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Chapter Directory 6 Ninja School
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Three days later, Ninja's School started. Yamanaka Nori took Yamanaka Ryo's small hand and drove him to the gate of Ninja's School. Parents in the previous life did not agree. Yamanaka Ryo went to school by himself since he was a child. Today, he was sent to the school gate or a big girl on the sedan chair—the first time!

     After saying goodbye to Yamanaka Nori, Yamanaka Ryo turned his head and walked into Ninja's School. The appearance of Ninja Academy is almost the same as in the anime. Yamanaka Ryo casually cast a glance and shook his head and walked towards the playground.

     Yamanaka Ryo was told by the sensei of Ninja's School that he would come to school early today, and Third Hokage would come to tell new students about Will of Fire.

     Yamanaka Ryo refuses this kind of obvious brainwashing, and he has to give it the face of the "big boss". A few minutes later, Yamanaka Ryo stood in the playground with the blind fisheye of Kakashi in the original book. There were only a few people on the playground half an hour before Third Hokage's speech.

     "Master Sandaime (The Third) is here!"

     "Wow! It's really Sandaime (The Third)!"

     As Yamanaka Ryo lowered his head to count the ants, the playground began to become noisy. The arrival of Third Hokage ignited the atmosphere in the crowd. Yamanaka Ryo raised his head and looked at Sarutobi Hiruzen, who is known as "Professor Ninjutsu, Shinobi".

     At this time, Third Hokage was in his prime, and he cordially greeted the students around him. Passing by Yamanaka Ryo is no exception, the gentle smile does not show the slightest temperament of Shino.Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, who is proficient in five Attribute(s) Ninjutsu, is a disciple of Shodai (The First) Nidaime (The Second) Hokage. With his psychic skills, he is the most apex existence in the entire Ninja world, and Third Hokage does not have Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit). It is admirable that it has come to this point by itself.

     Third Hokage's prestige in the village is very high. Even the children of Ninja Academy have an admiring expression when they see Third Hokage. Third Hokage stood on a high platform and started his speech to the hundreds of new students below.

     "Where leaves fly, there will be a fire burning, the fire light will illuminate the village, and then new leaves will sprout again!"

     The beginning is the passage before Third Hokage's death. Third Hokage's speech is very flat. At least Yamanaka Ryo, who has listened to countless lectures in his previous life, doesn't sound contagious. Third Hokage just relies on his prestige in Konoha and word of mouth in the village. Will of Fire made these Ninja's School freshmen have a deeper sense of belonging to the village.

     To talk about the effect of the speech, look at the freshmen around like fanatics, it should be a big success! After Third Hokage left, the principal of Ninja Academy announced the results of the placement.

     Yamanaka Ryo walked into the classroom unhurriedly and sat in the last row with his eyes closed. There was no interest in playing with a group of little kids.The students came one after another. When the class was almost full, a middle-aged man entered the professor and walked onto the podium. "Classmates! I am your head teacher, my name is Yamashiro Yen, you can call me Yamashiro Sensei!"

     Yamanaka Ryo opened his eyes and swept around! Sure enough, they are all "acquaintances."

     "Students, let's introduce yourself first! Tell me about your name, hobbies, and ideals, starting from the far left of the first row!"

     "My name is Shenyuewu, and I want to be the greatest Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) Ninja!"

     "My name is....."


     "My name is Hamu Kaka, I don't want to tell you what I like, and ideals are also various!" The Jōnins in the original work have appeared since Kakashi's strange self-introduction.

     Mitarashi Anko, Kurenai Yūhi, Sarutobi Asuma, Kai, Nohara Rin, Shiranui Genma...

     "My name is Yamanaka Ryo, I like a lot of things, and my ideal is to be the strongest Ninja!"

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't know his ideals and Yamashiro Yen made him a key student. Among the students that Yamashiro Yen took, Yamanaka Ryo was the first to become the strongest Ninja. This ideal of leaving the village of Konoha made Yamashiro Yen a strong curiosity about Yamanaka Ryo."The ideals of the students are all great! Senei hopes that everyone's ideals can be realized! Next, everyone comes to me to collect the student registration form, fill out and submit it, tomorrow you will officially become Ninja Academy students.

     After receiving the registration form, the freshmen left Ninja's School in groups.

     "Yamashiro Sensei!" Yamanaka Ryo was about to go out, and Nohara Rin in front of him called Yamashiro Yen.

     "What's wrong? Nohara-san?"

     "Yamashiro Sensei, can you give me the registration form of Uchiha Obito, and I will send it to Obito."

     "Okay, yes! Senei originally planned to visit Obito's house and give him the registration form, so I will trouble Mr. Nohara!" Yamashiro Yen was happy and handed the registration form to Rin Nohara.

     "Thank you Yamashiro Sensei! Kakashi, let's go!"

     "Hmm!" Kakashi nodded while standing at the door.

     Sure enough, the fetters of these three people started since they were young. Yamanaka Ryo looked at Kakashi and Nohara Rin in front of him and exclaimed!

     "Classmate Yamanaka, let's go together!" Nohara Rin, who was side by side with Kakashi, invited the "Oyuki Molester" behind him.

     "Okay!" Yamanaka Ryo did not refuse, and he was looking forward to the meeting with Uchiha Obito.

     As Yamanaka Ryo remembers, Uchiha Obito appeared on time after the three of them left the school gate!"Idiot Obito, you are late for the start of Ninja's School, and the opening ceremony is over!" Kakashi complained to Obito, who was sweating profusely.

     "You can't be a Ninja without a registration form!" Yamanaka Ryo looked at Obito in front of him. He didn't have the style of a big boss in the later stage. Such Obito made Yamanaka Ryo couldn't help but tease.

     "I just helped the old grandma to cross the road, and then helped the lost white cat find a home, and then was blocked by a black cat. I would be so late!" Obito's words made Yamanaka Ryo full of black lines. It turned out that Kakashi was an excuse for being late. All copy Obito!

     "Obito, don't worry! I have already received the registration form for you. Go back and fill it out and give it to sensei tomorrow!" Nohara Rin, like the original book, is very tolerant of Obito.

     Nohara Rin's smile made Yamanaka Ryo dodai for a while, "No wonder Obito chose to subvert the world for Rin!"

     Obito was excited when he took the registration form and thanked Nohara Rin. Kakashi expressed dissatisfaction with Obito's late behavior, and Yamanaka Ryo smiled at the noisy people in front of him.

     "Hey! Who are you, dare to laugh at the future Hokage!" After a quarrel with Kakashi, Obito saw Yamanaka Ryo behind him."Obito, this is Yamanaka Ryo. Our classmate!" Obito's temper, Nohara Rin, knows that he will offend people if he is not careful. Rin hurriedly interrupted the provocative Obito and gave Yamanaka Ryo an apologetic look!

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head and said it was okay, stretched out his hand and said "Yamanaka Ryo! Thank you!"

     "Uchiha Obito! Future Hokage, please take care of it!"

     "The future Hokage-sama, don't be late tomorrow!" Yamanaka Ryo teased!

     "No road race! I will not be late tomorrow!"

     "You have said this many times before!" Kakashi murmured!

     "You two bastards!" Obito and Kakashi started making noise again.
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