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Chapter Directory Chapter 1028 The Final Battle Is Over
    Chinese Name: 大魔王  Author: 逆苍天(Nì cāngtiān, Against the Sky)
    Original: | Translation:

Great Demon King Chapter One Thousand and Twenty Seven The Last Battle (End of Book)

     The voice fell. ~ Liprovide~ for the entire City of Sky's abnormal rise. Welcome to ——, before Han Shuo used the forcibly torn City of Sky barrier to create a comfortable reading environment for you sincerely. Re-concluded in an instant. The multi-colored light enveloped the entire City of Sky. Cover the incoming 12 Divine Spark Divine Lord and Han Shuo together.

     Suddenly. There was a violent sound from City of Sky's heart. In the violent sound, a round dome emerged from the center of the city.

     As soon as the dome came out. Immediately began to absorb the Elements Strength wandering in the city. The beautiful pattern on the dome was changing again and again. Into a beautiful halo.

     kā kā click. The dome is cracked. A dazzling mature woman of make people came out of the eggshell. She was naked. Not a strand of mundane clothes. Perfect body proportions. My skin shines brightly. Ripples the color of make people be dazzled and stunned. A pair of eyes containing the evolution of the vast stars with a slight smile.Get out of the dome. She raised her hand. The cracked giant egg suddenly flew out of the most exciting forbidden that engulfed her beautiful body. Li's pattern covers her body. It gives people a strong shock to bow down and worship. When the fragments of the cracked dome covered her body. The face of the 12th Divine Spark Divine Lord changed. Olzia first said "Mother God" in a respectful voice. Immediately he shouted sharply: "What are you waiting for."

     The words came out. The other eleven Divine Spark Divine Lord do not hesitate. Shot at the same time.

     Twelve Divine Sparks were firmly suppressed by them using Strength of Belief. The twelve Divine Sparks fuse together with them exploded with earth-shaking power in an instant. Some Divine Spark protruded from their chests. Some Divine Spark floated in his eyes. Some Divine Spark is held in their hands.

     The Twelve Divine Spark Divine Lord knows that if you want to compete with her, you must explode all the power in an instant without hesitation. Unleash the power of Divine Spark to its maximum in almost an instant.

     All over the sky sea of fire, wind, fury, electricity, icy air, piercing light, Endless Darkness destruction, power.

     suddenly. The world seems to have ceased to exist. The power released by the Twelve Divine Spark Divine Lord rushed to the extreme in an instant. There was no sound anymore in the whole world. The twelve Divine Spark rushed toward the Mother God violently, as if to kill the Creation Mother God in one face."My dear children. All your strength is given by me. How could you hurt me?" Creation Mother God smiled kindly. I didn't see her moving either. The multi-colored dazzling light burst out of her body. Those lights are intertwined. A protective barrier similar to the outside of City of Sky is formed.

     The attack from the divine power of the twelve major Divine Sparks fell on the protective barrier she created to throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea. It couldn't hurt her at all.

     Twelve Divine Spark Divine Lord is hacked. His face became extremely ugly. Goddess such as Monroe Lena has panic on his face and don't know how to deal with it.

     "I am the only one in this universe. You are all born from this universe. Everything in you is bestowed by me. I know you better than you yourself. I have given you strength. I will raise you up. You have the ability to master the major planes. But you want to betray me. You are really not good children to betray me, this mother." Creation Mother God smiled and only her perfect body twisted strangely. The multi-colored halo that bloomed from her body was regained a little bit by her within the body.The barrier she just concluded took all the attacks of the 12 Divine Spark Divine Lords. The halo of these bodies is once again sucked into within the body. She seemed to have taken a big tonic. The aura on his body has become more endless. Even the skin becomes brighter and dazzling.

     The face of the 12th Divine Spark Divine Lord is even more ugly. It seems that I didn't expect Creation Mother God to be so terrifying. After being seriously injured, he can still possess this terrible power.

