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Chapter Directory 72 Sneak In
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Jiraiya didn't expect that Sakumo Hagi would agree to Yamanaka Ryo's "crazy" plan. The two wanted to go deep into the Sand Ninja camp to kill.

     "I don't agree, Sakumo-senpai, you are the commander-in-chief of the Country of Wind battlefield, and I am going to go." Jiraiya said.

     "Jiraiya, are you still worried about my strength? Besides, there is still a long way to go. His Hilton (Ice Style) teleport is not inferior to Minato's Flying thunder god to some extent. And you can see the effect of that technique. If we are a little more careful, it’s okay to escape even if we fail."

     The meaning of Sakumo Hagi is already obvious, and he must go this time. Jiraiya could only nod her head and agreed.

     After the three reached a consensus, Sakumo Hagi learned the secret technique of hiding Chakra from Yamanaka Ryo, and spent a day mastering this technique.

     On the night of the third day, Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo began their operations. They planned to sneak into the Sand Ninja camp in the dark.

     From the tent of Sakumo Hakata, the two hid Chakra. Only the three of them knew about this action, so it was impossible for Konoha's perception Ninja to discover it.

     At night, Konoha patrols mainly insects from the Aburame clan, and the worms cannot detect them. Ninja of the Hyuga clan did not receive the signal and would not open Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes) to view, so they opened the barrier and left the Konoha camp.The Sand Ninja camp is not far from the Konoha camp, with a small piece of desert in between. The two soon arrived, near the Sand Ninja camp.

     "Uncle Sakumo, wait a minute." Yamanaka Ryo stopped Hagii Sakumo, who was about to move on.

     "What's wrong, far?" Sakumo Hagi looked at Yamanaka Ryo strangely.

     "We are waiting for action. People sleep the deepest between two and three in the morning. Even Ninja will be alert during this time."

     Sakumo Hagi raised his head to look at the position of the moon in the sky, and agreed to Yamanaka Ryo's suggestion.

     When the time came to 1 o'clock in the morning, the two began to act. Hagiki Sakumo first found the weakness of the Sand Ninja barrier, and then easily destroyed the barrier.

     The two entered the Sand Ninja camp from the gap in the barrier. Before entering the Sand Ninja camp, Yamanaka Ryo placed a handful of Ice Scalpel on the outskirts of the camp.

     Upon entering the Sand Ninja camp, Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo used the night to hide in the shadow of the tent.

     After hiding, Yamanaka Ryo began to look for Ninja whose Spiritual/Mental Strength in Sand Ninja is more prominent than others, and Chakra has a mediocre amount.

     Unlike Konoha, there are not so many families in Sand Ninja. Ninjas with outstanding Spiritual/Mental Strength are scattered. Sakumo Hagi needs the help of Yamanaka Ryo to know which one is Sensing Ninja, so they can only act together.They sneaked in at the far left of the Sand Ninja camp. Yamanaka Ryo used Spiritual/Mental Strength to connect with Sakumo Hagi and told him to perceive Ninja's position, and the two started moving from left to right.

     Ninja's vigilance is much stronger than ordinary people, especially the perception that Ninja has Powerful Spiritual/Mental Strength, so they are used to perceive the world with Spiritual/Mental Strength.

     And Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo used mystery to hide their Chakra, perceiving that Ninja was asleep by Yamanaka Ryo's neck with a Chakra scalpel.

     Of course, Sakumo Hagi did not use the White Fang blade in this operation. The White Fang blade will emit white light, and it is a living target to perform the assassination mission.

     Sakumo Hagi used an ordinary short knife, and under the direction of Yamanaka Ryo, he harvested Sand Ninja and sensed Ninja's life.

     "Uncle Sakumo, don't touch this tent. There is only one person in that tent. Chakra has a huge amount. It should be Shukaku!"

     Sakumo Hagiki is about to go into the next tent. Yamanaka Ryo's voice sounds in his brain. When you hear Yamanaka Ryo's words, Sakumo Hagiki jumped over the tent in front of him.

     Afterwards, they successfully killed all sleeping sense Ninja in Sand Ninja from left to right in the dark.

     "Uncle Sakumo, the rest is the Sensing Ninja patrolling. We just killed 62 Sensing Ninja, and now there are 31 Sensing Ninja patrolling.""Far, how many people in Sand Ninja are patrolling?"

     "About 300 people, like our camp, the night is mainly to perceive Ninja and the enchantment team to check, and some Jōnin are protecting." Yamanaka Ryo had previously sensed that many Ninjas patrolling Sand Ninja were checking the enchantment, presumably the same as Konoha It is the enchantment class.

     "All killed! The next action Speed should be fast, and solve it as quickly as possible without being noticed."

     After the communication between Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo was over, he started to act. The 300 patrol teams are mostly composed of enchantment squads and perception Ninja, which is not a problem for the Kage level strong like Sakumo, Sakumo.

     Haaki Sakumo's method is simple and rude, he touches the end of the patrol team directly, from back to front. Before the people in front found out, a small team had been solved by Hagii Sakumo.

     Yamanaka Ryo is still the usual routine, but replaced the Instant Lightning itself with Ice Scalpel. Yamanaka Ryo has already determined the route of the patrol team just now, and placed Ice Scalpel in advance.

     It's the same as Bofeng Minato using Flying thunder god second stage to kill dozens of Jōnin in seconds. Yamanaka Ryo teleported back and forth between a dozen Chakra scalpels, and the other patrol team was instantly killed.

     In less than an hour, all the perceptions of Ninja in the Sand Ninja camp were solved unconsciously by Yamanaka Ryo and Hagi Sakumo."Uncle Sakumo, I feel that Ninja has all been resolved, you can leave first! I still have something to deal with."

     "No, the mission has been completed and retreat immediately!" Sakumo Hagi ordered Spiritual/Mental Strength.

     "Uncle Sakumo, I placed Ice Scalpel where we came in. You go out first, and I will come in 5 minutes!"

     Hagii Sakumo learned that Yamanaka Ryo had placed Ice Scalpel in advance, and was relieved a lot, and agreed to Yamanaka Ryo's request.

     After Hagi Sakumo left, Yamanaka Ryo took out his headband, stuffed it into the hands of a Sand Ninja, and melted all the Ice Scalpel except the camp.

     The purpose of Yamanaka Ryo is to dispel the suspicion and leave the Konoha headband to influence Sand Ninja's judgment. As long as the performance in the Konoha camp is better, Sand Ninja's object of suspicion will not be Konoha.

     After doing all this, Yamanaka Ryo ran to the left side of the Sand Ninja camp within 50 meters of Ice Scalpel outside and teleported out.

     Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo ran towards the Konoha camp immediately after the turn. Yamanaka Ryo and Sakumo explained what he did just now. Let Sakumo not behave abnormally in the next three days and keep the status quo. .

     In Konoha camp, Hagi Sakumo's tent, Jiraiya is still waiting for them to return. With the passing of random time, Jiraiya became more and more irritable."Sakumo-senpai and that kid will have no trouble! Judging by the distance between the Konoha camp and the Sand Ninja camp, they should have returned long ago."

     "Of course we are all right!" Yamanaka Ryo's sudden appearance surprised Jiraiya. After that, Sakumo Hagii walked in slowly, seeing that both of them are safe and sound, Jiraiya's hanging heart can finally be put in their stomachs.
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