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Chapter Directory 141 Battle Of Bellflower Mountain (1)
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

When the Konoha people dealt with their own affairs, the combined forces of Sand Ninja and Stone Ninja were ready to attack Konoha.

     Onoki and Rasa have long been waiting for Yamanaka Ryo and others to arrive. This time they are confident that they can crush Konoha in strength.

     Onoki and Rasa looked back at the two Real Taoist shadows behind them at the same time, and both laughed. The two Real Taoist shadows behind them also showed penetrating smiles.

     This war Onoki has been planned for a long time. In the previous battlefield of Thunder Country, Minato took Konoha and everyone to transfer, making Stone Ninja face the Thunder Country Cloud Ninja.

     In that war, Stone Ninja only survived less than 1,000 people, and Onoki and Han were both seriously injured.

     In the end, if it were not because Ai had just taken over the Fourth Raikage, coupled with the destruction of Kumogakure, the people in the village were in panic, Ai tried to stabilize the situation in the village as much as possible, and then did not continue pursuing, so Onoki and others were able to save their lives.

     The escaped Onoki hate sb to the bone against Konoha. If the previous declaration of war on Konoha was purely for resources, then it is now a bloody vengeance.

     In order to take revenge, Onoki thought for a long time before finally deciding to join forces with other villages to deal with Konoha. And in this fight, Konoha will become the biggest beneficiary of this war, which is absolutely unacceptable to Onoki, and people in other villages cannot accept it either.However, it is a pity that Kumogakure has no intention of fighting again because of the destruction of the village and the death of Sandaime (The Third) Raikage.

     Kirigakure also died because of Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage, but left troops at the border to prevent Konoha's sudden attack. Obviously, he didn't want to continue the fight.

     So Sand Ninja became Onoki's only choice, Stone Ninja and Sand Ninja also had a lot of grievances, but in this situation, Onoki had to put down his face and seek Rasa.

     The so-called enemy’s first enemy is a friend. There is no eternal enemy but eternal interests. The Konoha family is dominating the war until now.

     Sand Ninja also knew this very well, so when Onoki proposed a truce and join forces against Konoha, Rasa happily agreed.

     After Rasa agreed to fight Konoha together, the two immediately began to discuss the battle plan.

     However, as mentioned before, even if the two countries form an alliance, they will not completely trust each other.

     You have to know that the two sides were still at war a few days ago, you die, I live on the battlefield, suddenly said that the armistice and alliance, everyone will subconsciously guard against each other.

     Even Rasa was wary of Onoki until Onoki told Rasa Stone Ninja's biggest trump card.

     In this way, the alliance between Sand Ninja and Stone Ninja was formally reached, after the combat plan was discussed. Rasa and Onoki immediately went to comfort Ninja in their villages.As analyzed by Konoha, in order for Stone Ninja and Sand Ninja's Ninjas to fight with Konoha Ninja at ease, the two sides decided to choose the location of the battle at Kikyō Pass.

     As soon as the Konoha army arrived at Kikyō Pass, they immediately dispatched Ninja from the Hyuga and Aburame clan to monitor the actions of the Yansha coalition forces.

     Yamanaka Ryo and others seem to be lax, but they are already prepared, and they can't help but wait for them to start.

     The war hasn't officially started, but there is a tense atmosphere in the air.

     On the rock and sand coalition, Onoki and Onoki are making final arrangements. On the experience of war, Onoki is much richer than Rasa, so this war is mostly based on Onoki's opinions.

     "Rasa, let's do it! Do as previously discussed."

     "Good! This war must be won." Rasa said firmly.

     The rock and sand coalition began to act, and under the leadership of Onoki and Rasa, they rushed to the direction of the Konoha camp.

     When Konoha first started the action of the Rock and Sand Coalition, Ninja of the Aburame clan had discovered it and immediately went to notify Orochimaru and others.

     Yamanaka Ryo and many other Kage Levels have been prepared for the battle long ago, and the battle of Kikyō Pass has begun.Pawn vs. pawn, and the generals were the same as before. Everyone found their opponents. Yamanaka Ryo and Hafeng Minato also summoned Gamahiro, and Toad Jian assisted the Konoha Ninjas.

     Yamanaka Ryo's opponent is Onoki's son Kitsuchi. This man doesn't make many appearances in the original, but he is very impressive.

     Unlike Onoki, Kitsuchi does not have Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit), let alone Kekkei Tōta (Bloodline Selection). Kitsuchi's Kage level strength has been brought up to his reach perfection Doton (Earth Style).

     Yamanaka Ryo and Kitsuchi knew that this person was not easy to deal with as soon as they fought. His Speed Ninja pursued a one-shot kill when fighting the enemy, but Kitsuchi's Doton (Earth Style) was too strong, and he still perceives Ninja and is completely immune to it. His method of attack.

     In Frozen-Thunder Mode, Kitsuchi can't see the Instant Lightning body, but he can perceive that Kitsuchi's Earth-Style Wall can always block a fatal blow when Yamanaka Ryo is close.

     It was the first time that Yamanaka Ryo's Instant Lightning body was cracked in this way. It was a bit surprised and more excited.

     Kitsuchi's defensive methods allowed Yamanaka Ryo to open the door to a new world to deal with the Speed Ninja. It didn't necessarily need to be faster than him, just to invalidate his attack.But after all, it is too difficult to make the Speed-type Ninja attack ineffective. Kitsuchi can do it because his use of Doton (Earth Style) is already reach perfection, and he still perceives Ninja. It is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to do this.

     Kitsuchi's "absolute defense" made Yamanaka Ryo dispel the idea of relying on Speed to win. Since relying on Speed can't get the upper hand, rely on strength to win.

     Yamanaka Ryo condensed a huge ice bow in his hand. This time, the ice bow is much larger than before, and it is about the same size as it was when he dealt with Sandaime (The Third) Mizukage.

     After Kitsuchi saw the ice bow in Yamanaka Ryo's hand, he didn't have much reaction. He was confident in his Doton (Earth Style) and couldn't break through his defense no matter what the technique was.

     Yamanaka Ryo used Chakra to make a bowstring and pulled the bowstring. Naturally, Chakra crazily gathered on a small ice arrow.

     The natural Chakra gathered by the Frostbolt is getting stronger and stronger. Although Kitsuchi cannot perceive the natural Chakra, he can perceive the thick threat on the Frostbolt.

     Kitsuchi decided to strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term), and threw a few rounds of large Doton (Earth Style) Ninjutsu towards Yamanaka Ryo. Yamanaka Ryo had no choice but to shoot out the ice arrow that had not yet been completed.

     The Frost Arrow passed through one Doton (Earth Style) Ninjutsu, and came to Kitsuchi in the blink of an eye. Kitsuchi stood up three Earth-Style Walls in succession, but it didn't work at all.The ice bolt with natural Chakra blessing no stronghold one cannot overcome, easily penetrated the Earth-Style Wall and shot Kitsuchi.

     The ice arrow bloomed, and eventually shattered into ice powder under the control of Yamanaka Ryo, and Kitsuchi's figure disappeared with it.

     Yamanaka Ryo was not confused by the scene in front of him. In his perception, Kitsuchi used the Body Replacement Technique the moment he was hit by the ice bolt and moved to a pile of rocks not far away.

     Kitsuchi looked at the ice crystals in the air, and had lingering fears with his right hand, which had been frostbited after just contacting him for less than 1 second.
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