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Chapter Directory 86 Goodbye Uncle Snake
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Ryo, who was hanging out on the street, was suddenly stopped by Anbu Ninja.

     Stopped by Anbu Ninja, Yamanaka Ryo felt a little drumming in his heart. He immediately thought about yesterday's actions carefully and let go of his mind after making sure that there were no flaws left.

     "Ryo-sama, Hokage-sama wants to see you." Anbu Ninja conveyed Hokage's order.

     "Okay, I'll go right away." Yamanaka Ryo didn't ask much, and immediately ran towards the Hokage building.

     Anbu Ninja did not disappear directly this time, but went to Hokage's Office with Yamanaka Ryo.

     When Yamanaka Ryo and Anbu Ninja pushed the door in, Third Hokage was sitting at his desk, frowning and smoking a cigarette.

     "Far, coming! Don't talk nonsense, look at this information." Then he handed the Scroll on the table to Yamanaka Ryo.

     Scroll is the frontline battle situation sent back by Orochimaru to Third Hokage. According to the content on Scroll, Iwagakure’s explosive forces caused great casualties to Konoha Ninja. Orochimaru also has one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it. , Can only ask Third Hokage for help.

     Speaking of Yamanaka Ryo, the first thing that comes to mind is Deidara, one of the two artists in the original book, and the hunter Ninja, who was brought out by Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation). (Ps: Deidara uses Bakudan. Hanzō of the Salamander of Edo Tensei (Impure World Reincarnation) said that both Shou and Deidara are Bakudan Ninja.)The remaining Bakudun Ninja did not appear in the original work. Yamanaka Ryo did not expect Bakudun Ninja to be a unit in Stone Ninja.

     "Far, what do you think of the blasting troops?" Third Hokage asked.

     "Hokage-sama, it should be Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit) based on Doton (Earth Style). Since it is Doton (Earth Style), Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) should have a certain degree of restraint."

     "You're right, but to prevent the large-scale explosion of Ninjutsu, ordinary Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Ninja can't do it. Moreover, during this period, the casualties of Konoha's general Ninja are too serious, and urgent treatment is needed." Third Hokage said solemnly.

     "Then Hokage-sama, do you mean to let me go to the Country of Earth?" Yamanaka Ryo guessed what Third Hokage was thinking, and asked tentatively.

     "Yes, but it's not just you, but also half of the medical ninjas in Country of Wind."

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded and expressed his understanding of Third Hokage's arrangement. According to the information, Konoha, the Battlefield of Country of Earth, has been retreating steadily and must be supported immediately.

     "Well, far away you immediately contact Jiraiya, let him use [Reverse Summoning Technique] to take you to the Country of Wind, and then you lead half of the medical ninja to the Country of Earth."

     "Yes, Hokage-sama!"Yamanaka Ryo immediately asked the toad of Mount Myōboku to contact Jiraiya, and he first returned to Yamanaka Clan to say goodbye to his mother, Yamanaka Nori, and then went to Kushina and Uzuki Yugao.

     Knowing that Yamanaka Ryo was about to leave, Yugao was a little bit reluctant, and looked at him with tears. On the other hand, Kushina pretended to be indifferent and said goodbye to Yamanaka Ryo calmly.

     After that, Yamanaka Ryo was channeled by Shima Sennin (Sage) to Mount Myōboku, and then Fukasaku Sennin (Sage), who had been waiting on the battlefield of Country of Wind, was channeled out.

     Yamanaka Ryo thanked the two Sennins (Sage) and immediately went to the camp of Hagi Sakumo to explain Third Hokage's order.

     Jiraiya was anxious to hear that Orochimaru was in a hard fight, and Sakumo Hagiki was worried that Yamanaka Ryo would go to the Country of Earth and encounter Yonbi (Four-Tails) and be dazzled by anger.

     "Far, you went to Country of Earth. If you meet Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki, you must calm down. Your strength is worse than him." Sakumo Hagi said.

