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Chapter Directory 87 Electromagnetic Spiral Pill
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

When Orochimaru mobilized before the war, Yamanaka Ryo recalled the situation of Country of Earth and Iwagakure in the original book.

     The terrain of Country of Earth is very simple, mostly desolate rock walls. And Iwagakure is built on the barriers of these natural rock walls.

     Therefore, Iwagakure is surrounded by natural dangers and is known for its solid defense in the Ninja village. It has a location that is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

     Unlike other countries, the relationship between Country of Earth and Iwagakure is very harmonious, which can be said to be one-sided. Daimyō (governor) and Tsuchikage respect each other and advance and retreat together. This is also the reason why Stone Ninja suffered the least loss at the end of the three wars in the original book.

     Stone Ninja's combat method is first bombed by the blasting troops, then ordinary Ninja is created by Doton (Earth Style) to create favorable conditions for itself, and Taijutsu (Body Techniques) ends the battle.

     Konoha has no advantage over Stone Ninja. Stone Ninja's Doton (Earth Style) has strong defensive power, and most of Konoha's Ninja are good at Katon (Fire Style). It is difficult to play a big role in the face of Doton (Earth Style)'s Powerful defensive power.

     If it was just the Ninjutsu problem, it wouldn't make Konoha fall into such a big disadvantage. What made the Konoha Ninjas most uncomfortable was the bombing by Stone Ninja at the beginning of the war.

     Orochimaru's pre-war mobilization was not as impassioned as Jiraiya, but had a kind of permeating power.

     Looking at the enthusiastic expressions of more than 5000 Konoha Ninja below, Yamanaka Ryo, a little lamented the personality charm of Uncle Snake.After the pre-war mobilization, Konoha Ninja set off, and Stone Ninja also noticed Konoha's dynamics. Sandaime (The Third) Tsuchikage Onoki led Stone Ninja's army to resist Konoha's attack.

     The two sides met on a hill, and the Konoha side occupies higher terrain. Yamanaka Ryo uses his perception ability to find Stone Ninja's explosive force.

     "Orochimaru, do you dare to come? Aren't you afraid of your Konoha Ninja total defeat of an army?"

     Facing Onoki's provocation, Orochimaru responded with his signature gesture in the original book, sticking out his tongue, licking his lips, and then showing an evil smile.

     "Huh! It's disgusting! [Jinton (Particle Style) .Atomic Dismantling Jutsu]"

     "[Channeling. Triple Rashōmon]" The calm and unhurried psychic of Jinton (Particle Style) Orochimaru facing Onoki went out of the Rashomon defense.

     Jinton (Particle Style) is very powerful, and it dissolves two Rashomon completely before disappearing.

     When the Stone Ninjas saw Onoki all started, they also started to take action. The first to appear was the blasting unit that caused huge losses to the Konoha Ninjas.

     "Huh? Orochimaru, don't you go to the rescue?" Orochimaru was bound to protect Konoha Ninja as soon as the troops appeared in the previous battles, but this time he didn't mean to help at all.

     Such an abnormal behavior made Onoki puzzled, but also a little worried.Yamanaka Ryo has been waiting for the explosive escape troops to take action. Relying on their long-range attack capability, the blasting troops dropped various clay bombs in the distance.

     Yamanaka Ryo first releases Thunder Beast to chase teeth, and Thunder Wolf first destroys the explosive clay. Then, because Konoha Ninja is located on a high hill, Yamanaka Ryo took advantage of its geographical location and used a large waterfall to increase the range of [Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style). Ground walking] to explode all the bombs in the first wave of the troops. Misfire.

     "Captain, there seems to be something wrong with Konoha!" a member of the blasting squad and their captain said.

     "They are in a high place. It is normal that the first wave of bombing will not be effective. Go on!"

     The members of the blasting force were still convinced of their captain, and immediately organized a second round of bombing.