     "All of us. Indeed, you gave us. However. You were not at ease from beginning to end. You gave us everything. Just thinking about using us as your hands and feet. Controlling everything in the universe for you. You Give us Divine Spark. But it allows us to only borrow power from Divine Spark. So that we can't really own Divine Spark. You never treat us as children. You just call us as slaves." Goddess Olzia's face slowly calmed down. Staring at Creation Mother God and shouted sharply.

     "What does it matter?" Creation Mother God always had a kind and gentle smile on her face. He smiled and looked at Olya. Said: "You are all my children. Isn't it right for children to do something for their mother? Ha ha. Olzia. You are the most promising one. But. You think you brought them here. Use their power. Can you really hurt me?""Of course I know they can never hurt you. Even if you were seriously injured back then. You can still destroy us all easily if you want. It's just that once our twelve Divine Sparks are taken back. You can't use it. Divine Spark continues to gain the Strength of Belief. You pass the twelve grids. You are firmly in control of us. It has not changed until now. Funny. They still think you are seriously injured. So you stay in the City of Sky. Coming out." Olzia sneered.

     "Yes yes." Creation Mother God was very pleased. Said: "Olzia, you are indeed the smartest one. You know that I deliberately let you survive. Haha. Not through you. I can hardly use the 12 Divine Spark to obtain so many Strength of Belief. Choose the new Divine Spark Divine Lord. It’s too much trouble. That’s why you can live to this day. What a smart boy."

     The words came out. All the faces of Divine Spark Divine Lord except Olzia changed. Even Han Shuo and his son were shocked."Olzia. What do you mean?" Weinman turn pale with fright. Anxiously said: "You mean. We deserved to die a long time ago. She deliberately left our lives in Nian. Not incapable of killing us? So. So, our efforts for so many years are all in vain. Now? Our Fate. Was it doomed from the beginning? You bitch. You know everything. You fooled us for so long. Olzia, you shameless and sinister bitch."

     The Water Goddess at the moment is warm. There is no more calmness in the weekdays. After knowing the truth, she showed her most pungent side.

     "Isn't that great. You have lived for many years as long as you have hope.

     If I told you the truth back then. I don't think you can have a happy life and it is impossible to do so many things for me now. "Orya looked indifferent. Not lukewarm.

     "What. What's the matter?" Lena exclaimed."Our strength. Come to Mother God. No matter how weak Mother God is. We can't kill her. No one can change this." Olzia calmly looked at the Creation Mother God and said: "You have raised us for so long. It should be. Wait for us to come over today. So we can regain our strength, right? As long as our strength is regained by you. Your injury can really recover and then release twelve Divine Sparks again. Cultivate a new round of Divine Spark Divine Lord

     Right? "

     "It seems that I did have some negligence after I was seriously injured. Olya. Did you relieve the sealing power I imposed on you?" Creation Mother God finally frowned slightly. It seemed that something went beyond her expectation.

     "Yes. Trillions of years. I have been sealed memory by you. Samsara continues. Become the life Goddess of generations. Then every once in a while you will call back all the Divine Spark Divine Lords and collect all the powers of the Divine Spark Divine Lords. Except for me. Generations of Divine Spark gods are all divine souls destroyed. Only a ray of my consciousness is left Samsara. Once again, the power has awakened. It has become Fate Goddess. Once again, the same as the new generation of Divine Lord Absorbed by your strength. Re-enter Samsara. Do the math. This fate has lasted nine times, right?" Olzia sneered at the corner of his mouth."If it hadn't been for you and him to be hit hard when they were older. I would never know the true meaning of Fate in a flash. Then I will always be under your control. You will continue to tease again and again." Olzia snorted coldly.

     "Oh. You know now. But what can you do?" Creation Mother God smiled again. Gentlely said: "I will regain your power soon. Then I will seal your memory again. You will not know anything at all as before. Continue Samsara. Manage the Fate trajectory of this universe for me. Collect the Fate power of this universe and give it to me. You. You can't resist at all."

