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Chapter Directory 48 Three Tribes
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Clan and Yamanaka Inoichi are gathering the tribesmen. The Akimichi and Nara tribes in the courtyard have arrived.

     "Far, it's just time to come back. The clan association is about to begin." Yamanaka Inoichi just wanted to send someone to find Yamanaka Ryo when he saw that Yamanaka Ryo was back.

     Yamanaka Ryo said hello and stepped into the crowd.

     Nara Shikaku was also the main spokesperson at the tribal meeting. He briefly and to the point talked about the arrangements for the tribesmen in the village.

     After that is the distribution of war supplies. The Ino-Shika-Chō tribes are in the same spirit. No matter what they prepare, they are all three.

     The liangliang pill prepared by Akimichi Clan, Chunin two, Jōnin three. The Nara clan are all kinds of medicines and bandages.

     Genin of each family generally does auxiliary work in the rear, and Ino-Shika-Chō is no exception, so there is no preparation for Genin.

     After Akimichi and the Nara clan had distributed the food pellets and medical supplies, the tribesmen of the three clans all prepared to disband and went back to bid farewell to their families.

     "Everyone, please wait, Yamanaka Clan's war supplies have not arrived yet!" Nara Shikaku's voice quieted the tribesmen again. The people of Akimichi Clan in Nara looked at Yamanaka Clan's companions with questioning eyes.

     And the people of Yamanaka Clan obviously don't know about Healing Tag, they all looked blank."The Healing Tag that Yamanaka Clan distributes to everyone is a Healing Tag that seals a special [Healing Technique] in the jade with Fūinjutsu (Sealing Techniques). It is a medical ninja technique that you can carry with you."

     As soon as Nara Shikaku's voice fell, the crowd below became noisy. Most of them are talking quietly between Genin, and they have never heard of such things as Healing Tag. The medical ninja technique that can be carried around is another life on the battlefield.

     Jōnin of the three clans received the Healing Tag in the village before. They knew about the Healing Tag, but what they didn't expect was that Yamanaka Clan would actually buy such a valuable thing and give it to them. Especially the part of Jōnin of Yamanaka Clan, they also know the economic conditions of the clan.

     "Clan Chief Inoichi, has the capital reserves in the clan increased recently? How come there is money to buy Healing Tag?" Finally, a veteran of Yamanaka Clan, Jōnin couldn't help asking Yamanaka Inoichi.

     "Healing Tag is made by our Yamanaka Clan." Yamanaka Inoichi's character is like this, habitually silent, and the explanation is just a dry sentence.

     But it was this sentence that made the following three tribes boil, such an important item was actually made by Yamanaka Clan.The matter of Healing Tag originally belonged to Konoha's secret strategic reserve and has not been made public. Only the high-level Konoha and the patriarch of the Ino-Shika-Chō tribe are known. As for who produced it, it belongs to Konoha's s-class secret.

     Had it not been for the situation that has become more and more tense recently, the village has begun to issue Healing Tags to Jōnins.

     The people of Akimichi Clan in Nara congratulated their friends in Yamanaka Clan one after another. The three tribes are not just talking about each other. Every member of the three tribes sincerely regards each of the other two tribes as family members, brother .

     Yamanaka Ryo looked at the harmonious tribes in front of him and felt deeply. He was used to seeing you hoodwink me and I cheat you fight and scheme against each other in the previous life. Such sincere brotherly feelings made him particularly moved.

     The reserve of Yamanaka Clan Healing Tag should not be much. Yamanaka Ryo gave Yamanaka Inoichi a total of 2500 Healing Tags. The village can give out 5 to each Jōnin, and the clan left about 500 at most.

     There are about 500 Ninja in the three tribes, 500 Healing Tags, even if Genin is excluded, each person is not a few. Thinking of this Yamanaka Ryo is a little annoyed, I should hurry up and make more.Sure enough, only 500 Healing Tags of Yamanaka Clan were left, and there were 11 Jōnin in the three tribes. Of these 11 people, each issued 5 Healing Tags, and the remaining nearly 200 Chunin, each with 2 Healing Tags, Genin still did not issue them.

