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Chapter Directory 68 Block
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Knowing that Sand Ninja was transporting puppets, Yamanaka Ryo suddenly realized that it was not that Sand Ninja didn't want to go to war, and that Sand Ninja had a problem with Konoha's biggest weapon, the puppet.

     Sand Ninja’s puppet master has always made other villages quite vulnerable of the consequences. The puppets manipulated by the puppet master have countless organs and extremely powerful poisons.

     Even if Konoha has an excellent medical ninja system, there will still be impotent in the face of the poison of the puppet master.

     "How many puppets are there?" Jiraiya asked.

     "I don't know how many have been transported in the front, there are about 1,000 in the back." Ninja of the Hyuga clan replied after thinking about it.

     "1000? Senior Sakumo, let me go! This batch of puppets must be dealt with. If I go..." Jiraiya offered to ask.

     "Uncle Jiraiya, Uncle Sakumo, neither of you can go. If Sand Ninja finds out that one of you has left the Konoha camp, it will definitely come and attack. Sand Ninja is forcing you to take action when transporting puppets at this time." Yamanaka Ryo beat Speaking of Jiraiya's words.

     "It makes sense from afar, Jiraiya, the two of us really can't move." Sakumo Hagi also agreed with Yamanaka Ryo's point of view.

     "Who is in the team of Sand Ninja transporting puppets?" Yamanaka Ryo asked."My bug told me that there is only one person that makes it fear. That is to say, there is only one Ninja above Elite Jōnin."

     "He's right, my Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes) only found Shakuton (Scorch Style) Pakura there." Ninja from the Hyuga clan said.

     "Uncle Sakumo, if there is only Pakura, let me go!" Yamanaka Ryo said.

     "Boy, are you sure to deal with Pakura's Shakuton (Scorch Style)? Your Hyoton (Ice Style) was restrained by her."

     "Uncle Jiraiya, don't worry, I am prepared. Now my strength has improved a lot compared to two months ago." Looking at Yamanaka Ryo's self-confidence, Jiraiya did not object.

     "Far, this matter is up to you. If there is any danger, or if you encounter an ambush, you can give up the mission. How many people do you need?" Hagii Sakumo asked.

     "Three Ninjas who are proficient in Suiton Ninjutsu." Yamanaka Ryo said after thinking about it.

     There are not many Ninjas who are proficient in Suiton in Konoha camp. Most Ninjas only know one or two Suiton, but it is not difficult to find just three Jōnin who are proficient in Suiton.

     After the three people arrived at Hagi Sakumo's tent, Yamanaka Ryo set off with the three directly, and followed the bugs of the Aburame clan toward the place where the Sand Ninja transport team was spotted.After Yamanaka Ryo's team set off, Sakumo Hagii ordered the Hyuga and Aburame Ninjas to keep an eye on Sand Ninja's activities. If they find Ninja support from Elite Jōnin and above, they will immediately report back.

     On the way, Yamanaka Ryo and the three of them explained the task and asked the names of the three. I learned that these three are Uchiha Hanama, Tanaka Taichi, and Sarutobi Ao.

     Among the three, Uchiha Hanama is a female Ninja, who is good at Katon (Fire Style), Suiton, and Fūton (Wind Style). He looks very beautiful in his early 20s. After all, Uchiha Clan does not look ugly.

     Taichi Tanaka and the Jiraiya who was drunk in the bar in the original book have a somewhat similar temperament, like a decadent uncle. Good at Suiton, love the house and its crow Yamanaka Ryo also feels good about Tanaka Taiichi.

     The last Sarutobi green is a talkative. The person with this Attribute(s) is what Yamanaka Ryo is not good at dealing with. He is good at Suiton and Katon (Fire Style).

     Led by the insects, the three of them saw Sand Ninja's puppet transportation team nearly an hour before.

     The number of Sand Ninja is not large, there are about 50 people, there are two Jōnin at the front and back of the team, and Pakura is in the middle of the team.

     "Captain, what should we do? The gap between the number of enemies and us is a bit big, and we won't have a chance at all in this situation." Taichi Tanaka said."You are all waiting here. I will first solve the perception Ninja in front of the Sand Ninja team, and then Taiyi and Qingyou go around to the back and contain the two Jōnin behind. The others have my summoned beast. Hanama, you and I deal with Pakura ."

