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Chapter Directory 198 Xiaolin's Qualitative Change
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The Chakras of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) gradually flowed into Xiaolin's body, and Xiaolin began to guide these Chakras to merge with her own Chakras.

     When the Chakra of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) merged a little bit, Yamanaka Ryo felt a powerful vitality from Xiaolin's body.

     This vitality is purer and closer to nature than the vitality obtained by Yamanaka Ryo changing the genetic arrangement inside the cell.

     The grass at Xiaolin's feet and the moss in the cave were affected by this vitality and began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon passed Yamanaka Ryo's ankle.

     In Yamanaka Ryo's perception, this vitality becomes more and more powerful with the integration of Chakra, and Xiaolin's body is also increasingly affected by this vitality.

     Originally, Xiaolin’s size was almost too large for the cave, let alone the current Xiaolin is still growing, but Yamanaka Ryo could only take Xiaolin and teleport to the border of Country of Fire.

     Xiaolin's body stopped when she grew to be about the same size as the other Bijuu (Tailed Beast). Originally, her body size was only half the size of the Bijuu (Tailed Beast), but now it is basically the same as the other Bijuu (Tailed Beast).

     The amount of Chakra in Xiaolin's body has also become larger as his body grows larger, and the proportion of natural Chakra in Chakra has also reached about 70%.Yamanaka Ryo has these strange changes to Xiaolin. This did not happen when Rokubi (Six-Tails) Chakra was merged before. Why did it change when Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chakra was merged?

     Yamanaka Ryo himself was puzzled by this question, but he had no choice but to wait for Xiaolin to fully integrate Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chakra to wake up, and then asked Xiaolin.

     As time passed, Xiaolin's Chakra integrated with Hachibi (Eight-Tails) was finally completed.

     Xiaolin slowly opened his eyes, and then looked at his body with some curiosity. Obviously, she was also a little surprised at the changes in her body.

     After Xiaolin adjusted to his body, Yamanaka Ryo asked some impatients: "Xiaolin, how do you feel?"

     "It feels? It feels good! There seems to be endless power in my body, and I seem to be able to use new power."

     "What power?" Yamanaka Ryo asked with interest.

     "Far, you step back and I will try." As Xiaolin closed her eyes, she controlled the Chakra in her body to change towards water Attribute(s) and soil Attribute(s), and then she mobilized the vitality in her body. , Xiaolin's appearance gradually became a tree ten meters high.

     Yamanaka Ryo couldn't sit still seeing Xiaolin's appearance!You need to know that the body of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) in the original work is the sacred tree. The appearance of Xiaolin as a tree now means that she is already evolving toward the sacred tree?

     Yamanaka Ryo just wanted to study the tree that Xiaolin had turned into, but suddenly he smelled a scent of flowers.

     Yamanaka Ryo was a little strange, so he raised his head along the fragrance of the flowers, and at a glance, he saw the orange flowers on the tree trunk of Xiaolin.

     These flowers exude an unusual fragrance, which makes people feel like a fairy after sniffing them.

     After a while, Yamanaka Ryo felt a little dizzy with the fragrance of the flowers.

     Yamanaka Ryo immediately realized that there was a problem with the fragrance of the flower, and he immediately bit his tongue and forced himself to wake up.

     "Okay, Xiaolin, I know your abilities will change back soon!" Yamanaka Ryo almost suffered a big loss, and quickly made Xiaolin change back.

     Xiaolin immediately cut off the supply of Chakra in the body, and soon she changed back to the appearance of Kirin.

     "Xiao Lin, this is your new ability? Can you still use Ninjutsu from other trees?" Yamanaka Ryo asked seriously.

     Xiaolin closed his eyes, tried for a long time and finally said to Yamanaka Ryo: "No!"

