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Chapter Directory 49 High-level Meeting
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In the meeting room of the Hokage building, Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, the head of all Konoha families, two consultants, Hokage assist Danzō, and Captain Anbu gathered together.

     "Everyone, Jiraiya brought back the news that Sunagakure Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage disappeared at the border of Country of Fire. Sunagakure is now beginning to stir and intends to use this as an excuse to invade Konoha."

     Third Hokage's face was solemn. He knew that once Sand Ninja took action, Konoha would not be facing a Sand Ninja, and it was very likely to face the entire Ninja world as before. Thinking of this, Third Hokage couldn't help but recalled the two previous wars.

     Konoha Village is located in the Country of Fire, and the location of Country of Fire is the main road connecting north and south. The ecological environment of Country of Fire is also the best among the five major countries, and it is very suitable for the growth of crops. The unique geographical location, superior living environment, and the powerful Konoha Ninja Village make Country of Fire the strongest existence in China among the five major countries.

     The glorious and flourishing of a country will always be jealous of neighboring countries, not to mention that Country of Fire has abundant resources.

     Originally there were Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara that could shock the Ninja, but Uchiha Madara "dead" after the Battle of the End Valley, and Senju Hashirama also passed away shortly afterwards. Without the deterrence of absolute strength, the first Ninja World War broke out in order to compete for these resources.During the First Ninja World War, Konoha had Senju Tobirama as the commander, and the background of the Senju Uchiha clans was still there. Although Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara were not present, Konoha still overpowered the remaining four Great Ninja Villages with the strength of one village. But he also suffered heavy losses. The five major countries signed the [Treaty of Truce], and each of them rehabilitated and rehabilitated.

     After signing the [Treaty of Truce], Nidaime Hokage (Second Hokage) Senju Tobirama, who died in the Kumogakure coup in World War I, passed the position of Third Hokage to him.

     Sarutobi Hiruzen has taken control of Konoha step by step and has been operating carefully for 20 years. Twenty years of peace has allowed Konoha to prosper again.

     When the Second Ninja World War broke out, Konoha had him at the peak, his three disciples, White Fang, and Katō Dan... these excellent next generations, the second Ninja World War In the end, Konoha won.

     "Hokage-sama, Hokage-sama! Hiruzen!" Mito Homura's voice interrupted Third Hokage's thoughts.

     "Haha, I'm sorry, but thought of something distracted. Let's continue the meeting! Just talked about Sunagakure begin to stir, what do you think about Sunagakure?" Third Hokage regained his senses and said to others.

     "Sarutobi sensei! Sunagakure deserves special attention for their weird Puppet Technique and various poisons, especially poisons!" Jiraiya said."Jiraiya is right. In the previous Ninja War, we had Tsunade and many Ninja died on Sand Ninja's poison. Now that Tsunade is not in the village, Sand Ninja's poison is probably a big problem for us." Utatane Koharu said.

     "More than that, the medical ninja of Konoha has always been led by Tsunade, Tsunade is gone, and the deployment of Konoha's medical ninja is also a problem." Mito Homura added.

     The words of several senior executives silenced the conference room. These are all issues that must be resolved. How Nara Shikaku proposed to let Yamanaka Ryo take over Tsunade's position.

     "Sarutobi sensei, I think Yamanaka Ryo can take the place of Tsunade." Orochimaru's voice broke the silence of the conference room.

     "Oh? Orochimaru tell me your reasons." Orochimaru's words made Third Hokage's eyes light up, and Yamanaka Ryo was indeed a good choice.

     "Sarutobi sensei, first of all, Yamanaka Ryo is the closest to Tsunade in Konoha in terms of medical ninja, and second, he is a member of Yamanaka Clan. Yamanaka Clan has always been loyal and devoted to Konoha. The only question is whether his qualifications can be satisfied. Crowd."

     After hearing Orochimaru's words, Third Hokage nodded frequently. After what he said, Third Hokage felt that the position Yamanaka Ryo was still very suitable.

     "What do you think?" Third Hokage asked everyone's opinions."Uchiha Clan agrees!"

     "The Hyuga people agree!"

     "Sarutobi Clan agrees!"

     "The Nara clan agree!"

     "Akimichi Clan agrees!"

     "Yamanaka Clan agrees!"


     Except for the Ino-Shika-Chō tribe, the patriarchs of the other tribes have no interest in the position of the medical team leader.

     There are few medical ninjas in Konoha’s big family, and Yamanaka Ryo in Konoha Village is known as a medical ninja comparable to Tsunade. The nod of Hokage just now shows that Yamanaka Ryo can be the leader of the medical team. Said to be nailed down.

     "Wait, the old man disagrees!" Danzō's sudden opposition made the faces of the patriarchs of each family look ugly.

     As soon as they agreed, Danzō opposed it, which was beating the patriarchs in the face.

     Danzō is also very helpless. In his opinion, Yamanaka Ryo is just a 9-year-old child. Although medical ninja can be used, it is absolutely impossible for a child to be the captain of a team.

     "Danzō, tell me the reason for your objection!" Third Hokage's face was not good. He nodded just now, which clearly implies that the patriarchs of each family understand it, but Danzō, an old comrade-in-arms, doesn't understand?

     "Hiruzen, Orochimaru said just now, Yamanaka Ryo's qualifications and strength can't convince the public!""Master Danzō, what I said just now is whether you can serve the public, not that you can't serve the public." Orochimaru said.

     "Okay, don't mention the question of Danzō's qualifications. Yamanaka Ryo's rescue of Sakumo Hagi has been enough to work at the Konoha Hospital since he was 5 years old!" Third Hokage mentioned the rescue of Sakumo Hagi. The word paused for a few seconds.

     Danzō understands the meaning of Third Hokage. Third Hokage has always remembered about Sakumo Hagi! Under the persecution of Third Hokage, Danzō could only nod his head and agreed.

     The chiefs of the Ino-Shika-Chō tribe looked at each other, and they didn't expect things to go so smoothly.

     First, Orochimaru's proposal, then Third Hokage's acquiescence, and finally all families agreed, and even Danzō's objection was suppressed by Third Hokage.

     "Okay, if you agree, the leader of the medical team is Yamanaka Ryo. Next..."

     "Wait for Sarutobi sensei, Yamanaka Ryo is still Genin now, look at this..." When Third Hokage was about to start the next topic, Jiraiya interrupted him.

     Jiraiya's purpose is very simple. Yamanaka Ryo developed the Healing Tag for the benefit of his disciples and grandchildren. For some reasons, the village cannot be made public, but it can't even be expressed at all.Third Hokage gave Jiraiya a stern look. Of course he knew that Yamanaka Ryo was Genin. Third Hokage had originally planned to commission Yamanaka Ryo as Chunin after the meeting, but Jiraiya would have proposed it in public.

     "Yamanaka Ryo did make a great contribution to the village. Hiruzen might as well mention Chunin to him." Utatane Koharu also knew Third Hokage's plan, so he simply said it.

     This time, even Danzō has no reason to oppose it. Yamanaka Ryo has done too much to develop the Healing Tag, serving as a small Chunin enough and to spare.

     And the patriarchs of the big family, although they didn't know that Yamanaka Ryo had developed the medical talisman, they saw that the senior officials in the village had acquiesced that they would definitely not stand up against it.

     After that, the topics in the conference room were all about the specific deployment of this war. Konoha made all the preparations after this meeting to face Sand Ninja.
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