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Chapter Directory 15 Two Years
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

a white steed flits past a crack Two years are fleeting.

     In Konoha's 39 years, Hatake Kakashi, who was only 5 years old, applied for early graduation. After graduation, he became the youngest Genin in Konoha's history.

     Yamanaka Ryo, who is also a genius, shines in the Konoha Hospital. Yamanaka Ryo has his own unique knowledge of medical ninja surgery, especially good at surgical operations. With super strong Spiritual/Mental Strength and understanding of the human body, for 1 year The operation has not failed. There are no fewer than 100 people in Konoha Ninja who have been treated by Yamanaka Ryo. Yamanaka Ryo has won the respect of everyone in Konoha Hospital with his superb Ninjutsu.

     The sensei Yamashiro Yen, who brought out the two geniuses, was also promoted and became the deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of the Ninja Academy.

     In Konoha 40 years, 6-year-old Kakashi became Chunin.

     In Konoha Forest, Yamanaka Ryo and Sakumo Hagaki are practicing against each other. Except for the Konoha Hospital, Yamanaka Ryo spends the rest of his time in the Konoha Forest. In two years, Yamanaka Ryo has completed the practice of [Chidori], [Chidori Senbon] and [Raikiri] can be used proficiently. For this reason, Yamanaka Ryo also specially Purchased a short knife that can transmit Chakra.

     For Taijutsu, Yamanaka Ryo has developed his own Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode. Unlike Raikage's Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode, Yamanaka Ryo abandoned the original Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode's defensive power and strengthened the speed and attack power.Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode’s defensive power requires constant input of large amounts of Chakra into the Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) armor. Yamanaka Ryo alone cannot accept this. He does not have that much Chakra squandering, and Yamanaka Ryo’s Hyoton (Ice Style) physical attacks with elemental characteristics are basically ineffective to him, as long as Chakra is enough, he can always maintain elementalization.

     The two in the forest, Yamanaka Ryo turned on Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode, relying on Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) to stimulate cell activity, Yamanaka Ryo’s Speed almost reached the limit of dynamic vision. On the other hand, Hagii Sakumo seems to be calm and unhurried Yamanaka Ryo's attack can be resolved no matter which direction Hagii Sakumo comes from.

     "Uncle Sakumo, I want to start!"

     "Ah! Let me see your improvement this month, don't be killed by me like last month."

     "Then Uncle Sakumo, look good!" Yamanaka Ryo injected Chakra into the short knife.

     "This is [Chidori Senbon]?" Sakumo Hagaki looked at Yamanaka Ryo's short knife with interest.

     "It's more than that!" Yamanaka Ryo's Chakra began to flow around the body, and the cell structure changed to the molecular structure of ice.

     Non-pure water can conduct electricity, and so can the human body. In previous physics knowledge, the conductivity of ice is not as good as that of the human body. Yamanaka Ryo once used Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) after Ice Elementization, but found that the Ice Elementized human body conducts lightning Chakra more easily.The speed of light is the fastest Speed in the universe. The essence of light is electromagnetic waves, and thunder is also a kind of electromagnetic waves. After Yamanaka Ryo Ice Element is transformed, the ice and thunder will melt together, which brings some of the characteristics of thunder and lightning, and his Speed is greatly improved.

     This Mode Yamanaka Ryo is named Frozen-Thunder Mode. Frozen-Thunder Mode consumes a lot of Chakra. Currently, the amount of Yamanaka Ryo Chakra is slightly more than that of Elite Chunin in the original book, and can maintain Frozen-Thunder Mode for up to 2 minutes.

     Yamanaka Ryo Speed suddenly increased, Hagiki Sakumo didn't panic at all. Every time he practiced Yamanaka Ryo in the past 2 years, he would give him a little surprise. Surprised and get used to it.

     Yamanaka Ryo slashed towards Sakumo, like a blue thunder and lightning, and Sakumo raised the blade of White Fang to block Yamanaka Ryo's blow as usual. Yamanaka Ryo missed a hit and did not retreat, and left hand with one hand to hand seal "【Raikiri (Lightning Cutter) 】"

     "Is this a one-handed hand seal?" In the two-year-old practice once a month, Sakumo Hagi injected Chakra into the Blade of White Fang for the first time.

