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Chapter Directory 143 Battle Of Bellflower Mountain (3)
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Onoki's screams were heard by the people nearby, and everyone's eyes were on the battle of the highest combat power in this war.

     But what they didn't expect was that Onoki actually lost. That was Onoki!

     Owned Kekkei Tōta (Bloodline Selection)-Jinton (Particle Style), proficient in all Doton (Earth Style) Ninjutsu, Country of Earth's strongest Ninja, actually lost!

     In full view, Onoki was hit in the waist by Bofeng Minato's [Rasengan] for the second time, and the rock and sand coalition forces on the battlefield were silent.

     "It's terrible, Konoha's Kiiroi Senkō (Yellow Flash) is terrible!" It was a Jōnin from Stone Ninja who broke the silence, he said with some horror.

     This Stone Ninja Jōnin is one of the few Jōnin who has survived from the Thunder Country Battlefield. His strength is very close to Elite Jōnin. He has always been in the Thunder Country Battlefield to witness the rise of Bofeng Minato.

     Now I meet Bofeng Minato again in Kikyō Pass. I didn't expect to respond to the rumors of Thunder Country at that time. Bofeng Minato's strength is already above the Five Shadows.

     The Konoha Ninjas cheered after seeing Minato defeat Onoki. The most powerful battle between the two sides was won by Konoha.

     "Haha! Rasa, you still have to lose this time, even the old man Onoki lost to my disciple." Jiraiya laughed and mocked.

     "Humph!" Rasa didn't say anything, and snorted coldly, controlling Jinsha to rush towards Jiraiya."My disciples have won, and I, a master, must work hard, [Sage Art. Goemon!]" The hot flame melted all the golden sand instantly.

     On Hafeng Minato's side, Onoki was hit by two consecutive shots [Rasengan] on the waist, and he couldn't stand up anymore.

     "As expected of Kiiroi Senkō (Yellow Flash), you are worthy of this title! This time the old man lost, but you Konoha can't win either!"

     Onoki mentioned Kunai to Minato and cut off the clothes with the Flying thunder god imprint. He held his waist and flew tremblingly.

     Hafeng Minato hesitated for a while or caught up. Now is not the time to sympathize with the elderly. If Sandaime (The Third) Tsuchikage can be solved, the war will be over.

     Just as Minato was about to catch Onoki, he felt a terrifying heat wave coming from behind him.

     Hafeng Minato immediately stopped attacking, and the Flying thunder god who moved to the ground was in nowhere. Only then did he discover that a man covered in magma appeared beside Onoki.

     In this person, Bofeng Minato felt the terrifying amount of Chakra, which was enough to burn all the temperature.

     Yamanaka Ryo's face changed a lot when he saw this figure. This is clearly Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki. I didn't expect Stone Ninja to recapture Yonbi (Four-Tails) so quickly.Yamanaka Ryo used Spiritual/Mental Strength to connect to Bofeng Minato, and the transmit sound read: "Brother Minato, this is Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki, you have to be careful."

     Knowing that this magma man is Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki, Hafeng Minato knows that Onoki cannot be killed today.

     "Onoki, is this your trump card?"

     "Huh! Kid! Don't be too early! Kakuzu come out! I'll add 30% more to your reward for this victory!" Onoki yelled.

     "That's what you said!" Behind the huge boulder not far away, a Ninja wearing a Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) Missing-nin (Rogue Ninja) headband slowly walked towards the confronting three.

     Although Minato did not know the person, the Chakra radiated from him could clearly feel that he was a real Kage level, and his strength should not be much worse than Onoki.

     "Who is your Excellency? It shouldn't be Ninja from Iwagakure, right?"

     Hearing Hakata Minato's words, Kakuzu laughed loudly, and said: "Does the little ghosts now know the respected predecessors? Anyway, I am a person of the same generation as you Shodai Hokage (First Hokage)!"

     "Impossible, the same generation as Shodai (The First), now in your 80s! Who are you?" Of course Hakaze Minato didn't believe Kakuzu's words, it was incredible.

     "Huh! I assassinated Senju Hashirama back then, I disdain to lie about this kind of thing!" Kakuzu said with some contempt."Assassinated Lord Shodai (The First)!" Hafeng Minato looked at him with a little surprise, and was shocked for a while.

     When Kakuzu first appeared, Yamanaka Ryo used Spiritual/Mental Strength to connect all of Konoha's Kage levels, and the conversation between the two was heard by others.

     "Uncle Snake, do you know who this person is?" Yamanaka Ryo transmit sound said.

     "Kakuzu? If it's really that angle, I know! Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) Missing-nin (Rogue Ninja), Bounty Hunter, loves money very much, but these are all decades ago." Orochimaru told everyone what he knew.

     "How could he be alive! Back then, Lord Shodai (The First) and Uchiha Madara were seriously injured after the Battle of End Valley. After returning to Konoha for treatment, his physical condition was not as good as before. At this time Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) dispatched An assassin was called Kakuzu." Jiraiya continued.

     "Then how is his strength?" Hearing that this person had assassinated Shodai (The First) Kushina was a little anxious.

     "Strength? Throwing kunai is okay! He just threw a kunai at Shodai (The First), and was scared away by the outburst of Chakra at Shodai (The First)." Sakumo Hagi made a mocking voice. Sounded.

     "This is also an assassination?" Kushina was speechless!

     "Of course forget it, Shodai (The First)'s Powerful is not something you juniors can understand." Jiraiya said as if I was a senior."Uncle Jiraiya, haven't you seen Shodai (The First)?" Yamanaka Ryo jumped out to tear down the stage.

     Jiraiya coughed and said nothing.

     When Hafeng Minato heard this, he felt relieved instantly. If he just throws a kunai at Shodai (The First), then he can also.

     Determined the approximate strength of Kakuzu, according to the current situation, Minato decided to strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term).

     The location of Kakuzu station happened to have Flying thunder god Kunai, Hafeng Minato did not hesitate, teleported directly behind Kakuzu, and a [Rasengan] shattered Kakuzu's heart.

     Kakuzu obviously didn't expect Minato's Speed to be so fast. He couldn't react for a while, and he lost a heart before he did it.

     Yamanaka Ryo, who is familiar with the original book, is very clear about Kakuzu's abilities. With five hearts, Kakuzu must be killed five times. The instant raid of Hafeng Minato just smashed one heart.

     "Boy, you are great! Your heart suits me!" After Kakuzu's right arm was attached to the Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style), he leaned towards Hakaze Minato's heart.

     Seeing Kakuzu's agile movements, there was no sign of dying, Hafeng Minato had a surprise, and immediately returned to the place with Flying thunder god.

     Kakuzu was defeated by a blow, and said with some discomfort: "Cut, Senju Tobirama's time and space Ninjutsu is really convenient!"And the moment Minato returned to his place, Yonbi (Four-Tails) Jinchūriki on the side also started, and his feet instantly turned into a world of magma. He had no choice but to transfer the Flying thunder god technique again.

     "Onoki, we can't get out of here. Kushina, far away, if you two can solve the opponent, please go and help Minato." Jiraiya sent a sound to the two.

     "I see, Uncle Jiraiya. I'll go over immediately."

     After speaking, the Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra on Yamanaka Ryo began to gather in his right hand, and a crystal clear Ice blade appeared in his right hand.
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