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Chapter Directory 112 End
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The development of the matter is no different from the plot. Naruto Kushina protected Sāra, and at the same time learned from Sāra that Anrokuzan is Naruto’s mission target-Mukade.

     Sāra also recognized Anrokuzan's true face from a series of incidents, and Sāra decided to help Naruto defeat Anrokuzan.

     And there is Aburame Zhiwei's help from Hafeng Minato to find Anrokuzan's location. When Hafeng Minato and his party arrived, Naruto and Kushina had already become a group with Anrokuzan.

     Anrokuzan used the power of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) to create a giant puppet with a tail similar to a centipede. Anrokuzan's body hides in the puppet and manipulates the puppet.

     Naruto and Kushina are worthy of being a mother and child, or Naruto and Kushina's fighting methods are too similar, relying on a huge Chakra to crush their opponents.

     But Naruto and Kushina's attacks were not very effective. Because Anrokuzan swallowed the power of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins), whether the puppets can regenerate, they are not afraid of the consumption of Naruto and Kushina.

     Seeing that the two attacks had no effect, Minato joined the battle.

     Aburame Zhiwei also wanted to help, but was stopped by Yamanaka Ryo. "Senior Zhiwei, the family of three is fighting, so outsiders should not take part in it!" Yamanaka Ryo said.

     Aburame was taken aback for a moment and then nodded without helping.With the addition of Minato, Kushina's attack is more open, and Anrokuzan's puppets are too big and not flexible enough.

     Kushina uses the power of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), Sanbi (Three-Tails) Bijuu (Tailed Beast) has great destructive power for every punch in the coat state. Anrokuzan’s puppet is quickly hammered into everything broken and in disorder, The main body is also exposed.

     Naruto and Bofeng Minato used the Tai Chi Rasengan that appeared in the original work. At the same time, Sāra also successfully shut down Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins), Anrokuzan's overspeed regeneration also lost its effect, and the Tai Chi Rasengan, which Naruto and Bofeng Minato used together, hit Anrokuzan's body.

     Naruto successfully defeated Anrokuzan with the help of Kushina and Minato. Anrokuzan was unwilling to control the puppet to jump into Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) with one last breath, causing Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) to run wild.

     As in the original book, Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) ran away, and Bofeng Minato had to seal Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) immediately. This means that the time for parting has arrived.

     Kushina is somewhat reluctant to part of this son who has not been together for long, but Naruto's eyes are always on Hafeng Minato.

     After all, Kushina has accompanied Naruto's growth, but Hafeng Minato has never appeared in the original work, leaving only a few photos and Hokage Rock's head portrait.Minato felt Naruto's gaze and smiled at him, then he inserted Flying thunder god on the table of induction Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins), and sealed Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) with Fūinjutsu (Sealing Techniques).

     As Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) was sealed, the bodies of Naruto and Yamato glowed white, and the two who did not belong to this time and space were about to leave.

     Kushina and Naruto said something, and Yamato took the opportunity to retaliate against the kid Kakashi who had bullied him, and knocked Kakashi on the head severely.

     "Why hit me?" Kakashi asked after raising his deadly eyes and glaring at Yamato.

     "I'm always bullied by you on weekdays, I can't help it today." Yamato looked like he was getting revenge.

     Hafeng Minato did not participate in this touching conversation, and began to prepare the technique to seal everyone’s memories. Yamanaka Ryo saw Hafeng Minato do it, but there was no reaction. Hafeng Minato’s technique could only seal this memory. Yamanaka Ryo was not worried. .

     The white light on Naruto's body was getting brighter and brighter, and he was about to leave. Naruto couldn't help but was talking to Hafeng Minato when Hafeng Minato interrupted him.

     "It's my pride to have a son like you. We will have a chance to have a good chat in the future. Goodbye. Extinction!" With the launch of the wave style Minato technique, Naruto and Yamato disappeared. (ps: The author of the emotional drama with Sāra will not write. The Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) incident is mainly to ambush the following.)After Naruto Yamato disappeared, the rest of the people were confused. Minato’s technique sealed all the memories of Rōran. His memories stayed with Yamanaka Ryo, Aburame Zhiwei, and Kakashi. When entering Rōran, the three of Yamanaka Ryo did the same.

     Several people looked around, all puzzled.

     Kushina's memory, like Bofeng Minato's group of four, was also sealed. She looked up at the surroundings blankly.

     "Minato, far, Kakashi? Why are you here!" Kushina exclaimed.

     "Kushina! Why are you here?" Bofeng Minato was taken aback by Kushina.

     Kushina repeated the previous explanation. Rōran's memory was sealed. She agreed to Yamanaka Ryo's promise to return to the village and naturally forgot.

     Under Kushina coax and pester, Bofeng Minato had no choice but to agree to take Kushina to the Cloudland Battlefield. At the same time, he decided to go to Third Hokage to explain the situation in person after returning to the camp.

     After Yamanaka Ryo looked around, he saw the unseal of Minato Flying thunder god, and immediately understood where he was.

     And Bofeng Minato also understood after seeing his seal, that the mission should have been completed, but the memory of everyone will be sealed only if it encounters any special circumstances.After Bo Feng Minato explained the situation, he apologized for sealing everyone's memory. Everyone had no impression of this matter, and of course they had no opinion.

     In this way, Rōran's mission was over, and the Minato team and Kushina, who ran out, returned to the Konoha camp with Flying thunder god.

     No one noticed that Yamanaka Ryo left a Shadow Clone Jutsu in Rōran.

     Yamanaka Ryo left Shadow Clone Jutsu to check the power of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) and the seal of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Minato. However, some of the puppets outside still have Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) in their bodies. the power of.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't want others to know about this, so he left Shadow Clone Jutsu secretly.

     In the previous perception of Yamanaka Ryo, Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) is a special kind of Chakra, containing a small part of natural Chakra, but in essence it is still Chakra, which should be said to be similar to Senjutsu Chakra.

     Anrokuzan uses the power of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) to achieve a quick repair effect. Yamanaka Ryo wants to know whether the power of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) itself can be repaired quickly, or Anrokuzan uses special means to achieve this effect.

     Yamanaka Ryo’s Shadow Clone Jutsu has taken away most of his Chakra. Yamanaka Ryo’s idea is that if the collection of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra goes well, then Shadow Clone Jutsu will send Scroll directly to the Kingdom of Clouds. Just give it to Sakumo.The collection of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra went well beyond expectation. After Anrokuzan died, the puppets lost their ability to move.

     Yamanaka Ryo’s Shadow Clone Jutsu easily collected the Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra remaining in most of the puppets of Rōran, sealed it in the Scroll, and then ran towards the cloud kingdom battlefield.

     After Minato and his party returned to the Konoha camp, Minato asked Yamanaka Ryo to help arrange Kushina's accommodation. He returned to Konoha using the flying thunder god technique and explained the situation with Third Hokage.
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