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Chapter Directory 104 Mizuna Withdraws Troops
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The next day, the battle between Konoha and Mist Ninja broke out again. As before, Yamanaka Ryo went directly to Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage.

     Jiraiya came to the Konoha camp with [Reverse Summoning Technique]. Only Yamanaka Ryo and Nara Shikaku knew of Jiraiya's arrival.

     Yamanaka Ryo told Jiraiya not to be exposed for the time being. After the battle between Yamanaka Ryo and Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage begins, Jiraiya first removes the Quasi-Kage guard from Mizukage, and then cooperates with Yamanaka Ryo to kill Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage.

     Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage’s escorts have been secretly dealt with by Anbu Ninja in previous battles. Both of them are Ninjutsu-type Ninjas. They are also very close in strength, and they have not been able to decide the outcome before.

     Yamanaka Ryo wants to solve a Quasi-Kage and a Kage level at one time, so that the high-end combat power of Mist Ninja will be severely hit.

     Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist now has only three people left. According to the original description, Hei Shou Lei Fang and Loquat Juzo already have the intention to defect.

     Yamanaka Ryo also speculated that something happened inside Kirigakure. A big village can’t have only Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage and a Kage level, but Konoha and Mist Ninja haven’t seen other Kage levels to support it for so long. There must be something happening in Kirigakure .

     If you can kill a Quasi-Kage and a Kage level, it is very likely that Mist Ninja will retreat directly, and the war in Poland will also end. When Yamanaka Ryo goes to Cloud Country to support, there will be no fears of trouble in the rear.As a veteran Kage level, Jiraiya is not too troublesome to kill a Quasi-Kage, and it also secretly attracts the attention of Mizukage guards.

     When Jiraiya confronted the two with Ninjutsu, they found the right opportunity and eliminated the Mizukage guard, leaving only a dull face.

     On the other side, the battle between Yamanaka Ryo and Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage has also entered a fierce battle. Before so many fights, both of them are very clear about the strength of each other.

     Yamanaka Ryo uses the electromagnetic field of [Electromagnetic Rasengan] and the Hyton (Ice Style) Ninjutsu to make Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage's Suiton and Liquefied basically fail, and the strength is limited by about 30%.

     Perhaps the power of being a shadow of a village is of course not that simple. Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage can use seven ninja swords just like Hōzuki Suigetsu’s brother Hōzuki Mangetsu in the original book. This is why Yamanaka Ryo can’t hold it for so long. The reason for Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage.

     Seven Ninja Blade Elite Jōnin can be used to threaten Quasi-Kage, let alone how much power can be exerted in the hands of a Kage level.

     Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage relies on the benefits of Ninja swords, even if the signature Suiton Ninjutsu and liquefaction are restrained, it still exerts its powerful strength.

     It's just that Yamanaka Ryo has been slowly familiar with the characteristics of the four ninja swords, and the battle with Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage during this period has allowed him to accumulate a lot of combat experience.Even without the help of Jiraiya, Yamanaka Ryo can solve Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage by himself within two months.

     While fighting with Mizukage, Yamanaka Ryo perceives the Chakra guarded by Mizukage. After the Chakra guarded by Mizukage disappeared, Yamanaka Ryo used Hyton (Ice Style) to restrict Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage's movement, and once again condensed an ice bow.

     Same as before, Yamanaka Ryo bent the bow and set the arrow, and soon a crystal-clear ice arrow appeared on the ice bow.

     Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage felt a huge threat on this little ice bolt, and quickly waved the Shinobi in his hand, splitting the ice that restricted his movement, and prepared to escape.

     At this time Jiraiya arrived, with Jiraiya joining, Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage failed to escape in time.

     According to the previous two's combat plan, after seeing Yamanaka Ryo's Frostbolt fired, Jiraiya immediately hid in Mount Myōboku and the Frostbolt hit Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage directly on the shoulder.

     Yamanaka Ryo controlled the ice arrow to turn into an ice flower, the ice flower continued to grow, and the blooming Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage was frozen in the ice flower.

