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Chapter Directory 200 Squad
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Ryo put Xiaolin on the ground, and Xiaolin peeked at Hafeng Minato curiously.

     Just now, Xiaolin has seen how fast Minato's Speed is. It is the first time that Xiaolin has seen someone who has surpassed Yamanaka Ryo on Speed. He couldn't help but be a little curious.

     "Xiao Lin, come to my sister!" Kushina showed no resistance to Xiao Lin, and opened her arms to signal Xiao Lin into her arms.

     During the time in Country of Wind, Xiaolin and Kushina have become very familiar with each other. So hearing Kushina's call, Xiaolin jumped directly into Kushina's arms with force on his hind legs.

     Xiaolin writhed in Kushina's arms and found a comfortable position, while her small paws were still resting on Kushina's chest.

     Seeing this, Hafeng Minato's face became stiff and he lowered his voice to Yamanaka Ryo and asked, "Far, what is the sex of your cat?"

     "Xiao Lin is a girl, why are you asking this, Brother Minato?" Yamanaka Ryo didn't pay attention to where Xiao Lin's claws were, and was a little confused about Hafeng Minato's question.

     Hafeng Minato was relieved when he heard Yamanaka Ryo's answer, and then calmly said: "Because this cat looks cute, I want to know her gender."

     "Are you cute? Minato brother this time you were confused by your appearance!" Yamanaka Ryo said with a smile."Being confused by appearance? What do you mean?" Bofeng Minato glanced back at the harmless Xiaolin, and asked somewhat puzzledly.

     Although Minato is not a perceptual Ninja, he is also very sensitive to Chakra compared to ordinary Ninja.

     Coupled with years of fighting, Bofeng Minato is extremely sensitive to threats.

     But from Xiaolin's body, Minato can only feel the weak Chakra fluctuations, and there is no threat at all.

     "Xiao Lin, show it to Brother Minato!" Yamanaka Ryo didn't answer directly, and said to Xiao Lin afterwards.

     Xiaolin nodded, jumped from Kushina's arms, and ran into the woods tens of meters away.

     "Xiao Lin, let's start!" As Yamanaka Ryo unlocked the seal, Xiao Lin's Chakra instantly returned to her own body.

     In the blink of an eye, a behemoth the size of a small hill appeared out of thin air.

     Hafeng Minato looked at the behemoth in front of him and was shocked: "Difficult...Is that the cat that Hyuga Kenichi discovered that is suspected of being Bijuu (Tailed Beast)?"

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded and said, "That Ninja from the Hyuga clan should have seen Xiaolin."

     Bofeng Minato couldn't speak for a while, but Bofeng Minato was worthy of becoming a Fourth Hokage soon, and he quickly adjusted his emotions.

     "Far, what's the matter with this guy?"Yamanaka Ryo repeated what he had said with Kushina to Hafeng Minato, and Hafeng Minato realized how this creature came from.

     "Far, is she still Bijuu (Tailed Beast)?" Bofeng Minato pointed to Xiaolin and asked.

     "The power and Chakra are still Bijuu (Tailed Beast), and the life form is different from Bijuu (Tailed Beast)."

     "It turned out to be like this! Then, why do you want me to keep it secret and don't tell Hokage-sama?" Hafeng Minato asked next.

     "Brother Minato, don't you know why? Or you don't even believe me and Kushina sister." Yamanaka Ryo asked back.

     "Yuan, you are really smart, thank you!"

     In the conversation between Minato and Yamanaka Ryo, Kushina understands the meaning of every word, but she can't understand even a single sentence.

     "Hey! What the hell are you two talking about!" Kushina asked directly.

     Bofeng Minato smiled and said, "Let's talk about what I will do when I become Hokage."

     Kushina was a little confused when she heard the words: "What will happen after becoming Hokage? After becoming Hokage, isn't it enough to protect Konoha?""It's not that simple! Sister Kushina, think about the three Hokages before Minato's brother. Shodai (The First) Nidaime (The Second) Hokage is Senju Clan, Third Hokage is Sarutobi Clan, and these three Hokage-sama are all from the family Ninja. , It represents the Konoha middle and high-level forces."

     "Family Ninja? Are you saying that Minato's civilian Ninja's status hinders him from being a Hokage?" Kushina is relatively simple, but definitely not stupid. She quickly sorted out her clues.

     "That's it! Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) aside, Nidaime (The Second) Hokage and Third Hokage have their families behind them. Senju Clan was better than Uchiha Clan in the early days of Konoha."

     Yamanaka Ryo slowed down and continued, "Although Sarutobi Clan is not as strong as Uchiha and Hyuga, this family is indeed the leader of many small and medium-sized families in Konoha. It is precisely because of the family power to help, second, that Third Hokage can truly stand firm in Konoha Heel, one word worth nine sacred tripods."

     "Minato doesn't have family support. Doesn't it mean he doesn't have much power as Hokage?" Kushina grasped the key point of the matter.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded and continued: "It should have been like this, but now the situation has changed a lot. How did you get the support of Hyuga and Uchiha Clan, Minato?"Hafeng Minato did not hide the matter and told Yamanaka Ryo and Kushina the whole thing. "The Hyuga family came to me because they were dissatisfied with the growth of Sarutobi Clan, and Uchiha Clan was my deal with Uchiha Futama/Fugaku. I promised him to help Uchiha Clan return to the center of the village after I became Hokage."

     "It turned out to be like this! I said why Minato was so calm during the Fourth Hokage election. It turns out that someone has supported you long ago, which made me worry for so long." Kushina Chaobofeng Minato complained.

     "Sorry, sorry! Kushina is my fault!" Minato scratched his head and quickly confessed to Kushina.

     Kushina did not struggle with the past but continued to ask: "Minato, why did you thank Yuan Yuan?"

     "It's because Yuan supported me on behalf of the Ino-Shika-Chō tribe. He told me his biggest secret, which represents a kind of support for me. Right?"

     "Yeah! This is the result of the previous discussion among our tribes." Yamanaka Ryo nodded and said.

     "Far, didn't your family and Sarutobi Clan have always been in a good relationship? Why did it suddenly change?" Kushina was puzzled."That's it. With Third Hokage in power, Sarutobi Clan has developed too fast, and other small and medium-sized families are becoming more and more like Sarutobi Clan's vassals. The strength of our three tribes combined is no worse than Sarutobi Clan's, and we don't want to be Sarutobi Clan's vassals. That's why. Will take the opportunity to draw the line." Yamanaka Ryo also expressed his thoughts.

     Bofeng Minato was very happy to hear that, and Yamanaka Ryo's statement gave him another force of support.

     Now, after Minato became Hokage, he has the support of Uchiha, Hyuga, Ino-Shika-Chō, and most of Konoha's civilian Ninja. His Hokage team is already powerful enough.

     "Brother Minato, I always forgot to ask you, will Uncle Jiraiya support you after you become Hokage?"

     "I asked sensei, but he didn't answer me directly. He said that he would only be the pillar of Konoha." Hafeng Minato said with a wry smile.

     Yamanaka Ryo also laughed after hearing this: "It's really Uncle Jiraiya's style."

     After the conversation, Yamanaka Ryo changed Xiaolin back to Ragdoll Cat, and then unlocked Hyuga Kenichi's Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique).

     Hyuga Jianyi was sober and looked around in a daze. When he saw Hafeng Minato and Kushina were still searching, Hyuga Jianyi thought he was distracted, and immediately cheered up and continued to search for the Xiaolin he had seen before.
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