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Chapter Directory 47 Horn Of War
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Soon after Orochimaru left, the third training ground became lively, Hafeng Minato brought Kakashi and others to the third training ground, and Kushina arrived soon.

     "Minato, why did Jiraiya sensei ask us to come to the third training ground? I'm shopping with Mikoto!" Kushina said with a dissatisfaction.

     "Kushina, don't be angry! Jiraiya sensei must have something to ask us to come to the third training ground, but he just asked the toad to inform me and didn't say anything. We just wait patiently."

     Hafeng Minato calmed the Kushina while begging for Jiraiya. He also wondered why sensei would suddenly summon everyone to the third training ground.

     "Cocky Yamanaka Ryo, why don't you guide the sensei? You don't have your own team?" Obito felt strange that Yamanaka Ryo was alone without a team.

     "I have a sensei guide, here! The red-haired beauty next to Minato's brother is my sensei!"

     "Brother Minato! Are you called Brother Minato?" Yamanaka Ryo's words made Obito blow up.

     "My instructor sensei, I call her sister Kushina, sister Kushina is your girlfriend who instructs sensei. That's why I called her." Yamanaka Ryo explained.

     "I don't care, I'm not convinced by a generation shorter than you! Cocky Yamanaka Ryo I want to fight you!""Obito, save it, you will be killed in a second!" Kaka spit on the side, making Obito jumped angrily.

     Obito disregarded Yamanaka Ryo and released Uchiha Clan's signature Ninjutsu [Katon (Fire Style).Grand Fireball Technique].

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head helplessly, [Chidori] Bloom easily split the fireball, and then used Instant Lightning to appear behind Obito.

     "Obito game is over!" Yamanaka Ryo's voice came from behind, and Obito was scared into a cold sweat.

     "Huh! Cocky Yamanaka Ryo! One day I will definitely beat you!" Obito won't lose, and will never admit defeat.

     "Far, how did you do it just now? Ninjutsu, the same time and space as Minato sensei? That's how it disappeared in Ninja Academy!"

     Nohara Rin was shocked by the sudden appearance of Yamanaka Ryo just now. She remembered that she had done similar things at Ninja Academy Yamanaka Ryo before. It looks like it is teleporting.

     "This is a type of Body Flicker Technique, the Instant Lightning body. Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra stimulates cell activity and makes Body Flicker Technique's Speed reach the extreme. It is completely different from Minato's brother's Flying thunder god. And Kakashi was at the time. That’s how I left Ninja Academy.” Yamanaka Ryo explained."Why the bastard Kakashi can see with Instant Lightning?" Obito's question is also Nohara Rin's question. If Ninja Academy Kakashi also leaves with Instant Lightning, why can they vaguely see Kakashi's figure.

     "Hey, that's because he couldn't practice his skills at home!" Yamanaka Ryo said with a smile.

     When Kakashi heard what Yamanaka Ryo said, he didn't know how to refute it, so he snorted and glared at Yamanaka Ryo with his dead fish eyes.

     "Far, come here! Jiraiya sensei is back." Bofeng Minato yelled at Yamanaka Ryo.

     "These two brats are Minato your students?" Jiraiya glanced at Obito and Rin and asked.

     "Yes, Jiraiya sensei! His name is Uchiha Obito, and her name is Nohara Rin. Obito, Rin and Jiraiya sensei say hello." Minato Hakata introduced the two to Jiraiya.

     "Hello Lord Jiraiya!" Facing Jiraiya, one of Sannin, Obito didn't dare to say hello to him presumptuously.

     During World War II, Sannin’s prestigious name, Konoha, is well known, and even Uchiha Clan has repeatedly urged the tribe to respect Sannin.

     Jiraiya is the same as Sandaime (The Third), all Ninja in the village treat everyone equally favorably, and there is no hostility towards Uchiha Clan. After getting to know each other, Jiraiya started talking about business."Not long ago, I received a mission from Sarutobi sensei, asking me to go to Sunagakure to investigate intelligence. In fact, I had already sneaked into Sunagakure three months before this investigation. At that time, there was a civil strife in Sunagakure."

     "Civil strife? Jiraiya sensei. Are you saying that Sand Ninja suddenly stopped acting against Konoha three months ago because there was a problem in the village?" asked Bofeng Minato.

     "Yes, at that time, Sunagakure's genius puppet master, Sasori of the Red Sand defected. Sasori of the Red Sand was not only Sunagakure's genius puppet master, but also the grandson of Chiyo's mother-in-law. His defection was a big blow to Sunagakure's reputation. Sand Ninja had to stop all deployments to eliminate the impact of this incident."

     After speaking, Jiraiya stopped and looked at Hafeng Minato. Bofeng Minato is a disciple he has cultivated with all his heart and his intelligence analysis ability is also very strong. Jiraiya's pause is to give Bofeng Minato time to process the information.

     "Jiraiya sensei, is something important in Sand Ninja?"

     Bofeng Minato did not disappoint Jiraiya. Based on the news three months ago, the transfer with Ninja in the village suggested that Sand Ninja's top management had a problem."Minato is right. Just a few days ago, I sneaked into Sunagakure for the second time, but the atmosphere in the village was a bit weird. Sunagakure’s Ninja was so excited that they all said they wanted to avenge Konoha. I took the opportunity to grab a Ninja and use a special one. The method came out. It turned out that Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage had disappeared, and he had disappeared after tracking Sasori of the Red Sand to the border of Country of Fire." Jiraiya said solemnly.

     "What? Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage disappeared on the border of Country of Fire?" Kushina couldn't help exclaiming after hearing this.

     The disappearance of the shadow of a village is not a trivial matter. Moreover, the relationship between Sand Ninja and Konoha was originally an imminent danger. Now Kazekage is missing on the border of Country of Fire. Even Kushina knows what this means.

     "It's no wonder that Sand Ninja suddenly mobilized a large number of Ninjas on the border. It seems that the election of Yondaime (The Fourth) Kazekage is to start a full-scale war with Konoha." Bofeng Minato said.

     "Oh, war is coming!" Jiraiya sighed.

     In the original book, the disappearance of Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage was the clarion call for three wars. Yamanaka Ryo had already guessed when he learned that Jiraiya had summoned them to the third training ground.

     "Brother Minato, Uncle Jiraiya! There are 50 Healing Tags here. I deducted them by myself. You can save a bit."

     After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo handed 50 Healing Tags to both Minato and Jiraiya."Sister Kushina, these are 50 Healing Tags. You can use them as you like, and ask me for them when you use them."

     Originally, the two who received the Healing Tag looked at Yamanaka Ryo with gratification and touch. The Healing Tag village will also give them out, but Jōnin only has 5 per person, and Jiraiya, an old Kage level like 10.

     Healing Tag is a life-saving thing, no one is too much. Yamanaka Ryo can give them 50 pieces, which has moved them very much.

     But I didn't expect that Yamanaka Ryo would give Kushina 50 pieces per person after changing hands, and he meant that I could ask for it again when I used up.

     It's okay for Bofeng Minato, after all, Kushina is his girlfriend, and the relationship between the two is so good. It has long been made no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's. Jiraiya can't do it anymore.

     "Hey! Kid! Kushina doesn't know whether to go to the battlefield or not, you use so much for her? This Sennin (Sage) for the village from the cradle to the grave, only gave 25, and you have successfully developed the Healing Tag. My credit!"

     Yamanaka Ryo ignores Jiraiya's argument for his reasoning. Yamanaka Ryo just wants to return to Yamanaka Clan as soon as possible to see what's going on in the clan.
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