     Xiaolin's answer made Yamanaka Ryo a little puzzled. Isn't the technique that Xiaolin used just now Senju Hashirama's [Flower and Tree World Coming]?Then Yamanaka Ryo learned from Xiaolin that her technique was not Senju Hashirama's Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu.

     The flowers that Xiaolin bloomed after becoming a tree were actually Chakra in Xiaolin's body. Because Xiaolin became a tree, he took the initiative to protect himself in the form of the tree.

     "Then Xiaolin, why is there such a big change after you integrate Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chakra this time?" Yamanaka Ryo continued to ask.

     "Because Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chakra is Yang Attribute(s) Chakra." Xiaolin said calmly.

     Yamanaka Ryo heard that he had a surprise. He didn’t expect that Hachibi (Eight-Tails)’s Chakra was actually Yang, but then he thought about the Hachibi (Eight-Tails) fighting method in the original book, which basically relies on the power of the flesh. He thought of this Yamanaka Ryo was relieved.

     "Xiao Lin, in other words, do you now have Chakra of Yang Attribute(s)?"

     Xiaolin nodded. After integrating the Chakra of Hachibi (Eight-Tails), she does have the Yang Attribute(s) Chakra.

     Yamanaka Ryo was a little excited after hearing this news. Today, Xiaolin after the integration of Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chakra gave him too many surprises.

     First, Xiaolin's body has a powerful vitality, the amount of Chakra is greatly increased, and it can become a state similar to the god tree, and finally he has Yang Attribute(s).Xiaolin's current Chakra Attribute is already six types: water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, and sun. There is only one negative Attribute(s) from the full Attribute(s).

     The Chakra of Yin Attribute(s) is undoubtedly on Nibi (Two-Tail) and Shichibi (Seven-Tails).

     Yamanaka Ryo now has some impatients who want to collect Nibi (Two-Tail) and Shichibi (Seven-Tails) Chakra, so that Xiaolin can truly transform into the same life form as Jūbi (Ten-Tails).

     However, this idea was quickly dismissed by Yamanaka Ryo. First of all, the track of Shichibi (Seven-Tails) Yamanaka Ryo is uncertain, let alone a Nibi (Two-Tail) that was protected by Kumogakure.

     With the current strength of Yamanaka Ryo, even with the help of Xiaolin, it is not enough to deal with Hachibi (Eight-Tails) and Nibi (Two-Tail) in Kumogakure alone.

     Hachibi (Eight-Tails) is second only to Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) in the nine major Bijuu (Tailed Beast) in terms of strength and Chakra volume. Even Xiaolin can't beat Hachibi (Eight-Tails) after completing this evolution, with a maximum of 55.

     And Yamanaka Ryo alone, facing Nibi (Two-Tail), Ai, and all the Ninjas of Kumogakure is no different from going to death.

     Therefore, Yamanaka Ryo can only dispel this idea and wait for the opportunity with peace of mind.

     Just when Yamanaka Ryo was immersed in the joy of Xiaolin's evolution, the news that Xiaolin appeared on the border of Country of Fire was discovered by the Ninjas of Konoha.Because Minato, the future Fourth Hokage, is about to get married, Konoha naturally strengthened patrols around the village and the Border of Country of Fire.

     After Yamanaka Ryo teleported Xiaolin from the Death Forest to the border of Country of Fire, he was discovered by the Hyuga patrol Ninja almost immediately.

     After seeing Xiaolin, Ninja of the Hyuga clan had a surprise. Xiaolin looked as terrifying as the sea, and Chakra frightened this Hyuga Ninja.

     This Hyuga Ninja also participated in the Third Shinobi World War, and even saw Ichibi (One-Tail) and Gobi (Five-Tails) on the battlefield.

     What surprised this Hyuga Ninja is that the amount of Chakra in Xiaolin's body is actually more than Ichibi (One-Tail), Gobi (Five-Tails) and two Bijuu (Tailed Beast).

     The situation was urgent, and the Hyuga Ninja ran back to Konoha in a hurry.
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