     The voice fell. Creation Mother God puts two hands together. The eyes burst out fiercely as bright as the sun.

     suddenly. From the sky, twelve vessels shining with various colors emerged from all directions. Those containers are mixed with light, darkness, death destruction, wind, fire, and lightning, the great Space-Time Fate Life, the breath of the twelve powers of water. Strong energy fluctuations.

     "Divine Spark container." Astins turn pale with fright. The Divine Spark on his chest became uncontrollable. He even took him a little bit to hold the container of Divine Spark.

     Not only Astins. All Divine Spark Divine Lord including Han Hao. The body is beginning to be out of control. Controlled by Divine Spark within the body. Move a little bit to the corresponding Divine Spark containers."I can't resist you. But I can kill them." Fate Goddess Olzia suddenly went crazy severely. The Mirror of Fate in his hand suddenly showed a strange color. Among them, the threads representing Fate's trajectory were quickly entangled.

     In a short while. Mirror of Fate is densely packed with trillions of threads representing Fate's trajectory entangled into eleven extremely thick long threads. The eleven unusually thick long lines took shape. All Divine Spark Divine Lord except Olzia changed their faces. The divine soul became out of control.

     "Olzia. What do you want to do?" Divine Lord of Death Nestor was shocked. Screamed.

     "You will never get rid of her control. Anyway, you are going to die. I will help you get free forever." Olzia smiled coldly. Suddenly he pulled the eleven thick and long lines that were entangled in Mirror of Fate."Olzia. You are looking for death." The Creation Mother God has been taking it easy. Her face finally changed. She reached out and pointed to Olzia. A strange light trembled fiercely towards Olzia. Olzia, who was pulling hard at the thick line in Mirror of Fate, looked terrified. He shouted: "Han Shuo. Don't hurry up to help. I have spent so much energy creating War of Gods on the continent of the gods. I collected so many divine souls into the Mirror of Fate. It is for this moment. Just at this time. In my Mirror of Fate, the thick lines representing Divine Spark Divine Lord divine soul are all broken. Eleven of their divine souls and Divine Spark will be completely destroyed together. Mother God will also be seriously damaged. And you can have it too. Chance to kill him."

     "Han Hao. Do it now." Han Shuo only hesitated for a moment. He immediately rushed to Olzia in disregard of them. Myriad Demons Cauldron in the hand was the first to throw. Suddenly thousands of black lights illuminate the entire City of Sky. Hold Olzia tightly in it.

     Although even Divine Lord of Space-Time Fernando will perish in this way, there is only one chance. If you can't seize this extremely rare opportunity. They will never have any chance to rebel. For Chaotic Land, for Hidden Demon Valley, for family and friends around me. Han Shuo does not try hard.A black light photo of Myriad Demons Cauldron. The strange light emitted by Creation Mother God was overwhelmingly blocked. The forces that belonged to the two universes burst out dazzling colors in an instant. Han Shuo's body trembled within the body, and the blood shed irresistibly. Efforts to take the blow of Creation Mother God down.

     "You are far from that person. Han Shuo. How can you stop me?" Creation Mother God smiled slightly and looked at the twelve Divine Spark Divine Lord including Olzia, a little bit towards Divine Spark The container moves. Eleven groups of colorful halos flew out of her hand suddenly, and all the Divine Spark Divine Lords except Olzia were alive.

     "No, Han Shuo. Help me. She added a defensive circle. Even if I exploded the divine souls of eleven of them, I couldn't blow up their Divine Spark together. Han Shuo. Destroyed those eleven defensive circles. In this way, I can destroy their Divine Spark together." Olzia screamed and panicked. "Understood." Han Shuo shouted. At the same time, a majestic shadow violently broke the barrier of the City of Sky carrying a strange power. It fell sharply in front of Creation Mother God.

