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Chapter Directory 213 News Of Nanao
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After repeated experiments by Yamanaka Ryo, he finally determined that White Zetsu's Chakra could indeed gradually recover in the cycle with the natural Chakra.

     It's just that the speed of recovery is quite slow. Yamanaka Ryo imported a large amount of natural Chakra stored in his [Yin Seal] into White Zetsu Chakra, and it took several hours to recover, let alone natural recovery.

     But even so, Yamanaka Ryo saw the hope of improving [Healing Tag].

     Yamanaka Ryo’s [Healing Tag] was a one-time item, and he was the only one who could make it, which did not bring much benefit to Yamanaka Clan.

     Yamanaka Ryo previously developed [Healing Tag] in large part because he wanted to provide some benefits for Yamanaka Clan.

     Among the Ino-Shika-Chō tribe, Yamanaka Clan is the poorest.

     Now the three tribes have jointly taken over the Konoha Hospital. Yamanaka Clan has earned 40% of the profit of the Konoha Hospital because of Yamanaka Ryo. The lives of the tribesmen have been greatly improved, but there is still a gap compared to Nara and Akimichi Clan.

     As long as the [Healing Tag] can be improved, the people of Yamanaka Clan can make [Healing Tag] by themselves, turning [Healing Tag] into Yamanaka Clan’s unique technology. The economy of Yamanaka Clan will definitely improve a lot.

     Thinking of this, Yamanaka Ryo felt a lot firmer in his heart, and more seriously recorded White Zetsu Chakra's speed recovery.Unknowingly, Yamanaka Ryo has been in Orochimaru's laboratory for more than ten hours, and the data about White Zetsu Chakra's speed recovery has also been completely recorded.

     Early in the morning of the next day, Yamanaka Ryo bought dozens of [Healing Tag] jade, and from Orochimaru took a dozen scrolls with White Zetsu Chakra and came to the third training ground.

     Yamanaka Ryo did not choose to make [Healing Tag] at Orochimaru.

     When making [Healing Tag], White Zetsu’s Chakra and the outside natural Chakra form a cycle. Orochimaru’s laboratory is relatively scarce in the underground natural Chakra, so Yamanaka Ryo chose the third training ground.

     The original [Healing Tag] is that Yamanaka Ryo enters Sage Mode, uses [Healing Technique] in Sage Mode, and then seals [Healing Technique] in the jade with [Evil Sealing Method].

     The original [Healing Tag] must use Senjutsu Chakra to release [Healing Technique] to ensure that the effect of [Healing Technique] will not be weakened while being sealed.

     Only Yamanaka Ryo can perform Sage Mode and medical ninja in Konoha, so [Healing Tag] can only be produced by him alone.

     And now with the Chakra of White Zetsu, Yamanaka Ryo only needs to seal White Zetsu Chakra and [Healing Technique] together in jade.White Zetsu Chakra itself contains Powerful vitality which can very well enhance the healing effect of [Healing Technique].

     And White Zetsu Chakra can circulate with natural Chakra. With natural Chakra, White Zetsu Chakra can repair itself, and it can ensure that the effect of [Healing Technique] will not be weakened.

     In this case, the [Healing Tag] has also changed from a disposable product to a consumable that can be used multiple times.

     Yamanaka Ryo quickly completed the first new [Healing Tag] according to his vision.

     Because it is not a disposable consumable, Yamanaka Ryo deliberately left two gaps in the seal of [Healing Tag] that can be opened at any time.

     Of these two gaps, one is to allow the internal Chakra to flow out of [Healing Tag], and the other is to allow the external natural Chakra and White Zetsu Chakra to circulate. The gap can be easily opened and closed with Chakra.

     Yamanaka Ryo took out the fish that had been prepared a long time ago and unlocked the [Healing Tag] seal, and the Chakra from the [Healing Technique] gushed out, and the dying fish quickly became leap and frisk about.

     The [Healing Technique] Chakra in [Healing Tag] has been exhausted.

