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Chapter Directory 197 Horn Of Yao
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After setting up Rin, Yamanaka Ryo immediately set off to return to Konoha village.

     This rescue operation against Rin allowed Yamanaka Ryo to discover his two weaknesses.

     One is that Ninjutsu is not skilled enough in the use of time and space. The other is not proficient in using Sharingan.

     Yamanaka Ryo's time and space Ninjutsu is actually just getting started, probably only at the level of Flying thunder god.

     Had it not been for the time and space barrier that Minato had taught him, Yamanaka Ryo could not even teleport at long distances.

     If Yamanaka Ryo can be able to teleport regardless of distance in time and space barriers like Minato did, then this rescue operation will not require so much effort.

     The problem with Sharingan is that Yamanaka Ryo has not used Sharingan frequently.

     And because of the sudden opening of Mangekyou Sharingan, Yamanaka Ryo is even more unfamiliar with Sharingan.

     Because of this problem, Yamanaka Ryo could not use his Susanoo after solving the hidden danger of Mangekyō’s blindness and improving Mangekyō’s eyes power.

     But for the time being, Yamanaka Ryo doesn't have so much time to cultivate Ninjutsu in time and space and improve Mangekyō's proficiency. He has more important things to do now.

     After returning to Konoha, Yamanaka Ryo teleported directly to Orochimaru's laboratory.Orochimaru was still studying White Zetsu's body during this period, and the more he studied, the greater his interest in White Zetsu.

     "Uncle Snake, are there any new developments in the past two days?" Yamanaka Ryo asked while looking at the busy Orochimaru.

     Orochimaru stopped studying when he heard Yamanaka Ryo's voice, and looked a little weird. After hesitating many times, Orochimaru said: "Ryo-kun, based on my research in the past two days, I guess that this body was once a human being!"

     Yamanaka Ryo's heart was as shocked as his current expression. He didn't expect Orochimaru to discover the fact that White Zetsu was once a human through the body of White Zetsu.

     Orochimaru saw Yamanaka Ryo's expression, thinking that he was the same as himself when he first found out that he couldn't believe it.

     "Ryo-kun, you may find it very inconceivable, but according to the genetic comparison, this corpse is indeed human." Orochimaru added.

     Orochimaru's words Yamanaka Ryo certainly believes that Yamanaka Ryo who has read the original knows the origin of White Zetsu. White Zetsu was indeed a human being after Otsutsuki Kaguya released Mugen/infinite Tsukuyomi to humans.

     "Uncle Snake, it's confirmed that this guy was once a human, is it useful to us?" Yamanaka Ryo asked.

     "Of course it's useful, let alone his special Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique), we might learn it." Orochimaru licked his lips excitedly.Yamanaka Ryo was also a little excited when he heard this. In the original book, White Zetsu has a lot of special abilities, and it would be a big help for him if he could really learn it.

     But Yamanaka Ryo soon calmed down. He came to Orochimaru not for White Zetsu, but for another purpose.

     "Uncle Snake, I have something to ask you." Yamanaka Ryo said seriously.

     "What's the matter?" Orochimaru still looked so calm.

     "Uncle Snake, do you have a Hachibi (Eight-Tails) horn?"

     Orochimaru was taken aback when he heard Yamanaka Ryo’s question, and then asked: "Ryo-kun, how did you know?"

     Yamanaka Ryo did not hide how he learned of this information, and told Orochimaru truthfully.

     In fact, Yamanaka Ryo got the information thanks to Pakura.

     At Sunagakure, Pakura told Yamanaka Ryo that Sand Ninja had intelligence records. Someone once saw Orochimaru got a strange horn in Kumogakure during the Second Ninja War.

     Hachibi (Eight-Tails) had a horn broken off. It is no secret in the Ninja world, so Pakura immediately thought of it as the horn of Hachibi (Eight-Tails).

     Pakura knew that Yamanaka Ryo was collecting Chakra from each Bijuu (Tailed Beast), so Pakura told Yamanaka Ryo this information in Sunagakure.After listening to Yamanaka Ryo's explanation, Orochimaru joked: "Ryo-kun has so many sources of intelligence, Sunagakure's trusted advisor elder Pakura can give you information."

     Based on the relationship between Orochimaru and Jiraiya, he certainly knew that Yamanaka Ryo used to start off leniently against Pakura in the battle with Sunagakure, and now that he heard Pakura providing information to Yamanaka Ryo, Orochimaru was also a little curious about the relationship between the two.

     "Uncle Snake, Pakura is just my partner, don't think too much." Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru explained.

     Orochimaru smiled and did not hold on to the topic, but talked about the horn of Hachibi (Eight-Tails): "Ryo-kun, I can give you the horn of Hachibi (Eight-Tails), but I need this The fellow's body."

     Orochimaru pointed to White Zetsu's arm on the table. Orochimaru guessed that Yamanaka Ryo should have the body of White Zetsu.

     Hearing Orochimaru's condition, Yamanaka Ryo directly took the three bodies of White Zetsu from the Seal Scroll and gave them to Orochimaru.

     Orochimaru had some surprises. His original intention was to get one. Yamanaka Ryo actually gave him three at once.

     "Ryo-kun, how many corpses of this kind do you still have?"

     "There are two more. These two are useful to me. Don't think about it, Uncle Snake." Yamanaka Ryo said.

     Orochimaru has some regrets, but these three can temporarily satisfy his research needs."Ryo-kun, come with me!" As Orochimaru put away White Zetsu's body, he took Yamanaka Ryo and left the laboratory.

     Orochimaru took Yamanaka Ryo all the way to a forest outside the village of Konoha.

     After walking a few steps in the woods, Orochimaru stopped near a pile of rocks, then he unlocked the nearby barrier, and a small iron door appeared on the ground.

     Opening the iron gate, Yamanaka Ryo and Orochimaru went down underground together.

     Entering the underground, Yamanaka Ryo looked around with a little surprised. The space here is very large, with many weird things placed inside.

     Yamanaka Ryo was a little curious and kept glancing to left and right, but Orochimaru didn't mean to introduce Yamanaka Ryo, but led him to the second basement level.

     On the second basement level, Yamanaka Ryo saw the corner of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) placed in glassware at a glance.

     The horns of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) looked as big as two people, but Yamanaka Ryo did not feel any Chakra of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) from it.

     "Ryo-kun, Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chakra in this corner needs to be cultivated and extracted by..." Yamanaka Ryo suddenly realized after hearing Orochimaru's explanation of Yamanaka Ryo.

     Orochimaru then handed the corner seal of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) to Yamanaka Ryo.

     After Yamanaka Ryo got the horn of Hachibi (Eight-Tails), he hurriedly said goodbye to Orochimaru, and then immediately teleported to the cave where Xiaolin was born in the Death Forest.Then Yamanaka Ryo started extracting Chakra in the corner of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) as Orochimaru said.

     The Chakra in the corner of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) is extracted through a steady flow guided by Yamanaka Ryo. After a certain amount is extracted, Yamanaka Ryo summons Xiaolin to inject the extracted Chakra of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) into it. Her body.
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