     It is Han Shuo's externalization. This External Body Incarnation two hundred years later. It is no longer the semi-finished product that used Space Strength to integrate. The whole face is flawless. There was never a gap in the middle.Han Shuo was unable to merge the two forces for a long time. Because the body needs to use Mystical Yin Qi at the bottom of Hidden Demon Valley to refine and temper the body. So I was never able to make friends with a few women. Two hundred years. Han Shuo finally couldn't hold it back. With this External Body Incarnation and non-exclusive Rose intercourse. But accidentally discovered the secret method of yin and yang in demonic art. The two External Body Incarnations actually showed signs of fusion.

     It took a while. Han Shuo kept having sex with those women in Yanai. Finally successfully integrated the two External Body Incarnations thirty years ago. Became an anomaly in this universe.

     "Huh." Creation Mother God's face changed slightly. She stared at the Han Shuo who appeared again. There are many colors in the eyes. Exclaimed: "yes yes. It's almost the same as my body. Combines the twelve elements of power. He can almost beautify my body 50 billion years ago. It's great. You can be direct with your body. Fusion. This can make me more powerful in my heyday.""Han Hao. Do it." Han Shuo shouted. The body and External Body Incarnation fight towards Creation Mother God together. Han Hao bones throne one with him connected with heart and mind. Seven bone spurs whizzed out from behind. The power of despair, fear, violence, killing and endless resentment was suddenly released from Small Skeleton Han Hao. With Han Shuo's two bodies. Straight fight towards Creation Mother God. The seven bone spurs behind were changed midway. It pierced the light that covered the Eleven Divine Spark Divine Lord.

     Han Shuo body and External Body Incarnation. Plus a Small Skeleton. The strength of the three people is extremely exerted in an instant.

     Supported by Myriad Demons Cauldron. One hundred thousand Demon Heads whizzed out from the Myriad Demons Cauldron. External Body Incarnation The rays of the thirteen major power systems gather together. Coupled with the negative power of the bone spur in Han Hao's hand.

     Changed any Divine Spark Divine Lord. In these three forces, there is no doubt that they will die.

     Creation Mother God's face is solemn. A strange light flashed in her eyes. Suddenly he shrank into a ball. The eggshell that had just shattered into pieces reunited again. Wrap the Creation Mother God into a dome.

     kā kā click. Titicaca.

     The loud sound came from above the dome. The dome didn't know what material it was made of. Multi-colored rays of light are flowing like water on it. It even canceled out most of the power of Han Shuo and his son. Especially the power of Han Shuo External Body Incarnation. Falling on the dome doesn't seem to have much effect at all.Only Han Shuo's body, Gong and Small Skeleton release all the negative forces of this universe. Only then did the dome make a loud noise. Wandering there.

     "Han Hao. Don't stop." Han Shuo shouted. Thousands of Demon Heads in Myriad Demons Cauldron in the hand gathered together and slowly grew into a terrifying fist. Severely bombarded the dome.

     This hit the power of Han Shuo's body and all Demon Heads in Demon Cauldron. It is Han Shuo's extreme. A punch fell. The dome finally burst open with a clear sound.

     Not waiting for Han Shuo to be second. The broken eggshell attached to Creation Mother God once again, and her bright and clean skin faded a bit. Backed in a hurry for a long distance. Then his eyes were cold and said: "I'm looking for death."

     The voice fell. Creation Mother God made a strange movement with both hands. A new Divine Spark container suddenly appeared out of thin air. This Divine Spark container came out. Then a black light burst out and it was not only larger than the other twelve Divine Spark containers. The breath is also longer and endless. Which not only carries the three-point breath of Creation Mother God. There was a bit of evil in Han Shuo's.

     After the Divine Spark container appeared, it crossed the spatial distance in an instant. It snapped on the head of Small Skeleton Han Hao.Small Skeleton Han Hao eyes looked at the Creation Mother God dumbfoundedly. The seven bone spurs that shot at the other Divine Spark Divine Lord. Suddenly he stagnated in the void and motionless.