     Yamanaka Ryo opens another gap in the [Healing Tag] so that the White Zetsu Chakra in this [Healing Tag] can be regenerated naturally.According to the data recorded by Yamanaka Ryo, this process takes about a day, so he is not in a hurry, but continues to make other [Healing Tags].

     One day later, when Yamanaka Ryo was observing this [Healing Tag], it could be used again.

     The new [Healing Tag] is completed in this way.

     This kind of [Healing Tag] can be produced as long as there is White Zetsu Chakra [Evil Sealing Method] and [Healing Technique].

     Yamanaka Clan is skilled in medical ninja, especially female Ninja, almost everyone can.

     [Evil Sealing Method] Yamanaka Ryo intends to seek Kushina's consent so that he can teach this technique to the people of Yamanaka Clan. With the relationship between Yamanaka Ryo and Kushina, Kushina should not refuse.

     The only problem now is White Zetsu's Chakra. When he helped Obito to turn on Mangekyō, Yamanaka Ryo got 7 more White Zetsu corpses.

     Yamanaka Ryo currently has 9 White Zetsu corpses. The amount of Chakra in White Zetsu is about the same as that of ordinary Jōnin. One [Healing Tag] needs about the amount of Chakra in C-rank Ninjutsu, so the Chakra in these 9 White Zetsu bodies is basically It can't do much [Healing Tag].

     For the problem of White Zetsu Chakra, Yamanaka Ryo couldn't think of a good solution for a while, so he simply put the problem aside.Yamanaka Ryo decided to return to Yamanaka Clan to show his newly developed [Healing Tag] to Yamanaka Inoichi.

     Yamanaka Inoichi trembled with excitement after seeing the new [Healing Tag]. As the leader of a clan, Yamanaka Inoichi knows exactly what this [Healing Tag] means to Yamanaka Clan.

     After Yamanaka Inoichi asked what was needed to make the [Healing Tag], he immediately ordered the people to start learning the [Healing Technique].

     Yamanaka Clan has set off a frenzy of learning [Healing Technique] for a long time.

     Yamanaka Ryo also began to teach the tribesmen 【Evil Sealing Method】 after Kushina's consent was obtained.

     After White Zetsu's Chakra, Yamanaka Ryo gave the body to Orochimaru, Orochimaru quickly extracted Chakra from White Zetsu's body, and White Zetsu's body was naturally left by him.

     And while Yamanaka Clan like wildfire was learning how to make [Healing Tag], Country of Fire's "good neighbor" Takinokuni was staged a scene of capturing Bijuu (Tailed Beast).

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails), the last Jinchūriki with the same name, is about to die. Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) selected Fu as Shichibi (Seven-Tails)'s new Jinchūriki after a long time of careful selection.

     However, Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) seriously underestimated the wisdom of Shichibi (Seven-Tails). Shichibi (Seven-Tails) itself is the most cunning existence in Bijuu (Tailed Beast), and he is also the nine major Bijuu (Tailed Beast). ) Is the only one with flying capability.Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) accidentally let Shichibi (Seven-Tails) escape when he unlocked the original seal of Jinchūriki.

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) has an extremely cautious character. After regaining his freedom, he immediately morphed into a pupa and hid.

     Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) dispatched all the Ninjas, even Takikage, looking for Shichibi (Seven-Tails) who escaped.

     However, the Ninjas of Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) never expected that Shichibi (Seven-Tails) never left Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall). The place where he hid was underground in Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall).

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) flew out from the ground while Ninja of Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) went out of the village to look for him, and took the opportunity to wreak havoc on Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall), and when the Ninjas came back, Shichibi (Seven -Tails) will hide again immediately.

     In this way, Shichibi (Seven-Tails)'s repeated harassment and destruction caused the civilians of Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) to fall into a huge panic.

     In fact, let alone civilians, even Ninja felt less and less capable than desirable in the face of such a cunning Shichibi (Seven-Tails).

     In the end, Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall), who was overwhelmed, could only ask Konoha for help, and spent a lot of money to ask Konoha to help capture Shichibi (Seven-Tails).
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