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Chapter Directory 137 Necessary Growth
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Orochimaru didn't know about Danzō's conspiracy, but even if he knew the current Orochimaru, he didn't have time to pay attention. He and Anko were setting one's heart on sth together on cloning.

     It is worth mentioning that the relationship between Anko and Orochimaru has changed a lot from the original work. Unlike the simple mentor and apprentice in the original work, Anko has now become Orochimaru's assistant.

     Yamanaka Ryo has been learning Fūton (Wind Style) these days. After the development of Feng Shushen, Yamanaka Ryo has a new understanding of the changes in the nature of the wind Attribute(s). Fūton (Wind Style) Ninjutsu is in his hands compared to the past. The power has increased a lot.

     At this time, Yamanaka Ryo found out that he knew little about Fūton (Wind Style) Ninjutsu, so he approached Bofeng Minato and asked him to study with Fūton (Wind Style) Ninjutsu above B-rank.

     Shisui's Fengshen has made great progress in the past few days. In terms of strength, Shisui is only at Chunin's level, but Fengshen's Speed is comparable to Quasi-Kage.

     Yamanaka Ryo taught Shisui with such a powerful Body Flicker Technique without any hesitation. Shisui was moved by Yamanaka Ryo's trust, so Shisui respected Yamanaka Ryo more and more.

     Uchiha Clan, some people who were originally dissatisfied with Yamanaka Ryo becoming Shisui sensei, shut up after seeing Shisui Fengshun.Because Shisui's tomoe Sharingan can't see the movement track at all because of Shisui's tomoe sharingan, and the second tomoe can see someone moving slightly, and three tomoe can fully capture it, but it can't distinguish the true and false of the afterimage.

     Uchiha Clan, who has always been proud of Sharingan, was completely overwhelmed by the wind of Yamanaka Ryo, and some even became greedy.

     Many people in Uchiha Clan wanted Shisui to give Uchiha Clan the training method of Feng Shun, but they were all blocked by Uchiha Clan's elder Uchiha Clan.

     Others may not know, but Uchiha, who has fought side by side with Yamanaka Ryo on the battlefield of Thunder for so long, knows Yamanaka Ryo's strength well.

     Uchiha Xiong knows very well that his Ninjutsu-type Quasi-Kage, facing Yamanaka Ryo's Speed, can't hold on for even one minute, and he may be killed instantly.

     And after Yamanaka Ryo learned what happened from Shisui, Uchiha is still very familiar with oneself.

     Everyone is greedy. The question is whether he has the life to enjoy after he gets what he wants. Uchiha's actions made Yamanaka Ryo look at him with admiration, and he deserves to be the elder of the family.

     "Shisui, remember that in the future, if anyone wants to snatch your things, you don't need to be polite and kill them directly. If there is any trouble, please call me and I will kill him for you."

     "Yes, sensei!" Shisui smiled happily when he heard Yamanaka Ryo's words.Yamanaka Ryo didn't say anything, and continued to study Fūton (Wind Style) Ninjutsu, Shisui also started daily practice.

     A few days later, Uzuki Yugao will graduate from Ninja Academy.

     As a graduation gift, Yamanaka Ryo asked Yugao and Xiaoyin to sign a summoning contract, making Xiaoyin her summoned beast.

     Early the next morning, Yugao came to the third training ground early, waiting for Yamanaka Ryo to arrive.

     At the same time as usual, Yamanaka Ryo and Shisui went to the third training ground together. After waiting for a long time, Uzuki Yugao ran over to Yamanaka Ryo and said, “Elder Brother Ryo, I must come for the graduation exam in a while!

     "Okay!" Yamanaka Ryo happily agreed. Even if Uzuki Yugao doesn't say it, Yamanaka Ryo will go.

     Seeing Yamanaka Ryo's promise, Uzuki Yugao went to school very happily. Soon after she left, Yamanaka Ryo took Shisui to Ninja Academy.

     The two started the graduation exam as soon as they arrived. Uzuki Yugao Chunin's ability to deal with the graduation exam is completely fine. Uzuki Yugao's Three Style Arts performed perfectly and passed with full marks.

     As for grouping, Uzuki Yugao's group Yamanaka Ryo had his own ideas, and Third Hokage also promised that he would not interfere. After Uzuki Yugao passed the exam and was awarded the headband, Anko picked up Yugao.

     Yes, the sensei that Yamanaka Ryo found for Yugao was Orochimaru.Whether it is Ninjutsu reserve or combat experience, Orochimaru is count as number one in the village.

     Another point is that Orochimaru is ruthless. Yamanaka Ryo has always protected Uzuki Yugao so well. Now she needs someone to teach her the cruelty of the world.

     In the original work, Sasuke followed Orochimaru to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones for two years. His strength has been greatly improved, and he can even defeat Deidara.

     In the battle with Deidara, Sasuke relied on Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style)'s restraint on Doton (Earth Style) and the application of curse seal to make Deidara have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it. In the end, Sasuke ended up with Sasuke. .

     In just two years, Sasuke, who had the most Elite Chunin strength at the time, became Elite Jōnin and even Quasi-Kage. Orochimaru's ability as a sensei can be seen how terrifying.

     After watching Uzuki Yugao leave, Yamanaka Ryo took Shisui back to the third training ground. The younger sister was important, and the apprentice was also important. Yamanaka Ryo decided to teach Shisui and other Ninjutsu.

     Shisui's talent is not below Uchiha Itachi, especially Katon (Fire Style) and Fūton (Wind Style), Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) talent can only be considered average.

     However, Yamanaka Ryo intends to teach Shisui Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) today. As his apprentice, how can he not know Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style)?

     Yamanaka Ryo chose to teach from the most basic Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode. Shisui's future growth direction will definitely be Speed-type Ninja, but Speed alone is not enough.Yamanaka Ryo has enough attack method and attack power because of the Hyton (Ice Style) in his hand, while Shisui lacks in attack without the Hyton (Ice Style).

     So Yamanaka Ryo asked Shisui to learn Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra Mode to strengthen Taijutsu's training and increase his attack power.

     Shisui's Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) talent is incomparable with his Body Flicker Technique talent. It took three days to barely master the use of Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra to stimulate cells.

     Yamanaka Ryo is helpless, but there is no good way to let Shisui work hard.

     On Yugao, Orochimaru's teachings over the past three days left a deep impression on her. Orochimaru's education method is to let Anko and Yugao practice each other.

     After learning Sage Mode, Anko can be comparable to Quasi-Kage in strength. Of course, even if he does not enter Sage Mode, he is still as strong as Jōnin under normal conditions. Yugao is certainly not her opponent.

     Orochimaru never taught Anko what to start off leniently, Yugao was beaten by Anko all over the body during the past three days.

     Yamanaka Ryo came to visit Yugao secretly, and saw that she was hurt all over, very distressed. But Yugao's eyes can clearly see her growth.

     Before, Yugao's eyes were erratic and always absent-minded. Now she is serious when facing Anko that Yamanaka Ryo has never seen before.Yugao has grown up. This is what Yamanaka Ryo wants to see most. Although Orochimaru's education method is a bit wrong, Yamanaka Ryo did not stop it.

     Yamanaka Ryo doesn't ask for how strong Yugao can be. He just hopes that Yugao can become strong and have the power to protect himself.

     Naruto's World danger lurks on every side, it is especially important to have the ability to protect yourself.
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