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Chapter Directory 23 The Prototype Of The Spiral Shuriken
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Hafeng Minato looked at [Rasengan] in his hand and once again admired Yamanaka Ryo's Ninjutsu talent. He developed this technique for more than two years but has not completed it completely. Yamanaka Ryo understood the principle of the technique only after seeing it once and helped him perfect [Rasengan].

     And Yamanaka Ryo is also amazed by the talent of Minato. [Rasengan]’s original practice book Naruto has Shadow Clone Jutsu. It took a week to barely complete the plug-in. Minato just listened to him and can get from breaking the balloon ball Get the revelation to complete [Rasengan]. Although part of the reason is because he is the developer of the technique, Minato's talent still shocks Yamanaka Ryo.

     No wonder people in previous lives often said that if Bofeng Minato lived to the beginning of the plot, there would be nothing wrong with Prince Naruto.

     Both of them were sighing that each other was excellent and examining their own shortcomings.

     "Far, what's next? Tell me about your understanding of Rasengan, and let Kakashi practice according to your method." Hakaze Minato has never been a selfish person. In the original book, he taught [Rasengan] to Kakashi. I taught [Flying thunder god] to my four guards."The next step is to combine the previous experience of breaking the balloon ball, focus Chakra on the hand, continue to release a certain amount to maintain rotation, and finally condense into a rotating sphere. Then use the sphere to continuously attack the trees or stones until the power of the sphere. Tend to be stable. [Rasengan]'s training is complete!"

     In his previous life, Kishimoto had posted the [Rasengan] training method in detail, but Yamanaka Ryo just copied it and talked to Minato Hakata.

     "Far, you are such a genius! I can't believe you only watched [Rasengan] once."

     "Where, brother Minato is a genius, able to develop [Rasengan] this kind of technique."

     After some business exchanges, Yamanaka Ryo and Hafeng Minato both smiled.

     Bofeng Minato is successfully developed because of [Rasengan], and Yamanaka Ryo is because of becoming the perfecter of [Rasengan], and will be able to use [Rasengan] in the future.

     Yamanaka Ryo was greedy for [Fūton (Wind Style) .Rasenshuriken] in the original book for a long time. He has no wind Attribute(s) Chakra, but [Rasengan] itself is a Chakra sphere without Attribute(s). You can add any Attribute(s). ).

     You cannot use [Fūton (Wind Style) .Rasenshuriken], Yamanaka Ryo can develop [Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) .Rasenshuriken], [Hyoton (Ice Style) .Rasenshuriken]..."Yuan has perfected [Rasengan] today. I am very happy! I invite everyone to eat barbecue." Minato is much more generous than Kushina, and his shot is barbecue.

     Yamanaka Ryo likes Yile Ramen, but I will get tired of eating it all the time. Today, someone treats Yamanaka Ryo and will naturally not refuse.

     Kakashi was able to burst the balloon while chatting with Hafeng Minato in Yamanaka Ryo. Hearing Hafeng Minato asked for a barbecue, Kakashi also stopped practicing, looking at Hafeng Minato expectantly.

     Kakashi collected the remaining balloon balls into the Seal Scroll, and Kushina on the side thought of Yamanaka Ryo's envious look before.

     A group of four people went to the barbecue restaurant in Konoha village. After picking up the menu, Yamanaka Ryo realized why even Kakashi looked forward to it. Because barbecue is too expensive, a barbecue is almost a reward for a B-rank task.

     Yamanaka Ryo, a Genin who has never done a task, can only think about this luxury. He works at Konoha Hospital for free. The dead old man of Third Hokage has never paid him. Yamanaka Clan is not very wealthy either. Yamanaka Ryo is the first to visit a yakiniku restaurant.

     Although Kushina is Jōnin, the tasks that can be received throughout the year can be counted on one's fingers, most of which are still B-rank tasks. At most, it is difficult to clean up thieves in Country of Fire.Kakashi often follows Minato to do some tasks, and I have a lot of rewards, but of course the money for a 6-year-old child should be handed over to his parents! In this way, Kakashi is also a pauper.

     The grilled meat tastes really good, and the Heyle Ramen each has its own merits, but the point is that it is meat. Watching Speed Yamanaka Ryo eaten by Kushina, he couldn't help but mourn for Minato's wallet.

     On the other hand, Minato looked at Kushina with gentleness, and Yamanaka Ryo automatically shielded the two of them. He came to eat barbecue and didn't want to be stuffed with dog food.

     Except for Kushina, the other three have little appetite, and although the barbecue is delicious, they don't eat much.

     "Minato, will I eat too much?" Kushina was a little embarrassed when she thought of her eating too much.

     "Where, Kushina can eat as much as you want." Bofeng Minato's signature smile gave Kushina a lot of peace of mind.

     After leaving the yakiniku restaurant, the group of four returned to the third training ground. Minato wants to get familiar with [Rasengan]. Kakashi also wants to learn this technique as soon as possible. Yamanaka Ryo spends his daily life in the training ground, 3 to 1 Kushina, although I don’t want to If you go, you can only go with you.

     "Kakashi, give me some balloons." Yamanaka Ryo also wants to learn [Rasengan] as soon as possible. I heard that a group of wounded people returning from the Country of Earth border said that Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki had defected and now wandering the border of Country of Earth.Yamanaka Ryo's current strength is naturally not enough, the key is the problem of Chakra volume, but there is not much time left for Yamanaka Ryo.

     The outbreak of Third Shinobi World War in the original book occurred in Konoha's 42 years, and he had to work hard to improve his strength in two years.

     Kakashi hands the balloon to Yamanaka Ryo, and Yamanaka Ryo outputs Chakra into the balloon. It is easy to put forward the theory, but the actual operation is not that simple.

     Yamanaka Ryo took a lot of effort to squeeze the first balloon. The key to squeezing the balloon is to rotate. With the first successful experience, it becomes easier and easier to squeeze the balloon.

     "Far, stop for a while." Hafeng Minato interrupted Yamanaka Ryo's practice.

     "Brother Minato, what's the matter?"

     "Far, I think Rasengan is not perfect enough. It should be said that it is not perfect enough for you." Bofeng Minato said.

     "Brother Minato mean?"

     "My method of combat is the ultimate Speed, relying on the Speed of the [Flying thunder god] technique, and injecting the sharpness of the wind Attribute(s) into the Flying thunder god, and the sharpness of the changing nature of the wind Attribute(s), to strike the enemy with the fastest Speed. [Rasengan] It suits me very well. It doesn’t need a hand seal and is instant. For you, the power of [Rasengan] still has room for improvement."

     "Brother Minato meant to add qualitative changes to Rasengan?""Yes! For example!" Wushu Minato condensed a [Rasengan] in his left hand, and his right hand controlled Chakra to inject it into Rasengan.

     [Rasengan] saw blades like shuriken appearing around [Rasengan]. But it didn't last long before it exploded.

     Hakaze Minato moved [Rasengan] at the moment of Ninjutsu's failure.

     In the northwest corner of the training ground No. 3, a big hole was blasted by [Rasengan].

     "This is my subsequent vision for Rasengan, but it is difficult to maintain the stability of Rasengan."

     "Brother Minato, you are terrible." Yamanaka Ryo was stunned by Minato's talent! Rasengan has just been developed, and already has a vision for the follow-up Ninjutsu, and the prototype of Rasenshuriken has already appeared.
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