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Chapter Directory 73 Wait And See
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"Sakumo-senpai, did you succeed?" Jiraiya asked.

     "Well, Sand Ninja's perception of Ninja has been completely resolved by us."

     Jiraiya was very excited after hearing Hagii Sakumo's answer. Ninja's warfare was similar in strength, and intelligence ranked first.

     The most effective way to obtain intelligence on the battlefield is to perceive Ninja, and perceiving Ninja is still the eyes and ears of the Ninja army. Without perceiving Ninja, it means losing the opportunity and initiative of the battlefield.

     Jiraiya didn't expect that Sakumo and Yamanaka Ryo actually did it. Only two people solved all of Sand Ninja's perception of Ninja. The situation of the war might be rewritten.

     "Sakumo-senpai, are we going to arrange for a battle with Sand Ninja right away?" Konoha suddenly took the initiative from the disadvantaged side, and Jiraiya was somewhat impatient and wanted to expand his advantage.

     "Jiraiya, wait a minute. We are still doing nothing in recent days. Far, there are new ideas." Hagii Sakumo said.

     "Do nothing? Now that Sand Ninja has lost the perception of Ninja, why should I give up this good opportunity?" Jiraiya asked puzzled.

     "Uncle Jiraiya, I deliberately left Konoha's headband in the Sand Ninja camp. Based on your knowledge of Chiyo, what do you think Chiyo would think?"Yamanaka Ryo's words made Jiraiya's eyes shine. Yamanaka Ryo obviously wanted to arouse Sand Ninja's suspicion.

     "Boy, what do you want to do?"

     "Don't do anything, the Konoha camp is as usual. Let the Hyuga and Aburame Ninja pay more attention to Sand Ninja."

     "Boy, do you want Sand Ninja to think that we didn't know that Ninja was assassinated in their perception, and then take the last chance to take the initiative to fight us?"

     Jiraiya understood what Yamanaka Ryo was thinking. Sand Ninja took the initiative and set an ambush. It was indeed better than they provoked Sand Ninja and prepared Sand Ninja.

     Thinking of these, Jiraiya agreed with Yamanaka Ryo's ideas. After the three people agreed, Jiraiya immediately went to arrange a patrol for the next few days.

     Sand Ninja camp, Sand Ninja's 5 Elite Jōnin, 2 Quasi-Kage, and Chiyo were all called into his tent by Rasa early in the morning.

     "Everyone, something went wrong last night! Our camp was attacked, and all the perceptions of Ninja were secretly killed. Just connecting to the realm team, the ordinary Ninja who patrolled were killed and injured last night. The only clue is that an ordinary enchantment squad Ninja held Konoha's Ninja headband tightly in his hand."

     Hearing what Rasa said, the faces of the people in the tent were very ugly. They didn't hear any movement last night, and this kind of thing happened."Master Kazekage, did you just say that the killed enchantment team Ninja had Konoha Ninja's headband?" Kawa asked.

     "Yes, this is the only thing left besides the corpse at the scene." Rasa replied.

     "That's what Konoha did! There are headbands as evidence, these damn Konoha Ninja."

     "Kawa, calm down! I don't think Konoha did it." Toishi interrupted Kawa.

     "Master Toishi, the evidence is there, why do you say that?" Kawa asked unconvincedly.

     "Master Kazekage, I have seen these dead Ninjas before they came to you. Obviously they were cut with sharp knives, and some of them had invisible wounds but they had to cut their throats to die. These people have all. One common feature is being killed by a single blow."

     Toishi's words made Chiyo, who had been meditating, confirm her own thoughts. She said to everyone: "Toishi is right. This incident should not have been done by Konoha."

     Chiyo's opinion is very important to Rasa. Although Chiyo is not as good as Rasa in terms of strength, Chiyo, who is much older than Rasa, has far more experience in handling certain things than Rasa. Therefore Rasa has always respected Chiyo.

     "Then how does Chiyo-senpai think about this?" Rasa asked."I just said that it should not have been done by Konoha. Toishi said that all Ninjas were killed instantly and there was no chance of resistance at all. Where did the headband in the hands of the enchantment team come from? I am afraid someone stayed deliberately to confuse us. of."

     Chiyo's words were approved by everyone in the tent except Pakura, and Pakura felt that it was Yamanaka Ryo's work after learning about it.

     Pakura's reason is simple, that is, he perceives that Ninja died in his sleep. That is to say, perceiving Ninja and not discovering the intruder.

     As far as Pakura currently knows, only her and Yamanaka Ryo's secret technique to hide Chakra can be undetected by Perception Ninja, so her suspicion is naturally Yamanaka Ryo.

     "Pakura, you've been keeping your head down since just now, did you find anything?" Rasa noticed Pakura's unusual behavior and asked casually.

     "It's nothing, I'm just thinking it's possible that people from Konoha left the headband deliberately to disturb our sight." Pakura, the secret technique of hiding Chakra, didn't intend to say it, but could only express it in such a subtle way.

     "Indeed, Pakura is right! Konoha is indeed possible to do this. Toishi, you can use Sand Eye for a while to see Konoha's movements. Observe for 2 more days. If it is the same as usual, then Konoha can basically be ruled out. Suspected.” Chiyo said to Toishi.Toishi nodded. Now he senses that Ninja has been secretly assassinated. Only he and Kazekage's Sand Eye have the ability to detect. He is the most suitable person to monitor Konoha.

     "If nothing happened to Konoha, who do you think it would be, Chiyo-senpai?" Rasa asked.

     "It should be Stone Ninja, but I don't know how they avoided perceiving Ninja." Chiyo said helplessly.

     The discussion between Rasa and others did not end until noon. Everyone except Pakura believed that it was not Konoha who assassinated and perceived Ninja, but Stone Ninja.

     In Chiyo's view, if Konoha had a way to evade detection by Ninja, he would have done so long ago, instead of doing it after losing more than 1,000 Ninja.

     For the next two days, Toishi used Sand Eye to monitor the Konoha camp from a distance, but he didn't know that all of this had been discovered by Ninja of the Aburame clan that Jiraiya had arranged in advance.

     Jiraiya cooperated with Yamanaka Ryo's plan and performed a good show, and Toishi was also successfully confused by Jiraiya and others.

     After Toishi returned to Sand Ninja camp, count by fives and tens and Rasa, Chiyo explained what he saw in the past two days.

     "It seems that it is really not what Konoha did, the hateful Stone Ninja." At this time, Rasa can say "Stone Ninja" hate sb to the bone."Oh, now is not the time to complain, Rasa, our war with Konoha can't be delayed. Before they know that we have lost their perception, Ninja, let's start the war right away!" Chiyo said.

     "Master Kazekage, I also agree with Master Chiyo. If Konoha knows that Ninja was assassinated in our perception, we will be more passive in this war." Toishi also suggested starting a war.

     Both of them said so, and Rasa didn't hesitate at all, and decided to fight Konoha.
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