     "My child. You are my real child. The only child." Creation Mother God's eyes were full of kindness and soft light. Looking at Small Skeleton Han lovingly. He smiled and said, "Your father wants to kill me. He wants to kill my mother as our son. Do you want to watch your father kill your mother?"

     "No." Small Skeleton was blank for a moment. The bone spur in his hand pointed to Han Shuo.

     "Here. What the hell is going on?" Han Shuo looked surprised. Looking at Small Skeleton Han Hao inconceivable. Looked at Creation Mother God again. There is a feeling of wanting to collapse.

     Creation Mother God smiles. First he said "good boy" to Xiaoku. Then he laughed at Han Shuo: "You think it's only your bloodline. Only by your incomplete demonic art memory. Can he really grow to the level of the sky? Haha. Han Shuo, Han Shuo Since this kid opened on Ghost Tablet. Within the body, he began to have a copy of my blood and brand. It’s just that you and he don’t know it.""Without my blood and spirit. How could he improve so fast? How could he be as strong as you at one time? Is it possible to cultivate a new Divine Spark? So. Say he is the child of both of us. At all Not an exaggeration. The father wants him to kill me. This is naturally impossible."

     Tell her that. Han Shuo looked shocked. I finally understand why Small Skeleton can improve so fast. Why can a new Divine Spark be formed. Why does his Divine Spark not need the support of Strength of Belief. Why is it different from Nate's.

     original. It turned out long ago. This Creation Mother God planted a seed within the body of Han Hao. A seed that can make him mutate and grow stronger.

     "What did you do to him now he is. Obviously not the original." Han Shuo shouted angrily. Look at that have a lifeless look in one's eyes. Point to your Small Skeleton with a bone spur in your hand. There is a heart-wrenching feeling in my heart."Don't worry. You will die. He won't. In this universe. He will be my only relative on the long road of life. He is my real child. Olzia, she just said yes. I have never just killed them Treated as slaves. They are not worthy of being my children at all. They don’t have my blood within the body. They don’t have my spiritual mark. Ha ha. Han Shuo. I want to thank you. Without your blood. With the power of your world. memory indoctrination. How can my child become so powerful. Haha. You can go with confidence. This child of us. Will be the only master of the universe in the future. And I. After Olzia's power, I will go. Your universe. Master your universe." Creation Mother God laughed.

     "Han Hao. Kill your father. This universe. It will be yours." Creation Mother God laughed. Suddenly shouted.

     Small Skeleton Han Hao who have a lifeless look in one's eyes. Under the command of Creation Mother God. It seems that he no longer knows who Han Shuo is in front of him. Carrying the bone spurs, he killed Han Shuo. No mercy at all. at the same time. Creation Mother God also suddenly shot. While continuing to gather the twelve Divine Sparks to be attributed to the Divine Spark container. While blocking Han Shuo's body. Even her strength has been severely damaged. It is far from what Han Shuo can contend. He easily forced Han Shuo to hide."Han Hao. Wake up. Come here. I am your father. The only father." Han Shuo External Body Incarnation yelled. The body was also howling wildly trying to awaken the consciousness of Small Skeleton. Let him tell what is happening here.

     Han Shuo can't bear to hurt Small Skeleton. Always avoiding. The External Body Incarnation was pierced by the negative force of the universe, bone spurs. Tear out one after another. The other side. Under the attack of Creation Mother God, Han Ontology also retreated steadily. His body was constantly being hit by the original force of the universe, Creation Mother God.

     Arm, chest and lower abdomen. Upper Han Shuo was injured in various parts. Even "Devil Inextinguishable Body" can't stop the attack of Creation Mother God. The blood shed uncontrollably.

     Han Shuo can only keep burning the divine soul of Myriad Demons Cauldron. To form a layer of shield barrier to block the outside. Struggling to withstand the deadly attack from Creation Mother God.

