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Chapter Directory 65 Showdown
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After Yamanaka Ryo learned the two S-rank Suitons awarded to him by Third Hokage, he continued to teach medical ninjas, and Uchiha Futama/Fugaku appeared in his class time and time again.

     Yamanaka Ryo doesn't want to have too much involvement with Uchiha Clan. Even though his father Uchiha Houyi is a native of Uchiha Clan, but he was raised and given him a family by Yamanaka Nori. Yamanaka Ryo does not want anyone to disturb his mother's life.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku's repeated entanglement with Yamanaka Ryo is already very impatient, he even thought about whether to secretly kill Uchiha Futama/Fugaku.

     The reason why this idea Yamanaka Ryo did not act is because Uchiha Futama/Fugaku previously said that he is Uchiha Houyi's cousin.

     Yamanaka Ryo's influence on Yamanaka Ryo's previous life's education is deeply rooted in his own bones. Yamanaka Ryo can't do this kind of thing to start with his elders.

     You can't throw it away, you can't kill it, and Uchiha Futama/Fugaku always smiles. Reaching out his hand not to hit the smiley man, his attitude made Yamanaka Ryo very helpless.

     After more than half a month, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku still looks like that, and Yamanaka Ryo has learned to ignore his existence.

     After the lecture, Yamanaka Ryo packed his things and turned and left, but Uchiha Futama/Fugaku stopped him.

     "Far, wait a minute!"

     Yamanaka Ryo turned his head helplessly and found Uchiha Futama/Fugaku's three tomoe Sharingan staring straight at him."You don't want to use Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) on me!" Yamanaka Ryo asked with some caution.

     "Yuan, you misunderstood. I just wanted to ask you, is your Sharingan eye-opening?"

     The words of Uchiha Futama/Fugaku exploded in Yamanaka Ryo's ears. Yamanaka Ryo is pretty sure that he has not revealed any flaws in the past half month.

     But looking at Uchiha Futama/Fugaku's "child, I am your uncle" face, Yamanaka Ryo is not sure whether he really knows his life experience.

     "Yuan, you have a good disguise. I can be sure that you are the son of my elder brother and used our Uchiha Clan's special means." Uchiha Futama/Fugaku explained.

     Yamanaka Ryo has never heard of Uchiha Clan’s method of identifying his own people in the original work, but it is a comic after all. This is a real world, and more importantly, Yamanaka Ryo doesn’t want to play hide-and-seek with Uchiha Futama/Fugaku, simply. Nodded and admitted.

     "Yes, my father is Uchiha Houyi." Seeing Yamanaka Ryo admit, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku was very happy.

     In fact, Uchiha Clan has no way to identify his own people. It's just that Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha Houyi are too similar in age. Uchiha Futama/Fugaku, who spends day and night with Uchiha Houyi, determined that Yamanaka Ryo was his cousin's son from the beginning.

     "Far, can you tell me about your situation?" Uchiha Futama/Fugaku asked.Yamanaka Ryo nodded, his life experience has been admitted, and there is nothing else to say.

     Yamanaka Ryo started from how his parents met and knew each other, and basically told Uchiha Futama/Fugaku what he heard from Yamanaka Nori.

     The reason for not returning to Uchiha Clan was that his mother was heartbroken and didn't want to go to the place where Uchiha Houyi had lived. It only increased grief, and concealed the existence of Yamanaka Akihito and Hagi Sakumo.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku still has a lot of affection for Uchiha Houyi. Uchiha Houyi's parents died because of the war when he was very young. Uchiha Houyi was raised by his father.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku has always admired this cousin since he was a child. He was not born with Fire Attribute(s), nor did he develop Fire Attribute(s). Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) became Uchiha Clan's genius.

     The news of Uchiha Houyi's death in World War II came that Uchiha Futama/Fugaku opened Sharingan under grief. According to Uchiha Futama/Fugaku, his genius name is partly due to Uchiha Houyi. This is why Uchiha Futama/Fugaku is so obsessed with Yamanaka Ryo.

