Why didn't I notice him earlier! Luo Yangming couldn't help regretting: he devoted too much energy to the work of the aftermath, but instead took the most important job of concealment: rebellion-neglected. Let Master Hao be at ease in his home in front of one's eyes, to a certain extent, he even served as his umbrella!thought until here, Luo Yangming couldn't sit anymore, he stopped/stood with a cry, called Li Wensheng, and asked: "Now the situation outside is urgent, I'm going out to do some important things. You take the servants guys at home Look after. You pick two capable guys to follow me."

     This said, the room suddenly became a pot of porridge. Neither Li Wensheng nor Ding Atao disagreed with him. Ding Atao even cried out: Soldiers munity and troops rebel outside, in case there is a loss of this family and What can I do if I buy or sell?

     Luo Yangming was quarreled with heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil, and was waiting to be persuaded, but there was a buddy who came in and reported: Australian Master Zhao sent someone to send him a letter.

     "Bring the letter!"

     Luo Yangming hurriedly took the letter and opened it with only a few lines. These few lines have changed his expression. Xie Lingren is missing and may be captured! The news is like thunder from a clear sky.

     In the eyes of the old naturalized people like Luo Yangming, the elder is a "half-god" and is an omnipotent existence, even if he does not agree with many actions in the city of Wuzhou, but he has become accustomed to the meticulous and precise work of the elders. There are back-to-back arrangements everywhere, and I always feel that no matter what the elders do, they all have "divine strategy and wonderful planning". It's just that I can't grasp it for a while. Unexpectedly, this veteran will also be caught!

     The letter mentioned that there is no danger in Wuzhou now, and the city is in a rope. Please wait for the situation outside to settle down and immediately rush to the government to discuss the countermeasures.Receiving this letter, Luo Yangming could still sit still. in a few words soothed his wife and child, wrote a letter with a pen and asked someone to send it to Zhao Fengtian immediately. He was also asked to take out a large baggage often in the bank cabinet. So he took two young and strong guys, quietly came out from the back door and went to the south door.

     He was not in a hurry to go to Fuya-Zhao Fengtian had been sitting there at the moment, and he couldn't help much when he went there. As for the questioning of the suspect's investigation of a fish that escaped the net, it was all afterwords. The most important thing right now is to restore order in the city and try to rescue the head of the solution-or, in the worst case, to find his body, especially the head cannot be robbed by officers and soldiers.

     Luo Yangming was very clear about the strength of the city: these few months when they were the most empty, they searched with Qian Duo and the people at hand of Zhu Si, and even controlling the street bayonet, patrolling the city was not enough-don’t look at the towering Wuzhou city walls , But it’s not difficult for small enemies to cross the city walls by night.

     It is imperative to increase the manpower for search and suppression in the city as soon as possible!

     He doesn’t look down on the fish and dragons mixed in together team, such as the detective team. The vast majority of people are mixed, and they can work to play the yu 竽mouth organ to make up numbers. , Will not contribute; secondly, it is difficult to guarantee that there are also some intrinsic molecules inside. In the face of complex situations, it is unreliable.

     Thinking about it, only the porter under his "big uncle" Wen Tie's head was reliable. Wen Tietou has a strong dependence on his head and his porter, and he dares to fight and kill-on the wharf like Wuzhou, it is untenable without these two.However, Xie Lingren has always been very wary of Wen Tietou and his porters. There are many restrictions on them. Luo Yangming did not find this strange: there is such an organized and combative group in Wuzhou City, which is obviously a potential threat to local administration. Daming's Wuzhou presiding officer looked at it this way, as did the Wuzhou director of the Senate.

     If Wen Tietou himself does not have this kind of in-law relationship, he actually can't believe such a ground snake. But he has been with Wen Tietou for many years. He knows that he is thin and human. He knows that this is a river and lake, but his temperament is still a person of integrity. Moreover, his only relative is still in his own hands.

     Now, only rely on him!

     Luo Yangming went all the way to the south gate, and met with the patrol several times along the way. He had the Highest Level pass issued to him by Zhao Toyota, and he could pass every time in a few words. There was no delay along the way, and I quickly reached the Great South Gate.