     Yamanaka Ryo used the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) to become a civilian after assigning the task, and then used the secret technique obtained from the Sand Ninja female spy to hide Chakra.

     Yamanaka Ryo pretended to encounter the Sand Ninja transport team. Sand Ninja's perception Ninja did not notice the existence of Chakra on Yamanaka Ryo, and regarded Yamanaka Ryo as an ordinary civilian.

     Yamanaka Ryo carefully observed the people in the Sand Ninja team and confirmed that Sand Ninja perceives Ninja Sand Ninja at the forefront of the team, protected by two Jōnin.

     An ordinary person, Sand Ninja would naturally be unprepared. They signaled Yamanaka Ryo to step aside and move on.

     When the front of the team passed through Yamanaka Ryo, the Frozen-Thunder Mode of Yamanaka Ryo broke out. Instant Lightning appeared in front of Sensing Ninja for an instant, and the Chakra scalpel directly cut the throat of Sensing Ninja.

     The two Jōnin who were responsible for protecting the perception of Ninja just felt that the eyes were suddenly blurry, and when they reacted, they realized that Ninja was dead.

     "Next is you! [Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)]!" Yamanaka Ryo didn't escape immediately after a hit, and used [Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)] to penetrate Jōnin's heart on the left.Only then did the Sand Ninjas react. In less than 5 seconds, their perception of Ninja and a Jōnin were killed.

     "[Summoning Technique]!" Yamanaka Ryo summoned Gamahiro.

     "Guang, please. These people are left to you!"

     "No problem!" Gamahiro and Yamanaka Ryo are already very close and good partners after fighting side by side twice.

     "He is Yamanaka Ryo! I have seen this toad!"

     "Really Yamanaka Ryo! This time it's over!"

     There is no Sand Ninja who doesn't know Yamanaka Ryo. His performance in the first two wars is too dazzling, especially the [Ice Colossus] left a deep impression on these Sand Ninja Ninjas, of course it is not a good impression.

     Just when everyone's attention was attracted by Yamanaka Ryo and Gamahiro, Uchiha Hanama and others also started to do it.

     "[Suiton. Great Waterfall Technique]" Suiton of Taiichi Tanaka broke out behind Sand Ninja's team.

     "[Shakuton (Scorch Style). Rising]" In Sand Ninja's team, a heat wave rose, and Taichi Tanaka's Suiton was instantly evaporated.

     "Are you Yamanaka Ryo?" Pakura asked as he stepped out of the line.

     "Yes, it's me!"

     "Where did you learn the secret of Chakra?" Yamanaka Ryo was shocked by Pakura's question. According to the script, shouldn't the two sides talk harshly to each other and then start a fight?Yamanaka Ryo didn't answer, and started directly. Take out Tachi from the Seal Scroll and use [Chidori Senbon], open Sharingan, Instant Lightning appears in front of Pakura.

     Yamanaka Ryo wanted to try three tomoe's help in the battle, so he chose Taijutsu (Body Techniques).

     Pakura's attack against Yamanaka Ryo is calm and unhurried. She can see from Yamanaka Ryo's actions that Yamanaka Ryo is not good at Taijutsu (Body Techniques). He is a Speed-type Ninja.

     Pakura quickly gained the upper hand in the Taijutsu (Body Techniques) duel, but years of experience with the enemy also made her discover the problem. No matter from which angle she attacked, Yamanaka Ryo seemed to have foreseen her movements in advance, and could always avoid it.

     After a fight, Pakura knew that she could not solve Yamanaka Ryo with Taijutsu (Body Techniques) alone.

     "[Shakuton (Scorch Style). Rising]!" The terrifying heat burst from Pakura.

     "[Armor of Ice]!" Taichi Tanaka's Great Waterfall Technique was evaporated by Pakura just now. There was a lot of water vapor in the air. Yamanaka Ryo used the water vapor to condense into armor to protect himself.

     "The warm-up should be over! Next, let me take a look at your Hyton (Ice Style)."

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