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Chapter Directory 90 Snake Fairy Pattern
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

More than a month has passed since the battle with Stone Ninja, and Yamanaka Ryo has been helping Anko practice Sage Mode for more than a month.

     The first problem to be solved is how to safely absorb natural Chakra.

     For this reason, Yamanaka Ryo also made a special trip to Mount Myōboku and asked Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) how he used the board to beat the natural Chakra out of the human body.

     The explanation received from Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) is that the method of tapping with the board is to use pain to interrupt the communication between human and natural Chakra, and then attach Senjutsu Chakra to the stick. Squeeze out the excess natural Chakra in the human body.

     After learning the principle, Yamanaka Ryo tried it himself and found that he could do it too. So after discussing with Orochimaru, Anko started to absorb natural Chakra for the first time.

     Unlike Jiraiya and others who practice Sage Mode, Anko does not have the aid of toad oil. Although she can feel the natural Chakra, she cannot absorb it. Yamanaka Ryo told Anko to calm down and consider himself a part of nature.

     But Anko is only an 11-year-old kid now, and he has a very lively personality. Before sitting down for 5 minutes, he started glancing to left and right, tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks.

     Yamanaka Ryo had no choice but to call Orochimaru. Orochimaru, a sensei, was much more deterrent than Yamanaka Ryo's classmate. At least Anko was obedient.Ten minutes later, the two of them looked at Anko with black lines. They thought that Anko was practicing seriously, but suddenly came out of Anko’s mouth that the meatballs are really delicious, and they knew that Anko was asleep. .

     "Ryo-kun, wake her up." Orochimaru pointed to the board in Yamanaka Ryo's hand and said.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded and hit Anko on the back.

     "Yeah! It hurts! Yamanaka Ryo what are you doing!"

     "Sorry to interrupt your eating meatballs, but please, can you be more serious?" Yamanaka Ryo said helplessly.

     Anko smiled awkwardly, raised his head just to meet his sensei's stern gaze, and immediately closed his eyes again, sit upright and still.

     This time Anko did not fall asleep. Anko began to gradually integrate into nature by constantly perceiving the natural Chakra and imitating the fluctuations of the natural Chakra.

     In this way, Anko completed the first step to integrate into nature, and Yamanaka Ryo continued to teach Anko about the practice of Sage Mode in the next few days. And because Orochimaru is staring at Anko, he studies very seriously.

     After Anko practiced Sage Mode for more than half a month, he finally had Daitoppa (Great Breakthrough).

     This day, the natural Chakra around Anko, who was sitting cross-legged as usual, suddenly fluctuated slightly, and soon the natural Chakra near Anko flowed into her body a little bit.These faint natural Chakra are like a key, opening the gate between Anko and the natural Chakra.

     Later, Natural Chakra and Anko's body established a certain connection. After Anko participated in the natural Chakra cycle, Natural Chakra also began to flow into her body.

     Yamanaka Ryo looked at Anko a little strangely. Anko had absorbed so much natural Chakra, but there was no sign of assimilation by natural Chakra in any part of the body.

     Suddenly, Anko opened his eyes and rushed toward Yamanaka Ryo with a grim look. Anko was not assimilated by natural Chakra, but the violent situation appeared after Shigego absorbed natural Chakra in the original work.

     Yamanaka Ryo opened Sharingan and found that the natural Chakra in Anko's body was scurrying around like a mouse. Anko's Spiritual/Mental Strength couldn't control this chakra, so it produced a runaway similar to Shigego in the original book.

     After discovering the cause, Yamanaka Ryo asked Orochimaru to help control Anko, and he attached Senjutsu Chakra to the board and shot the chaotic natural Chakra out of Anko's body.

     There is not much natural Chakra remaining in Anko's body. Within the range of her control, Yamanaka Ryo instructs Anko to integrate the body Chakra, Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) Chakra, and natural Chakra in a ratio of 1:1:1.As Ninja's body Chakra, the distinction between Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) Chakra is not clear, and Anko's innate sensitivity to natural Chakra helped her complete the most important step of Sage Mode, integrating Senjutsu Chakra.

     Anko's forehead has a single horn, purple eyeshadow appeared on the corner of his eyes, his skin is getting whiter and whiter, and fine scales appear on his body.

     Yamanaka Ryo clearly felt the powerful vitality suddenly appearing in Anko's body not far away.

     Anko's Sage Mode is obviously different from Yamanaka Ryo's Sage Mode. Anko is the contractor of Ryūchi Cave. Sage Mode is somewhat similar to the state of Yakushi Kabuto in the original book, but the head is a unicorn.

     Anko slowly opened his eyes, a little confused at first, and then looked at the world around him in surprise.

     Seeing that Anko was awake, Yamanaka Ryo walked over and asked: "Anko, what do you think?"

     "It feels super good, everything around has become clear, and I feel the inexhaustible power in the body." Anko said excitedly.

     "Anko, come and fight me." Yamanaka Ryo wants to see how much Anko's strength will increase with the increase in Sage Mode.

     The snake Sage Mode in the original book suffered a lot from Itachi Sasuke and the brothers. If it hadn't been for Itachi to use Uchiha Clan's taboo Dojutsu (Eye Technique) Izanami, the outcome would be hard to say."I don't want it, you are Kage level, I am a Chunin at best, and hitting me with you for abuse?" Anko decisively rejected Yamanaka Ryo's proposal.

     Reluctantly, Yamanaka Ryo had to come up with a trick-find Uncle Snake.

     And Orochimaru was also full of interest in Anko's Sage Mode, and decisively accepted Yamanaka's request for Anko. Anko can only play with a bitter face.

     Since he couldn't hide, Anko decided to go all out, at least it was too ugly to lose. Anko didn't even need to test, and directly threw "[Katon (Fire Style). Dragon Fire Technique]" to Yamanaka Ryo.

     After Ninjutsu took the shot, Anko found out what was wrong. Her Ninjutsu was so powerful, and Ninjutsu felt like being given life as a fire dragon.

     Yamanaka Ryo used the moisture in the air to condense into an Ice Wall, and Anko's dragon fire technique actually bypassed the Ice Wall. Yamanaka Ryo was taken aback, and quickly used [Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)] to split the dragon fire technique.

     Sage Mode is aware of Ninjutsu's increase in Yamanaka Ryo. Snake Sage Mode can actually make an ordinary art like a living life, which surprised Yamanaka Ryo.

     On the other hand, Anko looked at Yamanaka Ryo with excitement. She found that after absorbing natural Chakra, not only her Ninjutsu had been improved, but her insight and physical fitness had also been improved.Just as Anko was about to continue the attack, the characteristics of Sage Mode suddenly disappeared.

     "Can the time last for less than 2 minutes?" Yamanaka Ryo saw that Anko had exited Sage Mode, so he didn't continue playing.

     "Yamanaka Ryo, it is natural that Chakra will leave my body by himself, what's the matter?" Anko asked.

     "Natural Chakra is a special kind of Chakra that continues to circulate in the world. Natural Chakra leaves your body to return to the world's circulation." Yamanaka explained.

     Anko had other questions to ask, but was interrupted by Yamanaka Ryo.

     "The question of Anko Sage Mode will be discussed later, let's entertain our "guests" first!"
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