     The Chakra knives that emit white light, like the sickles of Shinigami (God of Death), cut off Raikiri (Lightning Cutter) with one blow. Yamanaka Ryo was not reconciled, opened Sharingan, and two tomoes were inlaid in scarlet pupils, "[Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique). Naraku-seeing technique].""Far, you used this trick half a year ago." After saying that Sakumo Hagaki appeared behind Yamanaka Ryo in an instant. Yamanaka Ryo's Sharingan had already captured Sakumo's movements, but his body couldn't keep up. Genjutsu ( The use of Illusionary Technique) and Raikiri (Lightning Cutter) also prevented Yamanaka Ryo from maintaining the Frozen-Thunder Mode, and Sakumo's short knife holder ended the duel exercise on the neck of Yamanaka Ryo.

     "Uncle Sakumo, you are so perverted." Yamanaka Ryo trump card failed to injure one thread, one hair of Sakumo Sakumo. Faced with such a powerful Sakumo Yamanaka Ryo, Sakumo Yamanaka Ryo complained.

     "Far, you are already very strong, and you can hand seal with one hand. At 7 years old, I can inject Chakra into the Blade of White Fang. The average Jōnin does not receive this treatment."

     Yamanaka Ryo will actually only use [Chidori] and [Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)] one-handed hand seal. "Then Uncle Sakumo, can I defeat Jōnin now?"

     "There is still a gap between using Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode and [Chidori Senbon] and Jōnin, probably Special Jōnin. If you use your speed improvement method, adding Sharingan to deal with general Jōnin is enough. "

     Jōnin is already the backbone of the Ninja world, except for the four Great Ninja Villages in Konoha, there are only a dozen Elite Jōnins in each village, plus 3 to 4 Quasi-Kages and 2 to 3 Kage level powerhouses each. Yamanaka Ryo already has the ability to save his life.

     "It's been 2 years. Kakashi is Chunin. It's time for me to graduate.""You are the baby of Konoha Hospital now, Sandaime (The Third) is not so easy for you to graduate."

     Yamanaka Ryo also understands that a Genin and Konoha Hospital can save Chunin Jōnin's excellent medical ninja, it is too insignificant.

     "Even so, I have to apply for graduation." Yamanaka Ryo does not want to be a medical ninja for a lifetime, but he wants to be the strongest man in the ninja world.

     "Uncle Sakumo, I will go back to Ninja Academy."

     "Okay!" Sakumo Hagi nodded. He has seen the growth of Yamanaka Ryo in the past two years. Yamanaka Ryo's application for graduation was also expected.

     Students of Ninja Academy who want to graduate early must submit their graduation application through sensei. After Hokage agrees, they can start the graduation exam. If they pass the exam, they can successfully graduate and become Genin. Hokage generally does not reject graduation applications, unless it is a particularly poor student. Yamanaka Ryo's grades have always been number one, and Hokage has no reason for rejection.

     Yamanaka Ryo returned to Ninja Academy. One was to submit a graduation application to Yamashiro Yen, and the other was to look at Obito and Nohara Rin. Most of the friends in Ninja's School are nodding acquaintances. Only the three of Kakashi are Yamanaka Ryo's few friends.

     Yamanaka Ryo found Yamashiro Yen at the Academic Affairs Office, submitted a graduation application, and then went to the long-lost classroom.When Yamanaka Ryo returned, he was in time for get out of class "Cocky Yamanaka Ryo! Why are you back?" Drowsy Obito was the first to find Yamanaka Ryo on the table.

     "Far, you are back!" Nohara Rin also saw Yamanaka Ryo after Obito.

     The three went to the playground together.

     "Obito, Rin. I want to apply for graduation."

     "Cocky Yamanaka Ryo, I will catch up to you soon."

     "Then you have to come on! Rin, you have to come on too!"

     "I will."

     After saying goodbye to the two, Yamanaka Ryo left Ninja's School. He will be Ninja after tomorrow!
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