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Chapter Directory 16 Xiarenshan COSCO
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

On Hokage's Office Third Hokage's desk is a graduation application. Third Hokage stood in front of the window smoking a cigarette, and Yamashiro Yen, who came to deliver the graduation application, waited for Third Hokage's approval.

     "Ginichi, do you think Yamanaka Ryo can graduate successfully?"

     "Hokage-sama, if it is an ordinary exam, Yamanaka Ryo will definitely pass." Yamashiro Yen's answer to Third Hokage is not surprising. Yamanaka Ryo has become Genin two years ago, let alone today two years later.

     From the standpoint of Third Hokage, he did not want Yamanaka Ryo to graduate early. Just as Yamanaka Ryo and Hagi Sakumo thought, Dr. Yamanaka at Konoha Hospital and Genin Yamanaka Ryo are not comparable.

     Third Hokage consider past cause and future effect. In the end, it is better to let Yamanaka Ryo stay at Ninja's School for a longer period of time. Third Hokage did not refuse Yamanaka Ryo's reason for applying for graduation in advance, and he will not refuse. Third Hokage decided to teach Yamanaka Ryo a lesson for tomorrow’s exam, so he was relieved of his early graduation and worked at Konoha Hospital with peace of mind.

     "Ginichi, I agree. You go and inform Yamanaka Ryo at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, training ground number 3."

     "Yes, Hokage-sama!"

     Yamashiro Yen notified Yamanaka Ryo of the exam time."It's really exciting." Yamanaka Ryo knows that he will not graduate easily tomorrow, but Yamanaka Ryo is confident in himself that he will not fail tomorrow.

     Yamanaka Ryo stuck in time on the second day and arrived at the third training ground at exactly nine o'clock.

     "Far, let me wait for you, this old man, isn't it too polite!"

     "Hokage-sama, it's just 9 o'clock, I'm not late but you are early."

     "Haha, you seem very confident from afar!"

     "Of course, I don't do operations that are uncertain, let alone things that are uncertain." Yamanaka Ryo appeared confident.

     "That's good! The old man Yuan won't be difficult for you. This is Chunin Uchiha of Uchiha Clan. You can be undefeated within 10 minutes, even if you pass." Third Hokage once again refreshed the lower limit of the word shameless.

     One is a student of Ninja Academy, and the other is Chunin of Uchiha Clan. Ninja and Uchiha Clan are playing against each other. If they have the same strength, they will run away one by one, not to mention the full strength gap between Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha.

     "Hokage-sama, it's not so good." Yamashiro Yen couldn't bear to suffer from his students.

     "It's okay Yamashiro Sensei."

     "Hehe, far from objecting, you don't want to say more about Yinyi.""Hokage-sama, let's start!" Yamanaka Ryo has long wanted to see how far Uchiha Clan's Sharingan will be developed.

     The confident look of Yamanaka Ryo made Third Hokage a little uneasy. Third Hokage took a look at Yamanaka Ryo who was eager to give sth a try, and looked at Uchiha Man who has the strength of Elite Chunin beside him.

     "The exam begins!"

     On the third training ground, Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha were facing each other. Uchiha looked in his early 20s and looked at Yamanaka Ryo indifferently.

     "Boy, Ninja is not a child's playhouse, I advise you to go down now, save you will get hurt later."

     "I advise you to turn on your Sharingan now. If you can't see my Speed clearly, you will be killed in a second."

     "Damn you kid, you're looking for death."

     Uchiha was irritated by Yamanaka Ryo, and he hand-sealed Si-Wei-Shen-Hai-Wu-Yin with both hands, "[Katon (Fire Style).Grand Fireball Technique]!"

     Although Yamanaka Ryo does not have fire Attribute(s), he does not know how many times he has seen the seal of Grand Fireball Technique. When Uchiha Man started the hand seal, Yamanaka Ryo had already released [Suiton. Water Turbulence] one step ahead of him. Uchiha Man’s Grand Fireball Technique was extinguished by the water turbulence as soon as it was released."How come!" Uchiha was surprised. Yamanaka Ryo's hand seal speed was faster than him. He 4 Seals per Second. Yamanaka Ryo only started hand seal after seeing his seal. Yamanaka Ryo's Ninjutsu was actually faster than his Grand. Fireball is released first, which means that Yamanaka Ryo has at least 5 Seals per Second.

     Uchiha deserves to be Elite Chunin. After the first test of Ninjutsu, he found that Yamanaka Ryo's hand seal speed was faster than him. Uchiha released Ninjutsu at all times and started attacking Yamanaka Ryo with Taijutsu (Body Techniques).

     "Don't you open Sharingan? If you don't open it, there will be no chance."

     After a few moves, Uchiha's full Taijutsu (Body Techniques) also failed to win Yamanaka Ryo. Ten minutes have passed and Uchiha knows that Yamanaka Ryo is right. If he doesn't open Sharingan, he might fail!

     Uchiha gave a cold snort and opened Sharingan. Yamanaka Ryo was a little disappointed, Uchiha was full of two tomoes like him.

     Yamanaka Ryo suddenly lost interest and turned on Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode.

     "This is Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode?" Third Hokage looked at Yamanaka Ryo in amazement. He didn't expect that in addition to medical ninja, Yamanaka Ryo's Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) was also so good.

     "Uchiha is full, it's over!" Yamanaka Ryo said that an Instant Lightning appeared behind Uchiha. Sharingan of the second tomoe could vaguely capture the figure of Yamanaka Ryo, but his body response could not keep up. Yamanaka Ryo's short knife out of body , Reaching the back of Uchiha's full neck."I lost!" Uchiha gave in very happily.

     "Hokage-sama, can I graduate now?"

     "Oh! Yuan, you gave me a big surprise for this old man. You passed the exam, and now you are a Genin of Konoha." The eyes of everyone are in full view, and Yamanaka Ryo's strength is enough to protect himself.

     Yamanaka Ryo went to the photo studio to take pictures, filled out the Ninja registration form, and officially became Konoha Genin.

     After becoming Genin, Yamanaka Ryo did not wait for his sensei to guide him, nor did he have any task arrangements. Yamanaka Ryo went back and forth between the Konoha Hospital and the forest every day as before.

     A month later, Yamanaka Ryo more than one can bear found Third Hokage.

     "Hokage-sama, why didn't I guide the sensei, nor did I have a mission?"

     "Well, far! So far, Konoha's team is full. There is no suitable team to arrange for you. Would you like to wait for a while? I think about it, how to arrange it."

     Third Hokage's mind Yamanaka Ryo might not know how, Yamanaka Ryo is helpless to this old man's cheeky.

     "Then Hokage-sama, I'll be waiting at home for a while. During this time, the affairs of Konoha Hospital..."

     "Far, I suddenly remembered. There is also a Jōnin who has no apprentice."Yamanaka Ryo's threat is still very effective, Third Hokage immediately remembered.

     "Hokage-sama, don't fool me."

     "How come, this person is also top-notch in Konoha Jōnin."

     With the assurance of Third Hokage, Yamanaka Ryo could only leave with a doubt.

     The top-notch existence in Konoha Jōnin? Yamanaka Ryo thought for a long time but didn't know who it was. Fourth Hokage Minato is now on the border of Country of Earth, and Sakumo Hagiki also took the task and will go out soon. Yamanaka Ryo, the top presence in Jōnin, has been thinking about who it is for a long time.

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head, remembering the unreliable look of Sandaime (The Third), and had no confidence in the sensei of tomorrow's guidance.
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