     "The Healing Tag was developed not long ago. There are not many. It can only be given to Jōnin and Chunin. Genin has its own action team. You can sign up with Shikaku and receive one." Yamanaka Inoichi and the tribesmen said.

     People of the three tribes have no complaints about this, and it should be given to those in need with the resources in the tribe.

     After the clan meeting, Yamanaka Ryo was called by Yamanaka Inoichi and went to the meeting room of Yamanaka Clan with Nara Shikaku and Akimichi Chōza.

     "Far, I really helped a lot this time." Nara Shikaku said.

     "Brother Shikaku is too polite. I am also a member of the Ino-Shika-Chō tribe. It is right to contribute to the family."

     "Okay, don't do that for you two. I feel so uncomfortable to hear it!" Akimichi Chōza was very upset at the two officials' behavior, and Yamanaka Inoichi nodded as well.

     "You two, always have to say something! It's really troublesome!"

     "This is you! Shikaku, don't be so serious! Come and treat you to potato chips!" Akimichi Chōza handed a packet of potato chips to Nara Shikaku.

     "You asked me to stop Yuan specially, didn't you say there was something to talk about?""Yes, yes, I want to tell you something." Yamanaka Inoichi's reminder reminded Nara Shikaku of business.

     "Brother Shikaku, you say."

     "Yuan, you are the disciple of Sister Kushina, Master Jiraiya should have told you about Sunagakure."

     "Is it the disappearance of Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage?" Yamanaka Ryo asked.

     "Yes, you know. Once the war begins, Konoha's first enemy is Sunagakure. Sunagakure's puppet masters are good at poisoning, and must be supported by medical ninjas from Konoha Hospital. This time I want you to fight for the medical team. Captain position." Nara Shikaku said.

     "Brother Shikaku, why?" Yamanaka Ryo didn't immediately agree, and asked why.

     "One: On the Sunagakure battlefield, more than half of the Ninja of our tribes will be there. If the leader of the medical team is the Ninja of our tribe, the chance of surviving will be much greater. Two: Sunagakure battlefield will invest more than 70% of Konoha every time Medical ninja, if you become the captain and gain the trust of these people, it will be of great benefit to the development of our tribes in the village.” Nara Shikaku finished watching Yamanaka Ryo and waited for him to express his opinion.Yamanaka Ryo originally wanted to go to the Country of Earth battlefield when he had the opportunity. Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki rosshi Yamanaka Ryo has always been remembered, but what Nara Shikaku said makes sense. With the interest of the three races and the hatred of individuals, Yamanaka Ryo finally chose to compromise.

     "Well, Yuan, you should go back and prepare first. We still have things to discuss." After seeing Yamanaka Ryo's consent, Yamanaka Inoichi let Yamanaka Ryo leave first.

     After Yamanaka Ryo left, Yamanaka Inoichi let out a long sigh of relief. "Shikaku, it's fortunate that you remembered my father's affairs, otherwise I would have ignored this question. If you really let you go to the Country of Earth, the consequences would be disastrous."

     "I just remembered it suddenly. The current one is far from being powerful enough. We must do our best to protect him. Everyone sees his talent. He is the future of our tribes," Nara Shikaku said.

     It turns out that the thing that made Yamanaka Ryo the medical team leader was that Nara Shikaku remembered that Yamanaka Akihito died in the hands of Yonbi (Four-Tails) and Yamanaka Inoichi. Akimichi Chōza played a scene to protect Yamanaka Ryo and not let him. Impulsively go to Yonbi (Four-Tails) for revenge.

     Yamanaka Ryo thought that the tribes really needed him to be the captain of the medical team. At this time, he was thinking about how to become the captain.
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