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Chapter Directory 113 Grey Magpie Turns Silver Falcon
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Ryo's Shadow Clone Jutsu arrived at the border of Thunder Land three days after the body returned to the Konoha camp. Yamanaka Ryo got the Scroll that sealed Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) and then impatient began research.

     After Shadow Clone Jutsu is released, the memory will return to the body. Yamanaka Ryo learned from Shadow Clone Jutsu's memory that the amount of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra in this Scroll is actually quite a lot, almost two to three times that of ordinary shadows.

     Yamanaka Ryo unlocked the seal of Scroll and extracted a small group of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra. As previously observed, Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) is composed of natural Chakra and a special Chakra.

     Then Yamanaka Ryo tried to inject Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra into a dying bird. After the bird absorbed Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra, the injury gradually healed, but it still looked half-dead.

     Yamanaka Ryo is a bit weird. He obviously recovered from his injuries. Why didn't his life activities recover?

     Yamanaka Ryo took another group of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra from the scroll and continued to inject it into Asuka. Then open Sharingan and watch the flow of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra in Asuka.

     With the help of Sharingan, Yamanaka Ryo found that Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra had been circulating in the bird's body, but the bird showed no signs of regaining life activities.In the next few days, Yamanaka Ryo tested the effects of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra on various animals, and the results were the same as the previous birds. Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra's research fell into a stalemate for a while.

     Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra does have a quick repair effect as Yamanaka Ryo wanted, but this quick repair can only work on the body, but it has no effect on consciousness.

     To put it simply, the animals have been rescued, but they have all entered a state of suspended animation. According to this situation, they are replaced by humans.

     Yamanaka Ryo is disappointed with this result, but Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins)'s rapid healing is almost useless but a pity to give up.

     Yamanaka Ryo was going to give up and throw these animals out, but when he encountered the bird that had been injected into the Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra at the beginning, the bird's wings moved.

     Immediately afterwards, Asuka's eyes opened, and he looked around in confusion. When he saw Yamanaka Ryo, he looked scared, flapping his wings and wanted to escape.

     Yamanaka Ryo certainly won't let this bird fly away. He uses a Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra to stun the bird and let your Spiritual/Mental Strength enter the bird's body.

     There is no change in Asuka's body compared to before, except that Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra has disappeared. Later, under the perception of Yamanaka Ryo, he found that every part of the bird's body had a trace of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra. In other words, Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra was completely absorbed by the bird.Yamanaka Ryo's consciousness withdrew from Asuka's body. He used the [Healing Technique] to awaken Asuka. Asuka didn't make any escape actions this time, but just squatted in fear.

     At this time, Yamanaka Ryo suddenly discovered a new problem. This is a bird. How can a bird have such a high IQ?

     Yamanaka Ryo then conducted various tests on the flying bird. After the test, he concluded that the bird has a higher IQ than general large mammals.

     The species of this bird is an ordinary gray magpie, which can be seen everywhere in the past life and Naruto's World.

     The IQ of the gray magpie is not as good as that of reptiles, let alone mammals. Grey magpies, creatures with only survival instincts, cannot have this kind of IQ, and when Yamanaka Ryo picked up this grey magpie before, there was no Chakra in it, and it could not be a summoned beast.

     In this case, the change of the gray magpie can only be attributed to Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra.

     Yamanaka Ryo overjoyed at unexpected good news, and more and more looked forward to the changes of other animals, but after a few days, Yamanaka Ryo couldn't laugh anymore.

     Yamanaka Ryo collected a total of five animals including the gray magpie. In the end, only the gray magpie and the hare survived, and the hare’s IQ did not change.Throwing all the dead animals out, Yamanaka Ryo's consciousness enters the hare's body. Unlike the gray magpie, the hare does not feel the breath of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra, which is no different from a normal rabbit.

     After Yamanaka Ryo released the rabbits, he continued to search for other dying small animals, and injected Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra into these animals as before. The difference was that the amount of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra was increased according to the size of the animals. different.

     Kushina is very simple to Yamanaka Ryo, looking for some animals is very curious, but they are all stopped by the wave wind Minato.

     Bofeng Minato thought that Yamanaka Ryo was studying the medical ninja technique. Before Tsunade was still there, he would often find some small animals to do experiments. Bofeng Minato had been familiar with this for a long time.

     And looking at Yamanaka Ryo's state this time, there should be a new breakthrough. Of course, Bofeng Minato will not let Kushina bother.

     But where is Kushina a persuasive person, the more Hafeng Minato refuses to let her go, the more curious she is. If it's someone else, it's fine, Yamanaka Ryo is her precious apprentice, so why not let her watch?

     With this idea, Kushina took advantage of Minato and sneaked into Yamanaka Ryo's tent without paying attention, and Yamanaka Ryo was competing with the gray magpie at this time.

     After absorbing the power of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins), the gray magpie has a super high IQ. Not to mention, Yamanaka Ryo discovered that it can extract Chakra a few days ago.Being able to extract Chakra can already be classified as summoned beast, which makes Yamanaka Ryo more curious about this gray magpie.

     But the gray magpie has changed more than that. Its body size has gradually grown, the shape of its claws and beak have changed, and it has become more aggressive. The feathers on its body have begun to fall off, but the regrown feathers are silvery white. .

     Within a few days, the gray magpie became a bird with its wings spread for nearly one meter, which looked a bit like a falcon.

     The root cause of the gray magpie's metamorphosis is Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra. A few days ago, the gray magpie discovered that Yamanaka Ryo had injected Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra into a dying animal. It has been pestering Yamanaka Ryo and asked him to ask for Ryūmyaku (Dragon). Veins) Chakra.

     Yamanaka Ryo was a little reluctant at first, but after discovering that gray magpies can produce Chakra, Yamanaka Ryo did not hesitate and gave nearly one-third of Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra in Scroll to gray magpies.

     The gray magpie had a lot of help from Ryūmyaku (Dragon Veins) Chakra, which completed its transformation. Yamanaka Ryo found that IQ became higher after the gray magpie became a silver falcon, so Yamanaka Ryo tried to teach the gray magpie to speak.

     Just then Kushina came in, she watched Yamanaka Ryo talking with a white bird with some curiosity.

     "Far, what are you doing!"

     Kushina's voice frightened Yamanaka Ryo. Yamanaka Ryo was too focused on teaching the gray magpie to speak and didn't notice anyone coming.Yamanaka Ryo was about to explain, the gray magpie suddenly made a sound: "Far, what are you doing!"

     The gray magpie's voice is a female voice, which is crisp and beautiful, and it speaks very clearly, unlike the way it was just learning to speak.

     "Far, what's the matter with this summoned beast?" Kushina asked somewhat surprised.

     "Far, what's the matter with this summoned beast?" The gray magpie continued to imitate Kushina.

     Kushina thought it was very interesting. She imitated every one of the gray magpies. In this way, one person and one bird played and imitated in the Yamanaka Ryo tent.
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