     "Accept your fate. Since I knew you existed, I have been counting on you silently. The reason why you can live to this day is not the credit of Fernando Olzia. It is that I need you to be strong enough. Only you are enough. Only when our son is strong can we continue to make progress. And only then can I get more power from you.Hehe, after the power on your two bodies. Only then can I use your method to break the barriers of the two universes. Go to the universe where your soul is and do whatever you want. you need to know. All in all. They are all destined for a long time. You can never change. "Creation Mother God, who has caused more and more injuries to Han Shuo, said with a gentle smile on his face.

     Fate over there

     Olzia watched the sudden change but impotent. From Chuang Mother God even if she got involved. Nor can it have the slightest impact on Creation Mother God. On the contrary, it will contribute to the power of Creation Mother God.

     According to this situation, everyone who came to City of Sky today. All will be caught by Creation Mother God catch everything in the one net. Creation Mother God who has done everything. No one is allowed to leave here at all.

     Olzia and Han Shuo are two. The variable Han Hao has not been counted. So they can only continue to lose.

     The other side. Han Shuo's External Body Incarnation who keeps avoiding. The bone spurs in the hands of Small Skeleton pierced the heart and lungs all at once. Pull out the bone spurs in one hand. Small Skeleton will be inserted into the head of Han Shuo External Body Incarnation."Han Hao. Wake up. Wake up. Did you forget? Let's fight together. When you were at Keo Continental Academy. You helped me. Do things for me early in the morning. Teach Lisa for me. For me." Han Shuo's face was panicked last time. He has never been able to kill Han Hao. The situation is getting worse and worse for him.

     I don't know if Han Shuo's let out a heart-piercing exclamation. Small Skeleton froze for a moment. Suddenly holding his head and crying. As if there were ten thousand sharp knives spinning in his mind. His eyes were blank for a while. Clear for a while. Constantly changing.

     The Creation Mother God over there looked like Hao. His face changed slightly. She didn't seem to expect that Small Skeleton would be able to break free from the spiritual imprint she had left many years ago. He plans to increase his strength once again to control Han Hao.

     At this time. Han himself attacked her like crazy. Myriad Demons Cauldron 100,000 Demon Heads all whizzed out. Don't hesitate to lose everything and merge with the power of Han Shuo within the body. Bite the Creation Mother God and hold on to it.

     Ah Great Demon King. "Han Hao held his head severe roar. He raised his head sharply and shouted, "I have a father." There is no mother. "The words fell off. A bone spur in his hand slammed into a Divine Spark container next to him. Just listened to a loud noise. The Divine Spark container burst open immediately. His other seven bone spurs have been quietly suspended in the air. Also dispatched at the same time. Break the defensive circle above the head of the Eleven Divine Spark Divine Lord.

     "No." Creation Mother God finally exclaimed. Unstoppable severe roar out of panic.

     Fate Goddess Olzia, who had been waiting for the meeting there. Finally found the opportunity. In that instant Mirror of Fate, eleven thick lines were twisted and broken. The Mirror of Fate also burst into pieces in an instant.

     Mirror of Fate exploded. Except for the empty Divine Lord Fernando, the ten Divine Lords were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke as divine souls. Ten crisp sounds came immediately. The top ten Divine Spark exploded one after another.

     The Creation Mother God who is frantically attacking Han Shuo's body. There were ten huge roars in a row in the body-one sound. World Mother God's face paled. When the last roar came. She staggered. The strength seems to be insufficient.

     "Han Hao. Join hands. Kill this bitch." Han Hao screamed.

