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Chapter Directory 80 One Year
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Stone Ninja and Sand Ninja suffered a big loss. Sand Ninja just lost to Konoha, and then fought with Stone Ninja. Although he won, he didn't have the capital to continue fighting.

     In this way, on the Country of Wind battlefield, Konoha, Sand Ninja, and Stone Ninja are restraining each other. The situation in Country of Earth Konoha, Stone Ninja, Cloud Ninja is similar. And Country of Water is Konoha, Cloud Ninja, Mist Ninja.

     The five powers contain each other, and Third Shinobi World War has entered the war of attrition phase after nearly half a year of war.

     In this way, time flies, a year passes quietly.

     During the year, there were no major moves on various battlefields, various small-scale encounters, and continuous ambushes.

     On the Gobi Desert outside the Country of Wind Konoha camp, Sakumo Hagi and Yamanaka Ryo had a daily duel exercise.

     Konoha 44 years old, Yamanaka Ryo is almost 12 years old. They are about the same age as Naruto in the original book.

     This year, Yamanaka Ryo has changed a lot in various senses.

     The first is the height. Yamanaka Ryo looks like after rain, the spring bamboo during this year. It's just as long as it is after rain. Now it is about 1.6 meters.

     Then there is the Chakra quantity. The Chakra quantity of Yamanaka Ryo is much stronger than the general Ninja because of the Hyton (Ice Style). Although it is not as abnormal as Naruto in the original book, it has reached the level of Quasi-Kage.

     With the increase in Chakra volume, Yamanaka Ryo's strength has also gone further.In an encounter not long ago, Yamanaka Ryo met Chiyo. After all the Yamanaka Ryo trump card was out except for the [Ice Colossus], he actually had a 50-50 match with Chiyo.

     Chiyo is old and his strength is somewhat declining, but decades of combat experience are more abundant than many Kage levels.

     Overall, Chiyo's strength is undoubtedly Kage level. Yamanaka Ryo can tie with Chiyo and is already a strong person who can assume personal responsibility.

     Looking at the boy in front of him, Sakumo Hagaki sighed. He can be said to have witnessed the growth of Yamanaka Ryo.

     At the age of 12, he can compete with the weaker Kage level at five or five. You must know that Senju Hashirama, who was known as the god of Ninja, was only able to become a shadow when he was 13 years old.

     After finishing the duel with Haaki Sakumo, Yamanaka Ryo returned to the medical team. After Yamanaka Ryo's hard work for more than a year, most of the medical ninja members in the medical team have been able to apply modern medical knowledge to actual rescue.

     Medical ninja practitioners have greatly deepened their understanding of the structure and internal organs of the human body, and have made great progress in surgical operations.

     "Yo! Ming, how do you feel?" Back to the medical team, Yamanaka Ryo went to visit his veteran Hyuga Ming.

     In the encounter with Chiyo a few days ago, Yamanaka Ryo was pinned by Chiyo, and several other medical ninjas could only rely on Hyuga Ming and the other two Chunin to protect.Fortunately, this encounter was accidental, and Chiyo only came out with an Elite Jōnin to perform the task.

     Hyuga has the help of Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes). The strength is better than the average Jōnin, but it is far behind the Elite Jōnin.

     In this way, under the desperate cover of Hyuga Ming and two Chunin, the medical ninja was able to escape. The price was the death of two Chunins, and Hyuga Ming was seriously injured.

     After visiting Hyuga Ming, Yamanaka Ryo went to his sister Yamanaka Ryoko again. Yamanaka Ryoko’s Spiritual/Mental Strength is not as powerful as Yamanaka Ryo, but it is much stronger than Yamanaka Ryo in terms of Spiritual/Mental Strength control.

     Since half a year ago, Yamanaka Ryo and Yamanaka Ryoko have learned other secret techniques of Yamanaka Clan and strengthened the control of Spiritual/Mental Strength, but they will inevitably be fed dog food during the learning process.

     In one year, the relationship between Nara Rokko and Yamanaka Ryoko has continued to heat up. Nara Rokko, who usually looks lazy and dull, looks like a different person in front of Yamanaka Ryoko. He is humorous and comes with little surprises from time to time.