     As they were preparing for the second round of bombing, Yamanaka Ryo was also preparing his spell, and Rasengan joined the spell of changing the nature of thunder.

     As shown in the Orochimaru tent, Rasengan slowly turned into a lightning ball with lightning Attribute(s).

     Yamanaka Ryo entered Sage Mode and injected Senjutsu Chakra into the thunderball while continuing to change the internal structure of the thunderball.Yamanaka Ryo continuously injects Thunder Attribute(s) into Rasengan. The property changes, and finally the quantitative changes cause qualitative changes. The lightning of the Thunderball begins to slowly converge, and black spots appear on Rasengan, which begins to exude a peculiar attraction.

     "You all step back." Yamanaka Ryo said to the Konoha Ninjas behind him at the moment the operation was completed.

     The Konoha Ninjas retreated one after another, and at this time the second wave of bombing by the blasting troops also came.

     Yamanaka Ryo threw Rasengan directly in the direction of the blasting force, controlling Rasengan to explode midway.

     [Fūton (Wind Style) .Rasenshuriken] Exploding is countless wind blades. The instant when Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Rasengan of Yamanaka Ryo exploded was like a thunder from a clear sky, the huge thunder sound made the entire battlefield quiet.

     As Rasengan exploded, the surrounding Lightning spark began to flicker, and the current turned this area into a huge electromagnetic field.

     The clay bombs of the Explosive Force all lost their effect under the interference of electromagnetic fields.

     "What kind of technique is this? Who has such a strong Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style)?" the captain of the blasting unit asked angrily.

     The team members shook their heads. In the past few days, Konoha has only come to a group of medical ninjas. Such a strong Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Ninja did not know where they came from."Captain, let's retreat first, and let the other Ninjas in the village take care of the rest. As long as the effect of this technique is still there, it will be difficult for us to explode the troops." A team member persuaded.

     The captain of the blasting unit thought for a while and agreed to the team's proposal, but he was a little unwilling to retreat, so he decided to go to Konoha alone.

     "Captain, you be careful. Then we go first."

     On the other side, Onoki also heard the huge thunder on the battlefield. He didn't expect Konoha to have such a strong Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Ninja.

     "Orochimaru, this is your trump card? Who is Ninja who releases this technique?"

     "It's a friend of mine." Orochimaru said this slowly without ignoring Onoki this time.

     When I first met Yamanaka Ryo, Orochimaru just thought he was someone who could understand him. This time I met with Yamanaka Ryo, Orochimaru found that Yamanaka Ryo suddenly became close to him.

     Yamanaka Ryo's attitude towards him made him think that the two might be friends.

     Orochimaru's behavior is similar to snakes. Snakes are cold-blooded animals and have no emotional fluctuations. Orochimaru is like this.

     Before his fetters were only Third Hokage, Jiraiya, and Tsunade, but now there is another Yamanaka Ryo, and perhaps an adorable disciple Anko."Orochimaru, do you have friends? Who is he?"

     This time, Orochimaru ignored Onoki's question, and in answering it was leaking information. Although Stone Ninja will find out the identity of Yamanaka Ryo sooner or later.

     On the Yamanaka Ryo side, after stopping the blasting troops, Stone Ninja's ordinary troops rushed up immediately, and the melee between Konoha Ninja and Stone Ninja began.

     Yamanaka Ryo did not participate in this melee. The technique just now consumed a lot of his Chakra, and Stone Ninja did not exist above Quasi-Kage on the battlefield. Yamanaka Ryo has no interest in shooting either. Simply chatting with Uchiha next to him.

     "Far, what's the name of that technique just now?" Uchihaman asked.

     "That technique, it's called... it's called [Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style). Electromagnetic Rasengan]!"

     "Fuck! You didn't just complete this technique! Don't even have a name?"

     "Haha. That's right!" Shanzhong said with a smile.

     While the two were chatting, the captain of the Bakudang unit had already touched the back of Konoha's unit.
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