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Chapter Directory 44 Graduation In The Same Period
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Clan, Yamanaka Ryo and Yamanaka Inoichi talked about the Healing Tag. No one who can be a clan leader is a fool. Yamanaka Inoichi naturally knows how much benefit Healing Tag can bring to Yamanaka Clan.

     Among the Ino-Shika-Chō tribes, the Nara clan is responsible for maintaining the normal operation of the Konoha medical system, so the Nara clan basically contracted Konoha's internal medicinal materials.

     The profit of a Great Ninja Village's medicinal materials supply is very huge. In the original book, Shikamaru can use Explosive Tag at will for this reason.

     Akimichi Clan said that the invention of the bingliang pill borrowed from the secret medicine of their family, and the sale of bingliang pill Akimichi Clan will receive dividends.

     Only Yamanaka Clan has no own business and no dividends. Most of the expenses in the clan are maintained by Ninja of Yamanaka Clan.

     The Healing Tag developed by Yamanaka Ryo allowed Yamanaka Inoichi to see opportunities for the tribe to improve their living conditions. Yamanaka Inoichi repeatedly confirmed and asked Yamanaka Ryo to make a Healing Tag on the spot.

     A few days later, Yamanaka Inoichi and Yamanaka Ryo were summoned by Hokage.

     Hokage's Office, Third Hokage and Jiraiya are waiting for their arrival.

     Third Hokage received a report from Jiraiya yesterday that Yamanaka Ryo developed the Healing Tag that the village had been studying before.The value of the Healing Tag Third Hokage is naturally known. If Chakra is produced, it will have a huge impact on Konoha's subsequent war. Konoha Ninja's survival rate will be greatly improved.

     Yamanaka Ryo and Yamanaka Inoichi arrived at Hokage's Office. Third Hokage did not go round the curves and skirting the corners and directly asked Yamanaka Ryo, "Far, can Healing Tag achieve mass production?"

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head, even if he can make a few Healing Tags every day without stopping to sleep or have a rest.

     "How much can you make in one day?" Third Hokage asked.

     "Up to 30 per day." Yamanaka Ryo thought for a while.

     Third Hokage nodded. The number Yamanaka Ryo said was not much different from Jiraiya's guess. Judging from the intelligence that Jiraiya has just collected from Sand Ninja, Sand Ninja is currently undergoing an unknown civil unrest and will not launch a war in a short time.

     According to the output of 30 pieces a day, Konoha will have a lot of Healing Tag reserves before the war begins. Third Hokage is very satisfied with this.

     "Inoichi, I think you also understand the value of Healing Tag. This kind of talisman is of great significance to both the village and Yamanaka Clan. You are the patriarch of Yamanaka Clan, tell me your opinion!" Third Hokage said in silence for a while."Hokage-sama, the village is responsible for buying jade for Yamanaka Clan. Yamanaka Clan makes and sells Healing Tag. Each Healing Tag sold will give the village 30% of the income." The sale of Healing Tag must be in his own hands. Yamanaka Inoichi knows very well. at this point.

     After that, the two people bargained, and finally reached that the materials for making the Healing Tag were issued by Konoha. For every piece of Healing Tag sold by Yamanaka Clan, he would give the village 40% of the income.

     Both parties are very satisfied with the result, and Yamanaka Ryo's mission has changed from being a medical ninja at Konoha Hospital to making Healing Tag. It is worth mentioning that this mission is a B-rank mission.

     For more than a month, Yamanaka Ryo has been making Healing Tag in the third training ground. Uzuki Yugao also entered the door under Kakashi's guidance.

     Uzuki Yugao's performance is naturally incomparable to Kakashi's super genius, but it is still much better than ordinary people.

     In the process of teaching Uzuki Yugao for more than a month, Kakashi discovered a lot of deficiencies in his foundation. Sakumo Hagi pointed out that Kakashi did not take these problems in his heart, and did not understand the seriousness of the problem until he discovered it before. So now Kakashi is not so repulsive to teach Uzuki Yugao.

     "Kakashi, do you want to go to school today?" Yamanaka Ryo asked.