     "Broken!" Yamanaka Ryo controlled the ice flower to break. Like more than 1,000 Mist Ninjas before, Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage also withered with the ice flower and turned into a blood-red ice mist.

     Soon there will be the help of Fukasaku Sennin (Sage) and Jiraiya will return to the battlefield. The blood-red ice fog has not dissipated. Jiraiya can see that the plan of the two is successful."Haha! Kid, you are getting stronger and stronger! As expected of my disciple." Jiraiya patted Yamanaka Ryo on the shoulder and laughed arrogantly.

     Jiraiya also faced Yamanaka Ryo Frostbolt directly. He felt the Powerful natural Chakra on Frostbolt.

     Jiraiya knows very well that the natural Chakra compressed to such a degree will be powerful once it explodes, so he will obediently hide in Mount Myōboku to avoid the limelight.

     "Uncle Jiraiya, please help me next, gather about a thousand Mist Ninja together, I want to end this war."

     "Good!" Jiraiya nodded and agreed. Jiraiya really hates war and killing, but his kindness on the battlefield will only be left to the Konoha Ninjas.

     Jiraiya channeled Gamabunta. This pair of partners has cooperated for many years. After they took action, a large number of Mist Ninja were gathered in the center of the battlefield.

     The Mist Ninjas are very familiar with this scene. Yamanaka Ryo killed a thousand people with one arrow, but they remember very clearly. The Mist Ninjas were unwilling to sit and wait for death and wanted to escape.

     Unfortunately, it was too late. When they were driven to the center of the battlefield by Jiraiya, Yamanaka Ryo's Frostbolt was ready.

     A flash of ice arrow bloomed in the crowd of Mist Ninja, constantly getting bigger and bigger. Nearly a thousand Mist Ninjas were frozen in ice flowers. Yamanaka Ryo controlled the natural Chakra. The ice flowers shattered instantly and the center of the battlefield was instantly dyed red."Ah! Youkai, he is a monster!" The Mist Ninjas finally collapsed completely, not doing any resistance, and fled for their lives.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't let everyone chase after him, because he knew that Mist Ninja's suffering had just begun, and someone would be unable to hold it without him.

     Two days after the war, Ninja of the Hyuga clan detected that Mist Ninja had begun to retreat.

     Sure enough, as Yamanaka Ryo thought, there was a problem inside Mist Ninja. As long as the solution to Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage Mist Ninja was basically powerless, the next Yondaime (The Fourth) Mizukage Yakura was just a thread for Uchiha Madara. Puppets

     After all Mist Ninja evacuated, Yamanaka Ryo held the last meeting, said what he was going to leave, and handed over the command to Nara Shikaku.

     Yamanaka Ryo must follow if he wants to leave the medical team, but it is a pity that [Reverse Summoning Technique] cannot take them. Ten of them can only walk to the kingdom of thunder.

     In the evening, Yamanaka Inoichi called Yamanaka Ryo to his tent, Akimichi Chōza and Nara Shikaku were also there.

     The main spokesperson of the trio was Nara Shikaku. Nara Shikaku told Yamanaka Ryo to be careful with Sandaime (The Third) Raikage.

     Different from Mizukage's confidentiality policy, Sandaime (The Third) Raikage's glorious deeds are well known, and even Third Hokage can't say that it can beat Sandaime (The Third) Raikage.But Yamanaka Ryo is not worried at all, because according to the plot, Bofeng Minato at this time has developed Flying thunder god three stages.

     UI! The ultimate Speed means victory. With the development of Flying thunder god and Rasengan, Bofeng Minato now has the strength above Sandaime (The Third) Raikage and Third Hokage.

     With such thighs, Yamanaka Ryo will naturally not worry about Sandaime (The Third) Raikage, and his strength is not bad. Although he is not as good as Sandaime (The Third) Raikage, he will not be shot in seconds.
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