     "Uncle Sakumo, don't worry, I won't joke about my life." Yamanaka Ryo replied with a smile.

     "Boy, Orochimaru will ask you, and you must protect yourself."

     "Uncle Jiraiya, don't worry too! Uncle Snake can give it to me! That's it, I'm leaving! Take care."

     After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo waved his hand and left Hagi Sakumo's tent and went to the place where the medical team was.After Yamanaka Ryo and the medical ninjas explained the situation, nearly half of the medical ninjas were drawn from them and taken to the Country of Earth.

     Speed is a crucial asset in war. After the medical ninjas packed their personal belongings, Yamanaka Ryo led them to set off immediately.

     For two days and nights, Yamanaka Ryo and his medical team arrived at the Konoha camp in the Country of Earth battlefield.

     Many of the Ninjas in the camp were injured. Yamanaka Ryo immediately asked the Ninjas of the medical team to start the rescue, and he went to Orochimaru to report first.

     Yamanaka Ryo came to Orochimaru's tent, Orochimaru was teaching Anko the snake line Ninjutsu.

     In the original work, Orochimaru is Anko's sensei. The Ninjutsu used by Anko is taught by Orochimaru. Anko respects Orochimaru.

     Later Orochimaru defected and planted a curse seal for Anko. As an experiment of Orochimaru curse seal and Orochimaru's only disciple at the time, Orochimaru wanted to take Anko away, but Anko refused.

     After that, Anko always wanted to die with Orochimaru. It can be seen that she has no resentment towards Orochimaru, but Konoha and sensei chose Konoha.

     "Ryo-kun, I didn't expect it to be you!" Orochimaru was surprised to see Yamanaka Ryo. In his opinion, Yamanaka Ryo is his confidant."Hi! Uncle Snake!" With the improvement of his strength, Yamanaka Ryo has less awe and more recognition for Orochimaru, and loves this mad scientist Yamanaka Ryo of Naruto's World more and more.

     "Are you Yamanaka Ryo? Why are you here?" Anko was impressed by their two geniuses, Yamanaka Ryo and Kakashi.

     "It's Anko! I heard that Uncle Snake accepted you as an apprentice, not bad!" Yamanaka Ryo greeted his former classmate.

     "Ryo-kun, Sarutobi sensei asked you to come. Did you have a way to deal with the blasting troops? Or is it to treat the injured Ninja?


     Orochimaru's eyes brightened when he heard that, Stone Ninja's blasting troops are now Konoha's confidant, Orochimaru dreamed of trying to solve them, but Yamanaka Ryo had no idea.

     "Ryo-kun, can you tell me your way?" Orochimaru asked.

     "Of course." After Yamanaka Ryo, Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode broke out first, and then Rasengan appeared in his hands. Yamanaka Ryo added the change of the nature of thunder to Rasengan, and Rasengan became a thunder-emitting "Electric ball".

     Orochimaru felt the "electric ball" in Yamanaka Ryo's hand and was very excited. This level of Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Ninjutsu is enough to deal with explosions.

     "Ryo-kun, you really gave me a big surprise.""Uncle Snake is overwhelmed. Now don't worry about dealing with Stone Ninja. Give me two days. I will deal with the wounded in the Konoha camp first."

     Orochimaru immediately agreed that even if Yamanaka Ryo didn't say it, he would ask Yamanaka Ryo to treat the injured Ninja in the camp first.

     "Uncle Snake, I have also gone to treat the wounded." Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru said goodbye and went into the intense rescue work.

     And Orochimaru has been a lot easier in these two days due to the arrival of Yamanaka Ryo. Yamanaka Ryo can solve the wounded and explosive problems. He only needs to deal with Sandaime (The Third) Tsuchikage professionally.

     Two days later, Orochimaru summoned the Ninjas in the Konoha camp to prepare for a big counterattack!
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