     Because Wen Tietou had to move the goods early tomorrow morning, he concentrated more than two hundred laborers in a dozen empty shops outside the gate of Dananmen. At this meeting, the sound of guns was lingering outside, and he and his men were awake. They did not dare to go out, so they gathered at the door and looked at each other.

     Seeing Luo Yangming coming, Wen Tietou quickly moved forward to meet: "Master! Is this the case? Daming officers and soldiers have returned?"

     Luo Yangming walked all the way, the breath was a little quick, and for a moment speechless, he breathed for a moment before saying: "The officers and soldiers did not come, but there were spies in the city who took advantage of the opportunity to mess up. Now I have something to use you and your brother...""Where do you say it?" Wen Tietou patted his chest. "You are my brother-in-law! I have been supporting the guys all these years. My Wen Tietou is also a man who can run on his arm and stand on his fist! You say it, What do our brethren do, go up the sword and down the fire, not to refuse to!"

     Luo Yangming immediately asked them to arm up and talked about participating in the city's hawser. He also mentioned that the traitor hijacked the local "important cadres" and tried to rescue them as soon as possible. Wen Tietou heard it but frowned, "Master! We have nothing to say if you want us to do things. It's just a matter for the detective team and the National Army. Let's intervene. How do they think? In case there is any misunderstanding, It’s not a big bad thing not to catch the Ming’s criminals and small things, and to kill each other in conflict. Besides, we don’t have weapons."

     "I have passed the news with the city government about what you are dispatching, and it will not hinder you. As for the recognition, I also thought of it." He said that he took care of the buddy and opened the big burden. Inside is a bunch of cloth armbands marked with red star punches on a blue background-the detective team wears these armbands on weekdays.

     "This was prepared when I returned to Wuzhou. It's the same as the detective team. You put it on. You won't cause misunderstandings when you meet the patrol team. As for weapons, you each have a lever in your hand and use this." He said, "Here are all your good brothers from the cradle to the grave. If not, I don't talk too much. If the captive can be rescued, the chief will have a reward!"Wen Tietou knows that this "brother-in-law" has high authority in the aftermath and is a close friend of Australians. Whether he is doing business or doing business on weekdays, he is extremely creditworthy and never speaks. Naturally, he won't haggle over price with him, and now he calls the little guy under his head and tells them the situation. Everyone heard that they were going to rescue the naturalized cadres, and there were rewards, one by one fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, one after another put on armbands and picked up the bar. You have to flood the streets.

     Wen Tietou waved to stop them, and asked Luo Yangming: "Master! This Wuzhou is not a small place, it can't be just like the streets of great streets and small alleys. Isn't that to fish a needle from the sea? There is only one place to go!"

     This question is reasonable and fair, but Luo Yangming knows that the joints are very large. He hesitated for a moment, and suddenly remembered something, and asked, "I remember your people often smuggling goods from outside the city into the city to avoid tax, what method is used?"

     Wen Tietou said with a smile: "You know this! What else can we do? We are not Sun Xun who can escape from the earth, nor Sun Wukong can take off the clouds, but just bring things over the city walls."

     "No ladder?"

     "Of course not. You can crawl on the brick joints and use your hands and feet to climb up. If someone in the city meets, get a rope and bamboo pole to grab your hands. It's faster."

     "Then talk about it. If the enemy is going to take the captive to climb the city, where might it go? How will it go?"

     Wen Tietou listened to him and knew there was an article in it. He didn't dare to answer it easily. He thought for a moment and said: "As far as the south is concerned, it is certain that it can't go, and there are heavy soldiers at both the south and the south gates. Everyone is staring at it—if I were them, I would definitely choose the Great Cloud Gate to the north!"Luo Yang secretly calculated that the Dayunmen area was the most secluded and the city walls would be damaged the most. If the enemy wants to climb the city wall, it is the easiest place. The key is that the defense around the Dayun Gate is also the weakest. It is simply not enough to maintain a continuous cordon on the city walls...

     "Good!" He nodded. Indeed, this is the most likely route.

     "In addition," Wen Tietou said, I would not take the captives to the streets. They should be the city alleys under the city walls. The alleys are mostly people's backyard walls. They are very cold and barren. The sentry cannot see clearly...

     "Yes!" Luo Yangming shot Wen Tie's shoulder with excitement. "Let's go!"