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Chapter Directory 208 Control Mask
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After the mask of White Zetsu's soul entered the "hibernation" state, Yamanaka Ryo observed the changes in his soul with great interest.

     Everything in the Ice World is connected with the Spiritual/Mental Strength of Yamanaka Ryo, and every change in the soul of White Zetsu is very clear about sth under the perception of Yamanaka Ryo.

     After Yamanaka Ryo discovers that the soul of the mask White Zetsu "hibernates", the soul automatically simulates the feeling of snow and ice in the world of ice, as if it merges with the world of ice.

     Yamanaka Ryo knows that White Zetsu has Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) that makes people unable to distinguish between true and false, but he did not expect that this Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) can actually change the shape of the soul.

     The special Chakra extracted by Orochimaru from White Zetsu before made Yamanaka Ryo think that this is the key to White Zetsu Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique), but it seems that it is not so simple now.

     Yamanaka Ryo released the freezing of the soul of the mask White Zetsu, and the soul of the mask White Zetsu was awakened as soon as it escaped the freezing.

     This time he still didn't learn well, and asked Yamanaka Ryo directly: "Yamanaka Ryo, what are you going to do?"

     "I just saved Rin and Obito, it's that simple."

     "What! Are you breaking the agreement with Master Madara?"

     "That's right! But you didn't seem to be there when I reached an agreement with Madara! How did you know about this?"Yamanaka Ryo guessed from the words of the mask White Zetsu just now that his memory should be shared with other White Zetsu, but why is his soul independent?

     The mask White Zetsu certainly didn't answer Yamanaka Ryo's question, but Yamanaka Ryo didn't want to spend it with him.

     Yamanaka Ryo, who controls the ice world, froze the body of the mask White Zetsu, revealing only one head.

     Then Yamanaka Ryo used Yamanaka Clan's secret technique to read the memory of the mask White Zetsu.

     There are not many memories of the mask White Zetsu. Yamanaka Ryo learned from his memory that he was only born about a year ago.

     The original mask White Zetsu was only a White Zetsu Body Clone grown from a spore of the White Zetsu body, but one day Uchiha Madara connected him to the golem.

     The vitality of the golem and the consciousness fragments of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) a steady flow were injected into White Zetsu's body. After that, Uchiha Madara used Inyoton / Onmyoton (Yin-Yang Release) to combine the consciousness fragments of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) with The vitality is merged, and one's own will is added, and this is the birth of the mask White Zetsu.

     The mask White Zetsu is in a sense an experiment of Uchiha Madara.

     The purpose of the experiment is that Uchiha Madara wants to know if it is possible for him to create a life that can monitor Obito after his death.The success of the mask White Zetsu was created, which made Uchiha Madara feel that it was completely feasible to create a life form similar to the mask White Zetsu before he died, but completely continued by his will.

     Only after seeing this Yamanaka Ryo did I understand why Black Zetsu had the opportunity to enter by exploiting a weak spot. The bottom line is that Uchiha Madara cannot fully trust Obito.

     It is a pity that Uchiha Madara never expected that the life he created that could carry his will would be occupied by Black Zetsu.

     Uchiha Madara has always regarded Black Zetsu as another self, and has never suspected that Black Zetsu will eventually be harmed by Black Zetsu.

     Yamanaka Ryo continued to look at the memory of the mask White Zetsu, but at the end he did not develop any valuable memory fragments.

     Like the secrets of White Zetsu's body, the use of Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique), these things are not in the memory of White Zetsu.

     After checking the memory of the mask White Zetsu, Yamanaka Ryo used Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) on the mask White Zetsu, trying to control his mask White Zetsu.

     The masks White Zetsu and Obito came out together. If the mask White Zetsu dies, it will somewhat arouse Uchiha Madara's suspicion. It is better to avoid unnecessary trouble Yamanaka Ryo wants to simply let the mask White Zetsu become his own person.

     Yamanaka Ryo thought it was easy to control the mask White Zetsu, because the Spiritual/Mental Strength of the mask White Zetsu was not strong, but Yamanaka Ryo still failed.Yamanaka Ryo underestimated the will of Uchiha Madara in the soul of the mask White Zetsu. There is this will that no matter how Yamanaka Ryo uses Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique), the mask White Zetsu has not been affected by him.

     Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) can't control the mask White Zetsu. Yamanaka Ryo thought about it and could only start with the Jūbi (Ten-Tails) consciousness fragment, another aspect of the birth of the mask White Zetsu.

     There is also a fragment of Jūbi (Ten-Tails) consciousness in Xiaolin's soul. Yamanaka Ryo intends to call Xiaolin into the ice world to have a try.

     Time is running out, and Yamanaka Ryo's consciousness immediately returns to the real world from the ice world.

     In the real world, Yamanaka Ryo saw Obito and Rin cuddling as soon as he opened his eyes. Yamanaka Ryo ignored the two, but took the sleeping Xiaolin out of his arms.

     After waking up Xiaolin, Yamanaka Ryo and Xiaolin explained the situation, and Xiaolin agreed after thinking about it.

     So Yamanaka Ryo entered the world of ice with Xiaolin's consciousness.

     In the world of ice, Yamanaka Ryo saw Xiaolin's soul for the first time. Xiaolin's soul was not a Ragdoll Cat, but a reduced version of Kirin.

     "Xiao Lin, it's him, can you change his mind?" Yamanaka Ryo pointed to White Zetsu who was frozen into ice not far away.

     Xiaolin jumped out of Yamanaka Ryo's arms, ran to the mask White Zetsu, walked around the mask White Zetsu two times, and then said to Yamanaka Ryo: "Far, you unfrozen this guy."Yamanaka Ryo nodded, unfreezing the mask of White Zetsu, and Xiaolin suddenly enlarged and swallowed him after the mask of White Zetsu was completely thawed.

     Yamanaka Ryo was a little stunned when he saw this. When he reacted, Xiaolin had already vomited out the mask White Zetsu.

     The mask White Zetsu stood there motionless, until a small part of Xiaolin's Spiritual/Mental Strength entered the body of the mask White Zetsu, and the mask White Zetsu regained his mobility.

     And White Zetsu, who has regained his mobility, has completely changed from before, standing next to Xiaolin without making any noise or making trouble.

     "Xiao Lin, what's going on?" Yamanaka Ryo was puzzled.

     "It's very simple! Just now I planted the command that I am his master in his soul!"

     "How did you do it, Xiaolin? Can you just eat it and spit it out?" Yamanaka Ryo continued to ask.

     Xiaolin glanced at Yamanaka Ryo with a foolish look and said, "Of course not. I just ate him in to resonate with his soul, and then took the opportunity to plant this command in his soul."

     "Resonate? Is it because your soul and his soul were born from Jūbi (Ten-Tails) fragments of consciousness, so there are similar parts?""Yes, but when I was born, Jūbi (Ten-Tails)'s fragments of will were much larger than him, and he also ate more than half of the soul of Sanbi (Three-Tails), so I could directly implant this in his soul Order." Xiaolin said proudly.

     "So that's it! Then Xiaolin's command won't be noticed?"

     "Don't worry! This command is like you humans want to drink water and eat. It is instinctive and will definitely not be discovered." Xiaolin explained.

     "So I'm relieved." Yamanaka Ryo sighed with relief. After the problem with the mask White Zetsu was solved, Obito should be surefire when he returned to Uchiha Madara.
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