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Chapter Directory 78 Victory
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Ryoko was successfully captured by Nara Rokko's graceful words, flowery speech, and Yamanaka Ryo's amnesia plan was unnecessary.

     Yamanaka Ryoko was out of danger. Yamanaka Ryo did not continue the follow-up treatment. After removing the Ice Wall, he retreated to the back with Akimichi Choki with a bewildered look.

     Yamanaka Ryoko settled down, and Yamanaka Ryo returned to the battlefield. Sand Ninja was a little broken after Gamahiro joined.

     Rasa and Chiyo were seriously injured and finally escaped from Hagi Sakumo and Jiraiya. Seeing that Sand Ninja's defeat could not be undone, Rasa sighed and reluctantly ordered Sand Ninja to retreat.

     After receiving Rasa's retreat order, Sand Ninja's troops carried their companion's body and left the battlefield at the fastest Speed.

     When Konoha Ninja saw Sand Ninja retreating, they all cheered.

     Haaki Sakumo did not order a chase, but the poor did not chase. Moreover, the purpose of this war has been achieved. Sand Ninja has suffered heavy losses. Then Stone Ninja will definitely enter by exploiting a weak spot and Sand Ninja will declare war. In this way, the four powers will contain each other and they will not have to face the entire Sunagakure.

     "Sakumo-senpai, this time it should be seize total victory! Just now the trick of the kid, killed Sand Ninja and Quasi-Kage, Sand Ninja ordinary Ninja also suffered a lot of casualties." Jiraiya said excitedly."Yeah! Seize total victory! Order the troops to treat the wounded immediately and reduce our personnel losses. There is still a long way to go. Representatives of the families, Elite Jōnin, come to my tent at night.

     Jiraiya nodded and started to move.

     Under the command of Jiraiya, Konoha Ninja cleared the battlefield with everything clear and in good order and transported the wounded to the medical ninja for treatment.

     "Far, call me whenever you have anything." Gamahiro said.

     "Good!" After Yamanaka Ryo and Gamahiro said goodbye, he lifted the [Summoning Technique], and he also devoted himself to the work of rescuing the wounded.

     When Jiraiya saw Yamanaka Ryo, he wanted to talk to him, but when he saw that Yamanaka Ryo was busy, he smiled and didn't bother.

     At night, in the Konoha camp, in the tent of Hagi Sakumo, all the high-levels in the Konoha Sand Ninja battlefield gathered.

     The three of Sakumo, Jiraiya, and Yamanaka Ryo were unscathed, and the others were more or less painted, but the Healing Tag made by Yamanaka Ryo is fine. Only Yamanaka Ryoko can't move around yet.

     "We won this war. I think everyone knows this, so I don't need to say more, but do you know who is the biggest hero in this war?"

     Sakumo Hagi stopped and glanced at the crowd. Everyone except Yamanaka Ryo and Jiraiya looked dumbfounded."Yamanaka Ryo! It was he who proposed to assassinate Sand Ninja's perception Ninja, and then worked with me during the night to solve all of Sand Ninja's perception Ninja. Sand Ninja who has lost perception of Ninja is blind and deaf. The trap we set Sand Ninja Caused a huge loss to Sand Ninja."

     Others were shocked to see Yamanaka Ryo when they heard Sakumo's words, and assassinated how crazy they were to perceive Ninja. Not to mention how they escaped the detection of Ninja. Night rushing to the Sand Ninja camp is not something ordinary people can do.

     Sakumo didn't care about everyone's reaction, and continued: "In this battle, we killed at least 3,000 Sand Ninja Ninjas and let Sand Ninja lose a Quasi-Kage. After that, our battles will be much easier. "

     Everyone in the tent with such a fruitful battle smiled happily.

     On the other side of Sand Ninja, Rasa's tent is bleak. For Sand Ninja, this battle can only be described by one word, that is, heavy losses.

     Rasa and Chiyo were seriously injured. Five Elite Jōnin and one died. The other four were also injured. Quasi-Kage Toishi was chopped into coke by Yamanaka Ryo's [Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style).Kirin]. Bunpuku and Pakura were fine, but the two had no intention of fighting again.The ordinary Ninja of Sand Ninja, according to the rough statistics just now, had more than 3,100 deaths. Nearly 700 people died in the traps of Jiraiya and Yamanaka Ryo. Nearly 2,000 people injured by the traps basically died on the battlefield.

     All that is left is the normal battle death with Konoha Ninja, and Gamahiro was killed by him after joining the battlefield.

     "Ahem... everybody! We lost terribly this time, and I'm afraid I have not been able to continue the fight recently." Rasa said while coughing.

     "Oh! Rasa is right. We did suffer a big loss this time. Not only ordinary Ninja, but Quasi-Kage Toishi died at Yamanaka Ryo's hands." Chiyo sighed and said.

     Pakura remained silent and did not express any comments. It has been like this since her return. Rasa and Chiyo thought that she was frightened by Yamanaka Ryo's technique, and they had nothing to do with it.

     "Master Kazekage, we have lost so many people this time. I'm afraid Stone Ninja will enter by exploiting a weak spot!"

     Talking Kawa, Kawa accidentally hit Uchiha Shu's Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) in the fight with Uchiha Shu, and was severely injured by Uchiha Shu.

     "Don't worry about this. I have sent someone to call my brother over. Ebizō will bring Baki with him. If Stone Ninja dares to make a move, we will definitely let them act as an agent." Chiyo said."Ebizō-sama and Baki are coming? Great, so you don't have to worry about Stone Ninja's sneak attack." Hearing Chiyo's explanation, Kawa was relieved and relieved a lot.

     "Master Kazekage, is it okay to leave a Quasi-Kage in the village?" Pakura was a little worried about Sunagakure's safety.

     "Now that the war between the four major powers is breaking out, it is a situation of restraining each other and preventing each other. And I will be extra careful not to give others a chance to attack Sunagakure." Rasa said.

     While the top of Sand Ninja was discussing the damage this time, a Scroll was sent from Rasa’s camp.

     Rasa's guards, after confirming safety, handed Scroll to Rasa. Rasa opened the Scroll and quickly browsed, and his face solemnly said: "Stone Ninja, declare war on us!"

     "What? How could it be so fast?" Chiyo took the Scroll, and his face changed a lot after reading it. "Damn Onoki!"

     At the same time, Konoha also got the news that Stone Ninja had declared war on Sand Ninja, and Sakumo Hagi announced the information in public.

     The declaration of war between Stone Ninja and Sand Ninja means that the Sand Ninja forces they face will be greatly reduced.

     At this time, everyone understood what Hagiki Sakumo just said, "The war will be easier in the future."After the meeting, Yamanaka Ryo went to the Konoha wounded resting place to visit Yamanaka Ryoko, but it was a pity that he did not go at the right time.

     When Yamanaka Ryo arrived, Nara Rokko was feeding Yamanaka Ryoko. After breaking this layer of window paper, the relationship between the two changed into sky and the earth turning upside down during the day.

     The sweet looks of the two made Yamanaka Ryo receive a crit. He was overwhelmed by dog food for a while, not knowing what to do.
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