     "Go to school? Why?" Kakashi asked after taking a look at Yamanaka Ryo."Rin and Obito are about to graduate, don't you know?"

     Kakashi shook his head. In fact, Yamanaka Ryo didn't know about his graduation at the same time, but he just made a Healing Tag and used Sage Mode to perceive it.

     "Then go have a look?" Kakashi asked.

     "Okay!" Yamanaka Ryo hasn't seen Rin and Obito for a long time.

     "Yugao, we are going to Ninja Academy to see our classmates' graduation exam, do you want to go?" Yamanaka Ryo asked Yugao.

     "Elder Brother Ryo, I won't go. I want to practice hard."

     During this period of hard work, Yamanaka Ryo finally made Uzuki Yugao change his name to his brother. He was happy for a long time.

     Yamanaka Ryo and Kakashi went to Ninja Academy together and happened to catch up with Kurenai Yūhi on stage. For those taught by elders at home like Kurenai Yūhi, it’s okay to pass the Ninja Academy’s Genin exam.

     After that, Mitarashi Anko, Sarutobi Asuma, and Shiranui Genma all passed the exams.

     "Next, Might Guy!"

     The students around Kai laughed from time to time before he played. Kai's performance is usually the standard crane tail in Hokage, Ninjutsu is the last one, Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) is not at all, only Taijutsu (Body Techniques) is not bad.Ninja's School's graduation assessment is generally based on [Three Style Arts] in peace times, but now that war is about to break out, Konoha needs a new batch of Genin, or new cannon fodder on the battlefield.

     Kay had let Ninja's School be an extra-legal favor from Third Hokage, and the principal of Ninja's School put him in the elite class because of Third Hokage's special care for Kay.

     Different from ordinary classes, the children in the elite class are all pillars who wish to grow up in Konoha, and the children who graduate from these elite classes will have Konoha's Elite Jōnin as the instructor sensei.

     The war is about to break out. Ninja's School's graduation exams are all Ninja's School sensei's own subjects to decide. Kai's subject is Taijutsu (Body Techniques), which he is best at. Kai has graduated like everyone else.

     "Next, Uchiha Obito. Uchiha Obito, are you there?"

     The examiner's deliberate repetition made the surrounding students laugh happier. Obito is also in the elite class because he is from Uchiha Clan. But his grades are only slightly better than Kay, and Obito also has a problem with being late. The recognized Konoha "Late King"!

     Obito's exam subject is [Body Clone Technique]. Uchiha Clan has studied Ninjutsu since he was a child. Obito passed easily.

     Later, Rin is somewhat similar to Sakura in the original book. Chakra has outstanding control. [Body Clone Technique] This kind of subject is naturally not a problem.After the last classmate finished the exam, all the students in the elite class graduated smoothly. After that was a long talk by Ninja's School sensei, and then the headband award. Since then, Obito and others have officially become the Genin of Konoha.

     "Rin, Obito! Here!" Yamanaka Ryo called to the two of them.

     "Asshole Kakashi, Cocky Yamanaka Ryo. I also graduated!" Obito's temperament did not change at all, and he shouted at the two.

     "Kakashi, why did you come here?" Rin asked.

     "I'm bored to take a look at your graduation exam." Yamanaka Ryo replied.

     The four were chatting, and the student on one side found two of them.

     "Is that Kakashi and Yamanaka Ryo?"

     Kakashi and Yamanaka Ryo were set by Ninja's School as role models for the students. Kakashi is the youngest Chunin in Konoha. Yamanaka Ryo is a medical ninja comparable to Tsunade.

     "Kakashi, Obito, Rin, it seems that we are in trouble. I don't want to deal with these students. I will invite you to eat barbecue when you graduate today. See you at the barbecue restaurant next to the third training ground." After Yamanaka Ryo broke out, Raiton (Lightning & Thunder) Style) Chakra Mode, left with Instant Lightning.

     Kakashi also followed the recipe and ran away with Instant Lightning. Obito and Rin looked at each other and rushed out of the crowd towards the barbecue restaurant.
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