     Yamanaka Ryoko and Nara Rokko had a good relationship with each other, and they had been trained in an Ino-Shika-Chō group since they were young. They had a good emotional foundation. Coupled with Nara Rokko's changes, Yamanaka Ryoko quickly fell completely.

     When Yamanaka Ryo arrived at Yamanaka Ryoko’s tent today, he found that Nara Rokko was not there.

     "Sister Liangzi, where is that guy in Lukang?" Yamanaka asked casually."I told him to go back. I just received a letter from Inoichi's brother, Ino-Shika-Chō make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's, but this is our family affair and he should not mix it up." Yamanaka Ryoko Speaking of.

     "You didn't say that when you were held by someone yesterday." Yamanaka Ryo whispered.

     "Little bastard, what are you talking about?" Yamanaka Ryoko, as a genius of Yamanaka Clan, has a very powerful perception ability, and she can hear what Yamanaka Ryo says in a low voice.

     "No, I didn't say anything. Sister Ryoko, you heard me wrong." Feeling the murderous aura on Yamanaka Ryoko's body, Yamanaka Ryo immediately confessed.

     Yamanaka Ryoko didn't mess around with Yamanaka Ryo, and handed a Scroll to Yamanaka Ryo.

     Yamanaka Ryo opens the Scroll and sweeps it with Spiritual/Mental Strength. This is one of the things Yamanaka Ryo and Yamanaka Ryoko have learned. It is the Spiritual/Mental Strength application technique created by Yamanaka Ryoko. You can watch it in an instant using Spiritual/Mental Strength Powerful. The content of the entire Scroll.

     "Brother Inoichi is getting married?" The content in the scroll is the news that Yamanaka Inoichi is getting married.

     "What does it mean to get married! He should have been married long ago! As the patriarch of Yamanaka Clan, it is too late to get married at the age of 22!" Yamanaka Ryoko gave Yamanaka Ryo a white glance and said.

     "Sister Ryoko, don't be angry! You're right, Inoichi brother is too shameless." Yamanaka Ryo decisively sold Yamanaka Inoichi."Huh! I see, if it weren't for my father and Aunt Chinse's persecution, Inoichi's brother would not know when to get married."

     "Ahem, Sister Ryoko, who is Brother Inoichi's bride? Do you know?" Yamanaka Inoichi's wife does not appear in the original book, but if you can give birth to Ino, your appearance should not be bad.

     "I don't know this, but the people who sent me Scroll said that the bride is not Ninja." Yamanaka Ryoko said.

     "Isn't it Ninja? It doesn't matter if this is the case! I went to find Uncle Sakumo. The date in the letter is October 15th, and one month is coming. We are about to leave for Konoha."

     "Yes, your identity is more important. It's okay to ask Sakumo-sama for leave in advance." Yamanaka Ryoko nodded and said.

     Yamanaka Ryo went to Hagi Sakumo's tent immediately after coming out of Yamanaka Ryoko.

     Yamanaka Ryo went in and found a Ninja dressed as Anbu reporting something in the tent of Sakumo Hagi.

     "Far, you came just right, so he went to find you in the province." Sakumo Hagi said when he saw that the person was Yamanaka Ryo.

     "Looking for me? Is Anbu looking for me?" Yamanaka Ryo was a little strange. He had only seen Anbu once when he came to Country of Wind, when Third Hokage gave him the two S-class Suitons."Ryo-sama, Hokage-sama has promoted you to Konoha's Special Jōnin before. Hokage-sama specifically asked me to inform you."

     Strong men and heroes are always respected. Yamanaka Ryo's strength needless to say, and his record is deliberately promoted by Third Hokage, he is already a well-known hero in Konoha.

     "Oh, yes! I see, thank you!" Yamanaka Ryo said to Anbu Ninja.

     "Ryo-sama, you're welcome, the news arrives, then I'll leave." After speaking, Anbu Ninja disappeared with the Body Flicker Technique.

     "Far, what are you looking for with me?" Sakumo Hagiki asked, knowing that Yamanaka Ryo was looking for him specially, he asked.

     "Uncle Sakumo, I want to take a leave of absence and come back to Konoha!"
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