     Over there, Han Hao regained his clear understanding in his eyes. Join forces with Han Shuo's two bodies. A heavy bombardment hit the unstable Creation Mother God. Makes Creation Mother God sustained heavy losses.The other side. Divine Lord of Space-Time Fernando who luck escaped because of the Space-Time Divine Spark container being destroyed by Han Hao casually. Standing with Fate Goddess. Heart alarmed, trembling in fear, watching Han Shuo and his son join forces to siege the Creation Mother God. As their attacks fell on the Creation Mother God. Makes Creation Mother God's body riddled with holes. The breath of Life disappeared little by little.

     suddenly. Myriad Demons Cauldron's fierce cover in the hand of Han Shuo. He just took in God of Creation as a whole. With the help of the undissipated energy of the Divine Spark divine soul burst shot before death by the top ten Divine Spark Divine Lords. Plus the power of 100,000 Demon Heads in Myriad Demons Cauldron. Temporarily trapped the Creation Mother God in Myriad Demons Cauldron. Han Shuo grabbed Myriad Demons Cauldron. Immediately he shouted: "Hernando. Open the passage to Hidden Demon Valley. I will use Hidden Demon Valley to completely refine her to death."

     Fernando was surprised. Immediately tore the empty shot. Let Han Shuo and his son go down first. He also followed Fate Goddess Olzia to Hidden Demon Valley.

     A few people left. Then City of Sky doesn't know if it has lost the power support of Creation Mother God. There was a violent explosion in the vast sea of stars. It turned into cosmic dust in just a while.Hidden Demon Valley. The Nine Profound Yin Formation restarted. The difference is that the source of power this time is Han Shuo's ontology. With the help of the top ten Divine Lord Divine Spark and the power before the gods are separated. And Myriad Demons Cauldron 100,000 Demon Head. Coupled with the Mystical Yin Qi that the body has gathered for many years. Han Shuo began to refine the Creation Mother God in Myriad Demons Cauldron.

     Time is rushing. A hundred years have passed in the blink of an eye.

     Protector by Divine Lord of Space-Time Fate Goddess and Han Hao. It took a hundred years. Han Shuo finally tempered all the consciousness of Creation Mother God.

     When refining the consciousness of Creation Mother God. Han Shuo's External Body Incarnation uses Myriad Demons Cauldron to absorb the refining original power of Creation Mother God little by little. When all the power of Creation Mother God is gone. Han Shuo's External Body Incarnation has become extremely powerful.

     Inside Hidden Demon Valley. Han Shuo finally walked out of the valley. His eyes swept across the faces of Fernando Olzia Gilbert Emily Five Elements Elite Zombie Andelina Phoebe Vassis and others. Smiled and said: "She has completely disappeared. From now on. This universe. There will never be this one in charge."

     "From now on. You are the new master." Goddess Alser smiled slightly. Whispered.

     "Sorry. I misunderstood you before. I thought you were with ten of them." Han Shuo looked at Olzia. Sincerely apologize.Smiled and shook his head. Osseya judiciously said: "You don't have to apologize. I have been waiting for this opportunity. For this purpose, I have done a lot of things that I can't do. Fortunately, you succeeded. You did not disappoint me. You are not another Mother God . You won’t do anything that completely lacking any feeling or sense of justice."

     "Han Shuo. When will you open the passage for me? I want to go out for a walk." Divine Lord of Space-Time Fernando couldn't smile. Speak gently to Shuo.

     "In another hundred years. Wait until my body absorbs some of the power of this universe. Breakthrough to the Demon Venerable realm. I will help you open the space channel." Han Shuo said with a smile.

     "I want to leave, too." Olzia chuckled softly. Take a look at Fernando. Softly said: "Let's go. We are going to disturb him."

     "Father. You finally came out." Little skull Han Hao had a natural smile on his face. Looking at Han Shuo.

     Touched his head. Han Shuo didn't say much. The relationship between the father and son of the two does not need any words to describe.

     He glanced at Phoebe Fanny Emily Lisa Donna Sophie Jibiel Rose and other women. Shuo looked ambiguous. : "I know. You all want a child. I have been thinking about it for a long, long time. From now on. I will give you children. You want a few. I will give a few."

     Several women blushed. It was full of joy again.

     (End of the book)