     "This is what happened. Is there anything else you want to know?" Yamanaka Ryo asked after talking about their mother and son.

     "Yamanaka Clan is good to your mother and son?" Uchiha Futama/Fugaku asked."Now the patriarch of Yamanaka Clan is my cousin, Yamanaka Inoichi. He respects my mother and treats me very well!"

     "That's it! Then you don't want to go back to Uchiha Clan. Uchiha Clan has no interest in the Ino-Shika-Chō tribes. Your tribes are united with Hokage. If your mother and son return to Uchiha Clan, you will be excluded by the tribe. No one in the entire Uchiha Clan will know about his life experience."

     "Why?" Yamanaka Ryo looked at Uchiha Futama/Fugaku in surprise.

     "You are my brother's son, and your mother is my brother's favorite woman. It's that simple!"

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku's words greatly changed Yamanaka Ryo's impression of him. From Uchiha Futama/Fugaku's tone and demeanor, Yamanaka Ryo can be sure that he is not lying.

     Originally, Yamanaka Ryo thought that Uchiha Futama/Fugaku had a plan to expose his identity, but now it seems that he is completely wrong. Uchiha Futama/Fugaku is just a brother-in-law. Of course, I need to ask if my elder brother who has died may have a son.

     "Far, you haven't answered the question just now, did you open your eyes?" Uchiha Futama/Fugaku asked.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded, and then the scarlet two tomoe Sharingan appeared.

     "Second tomoe?" Uchiha Futama/Fugaku was a little surprised. Yamanaka Ryo, who is less than 11 years old, has two tomoe Sharingan. He is also a genius among geniuses in Uchiha Clan."Far, this one is for you." Uchiha Futama/Fugaku sighed and took out a small box.

     Yamanaka Ryo took the box and opened it, which contained a pair of contact lenses.

     "This is a commonly used disguise by Uchiha Clan. Uchiha Clan's identity cannot be revealed when performing tasks in disguise, but without Sharingan Uchiha Clan's strength will be greatly affected. This kind of glasses can play a role in shielding Sharingan."

     "Thank you!" Yamanaka Ryo's heart is a bit complicated. He can feel that Uchiha Futama/Fugaku helped him out of sincerity.

     "Haha, you don’t need to be so polite. If your mother and son have a bad time in Yamanaka Clan, I will definitely take you back to Uchiha Clan's care. But now it looks like you have a good time in Yamanaka Clan. Just cover your Sharingan. Your mother and son can live in Yamanaka Clan with peace of mind, and I will rest assured.” Uchiha Futama/Fugaku said with a smile.

     Uchiha Clan deserves to be a brother-in-law and a brother-in-law. Yamanaka Ryo looked at the indifferent and serious Uchiha Futama/Fugaku in the original work, and sighed at his kindly elder appearance.

     "By the way, there is one thing far away for you." Uchiha Futama/Fugaku took out a Scroll.

     "What is this?" Yamanaka Ryo asked."This is Uchiha Clan's Sharingan Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique). It is not a precious thing. Only those who own Sharingan can use it."

     Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) Yamanaka Ryo has so far only one is [Narakuto see the art], this scroll by Uchiha Futama/Fugaku is exactly what Yamanaka Ryo lacks.

     "Okay, I should go too! I won't be in your class anymore." Uchiha Futama/Fugaku turned and left after speaking.

     "Thank you, Uncle Fugaku!" Yamanaka Ryo said to Uchiha Futama/Fugaku. Uchiha Futama/Fugaku used his actions to get Yamanaka Ryo to recognize him.

     In the next few days, Yamanaka Ryo studied Uchiha Clan's Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) while teaching. He quickly learned the Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) from his Powerful Spiritual/Mental Strength Scroll.

     And Yamanaka Ryo's Sharingan has also changed in frequent use.
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