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Chapter Directory 217 Seal Seven Tails
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Shichibi (Seven-Tails) hiding place is actually very close to this hill, because Shichibi (Seven-Tails) suffered a loss in Yamanaka Ryo's hands before, and is very unwilling. He has been waiting for the opportunity to retaliate.

     After Pakura condensed the fireball, Shichibi (Seven-Tails) found out immediately. He understood that this was probably the method Yamanaka Ryo used to lure him out, so Shichibi (Seven-Tails) directly ignored the fireball.

     But then, Shichibi (Seven-Tails) found that out of insect instinct, he wanted to approach the fireball.

     At first Shichibi (Seven-Tails) could suppress this instinct with his own will, but gradually the instinct defeated the will, Shichibi (Seven-Tails) flew directly towards the fireball.

     "Pakura, don't froze! Increase the temperature of the fireball!"

     Hearing the voice of Yamanaka Ryo, Pakura came back to her senses. Shichibi (Seven-Tails) drop from the sky gave her too much shock.

     On the one hand, I am surprised that Yamanaka Ryo’s method can really lead to Shichibi (Seven-Tails). On the other hand, I feel that Shichibi (Seven-Tails) is several times stronger than Ichibi (One-Tail). Chakra makes Pakura very horrible. Surprised.

     Before Sand Ninja Kushina Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Pakura had not been positively perceived, otherwise he would not be awed by Shichibi (Seven-Tails) Chakra.

     Pakura immediately raised the temperature of the fireball. Shichibi (Seven-Tails) directly hit the fireball. Pakura took the opportunity to control the fireball and exploded violently.Shichibi (Seven-Tails) was directly blown out by the exploding fireball, Yamanaka Ryo entered Frozen-Thunder Mode, and Instant Lightning appeared beside the bombed Shichibi (Seven-Tails).

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) was wounded all over by the fireball, and black smoke appeared all over his body, but as Bijuu (Tailed Beast), how could it be solved so easily!

     The Chakra in Shichibi (Seven-Tails) began to flow out, repairing the injured body.

     Takinokuni is surrounded by waterfalls. Even after experiencing fireball baking and explosion, it is still very humid. Yamanaka Ryo condenses the moisture in the air and leaves Shichibi (Seven-Tails) with small ice flakes as thin as cicada wings.

     The main purpose of this is to prevent Shichibi (Seven-Tails) from escaping. There are little borneols no matter how hidden Shichibi (Seven-Tails) is, they can't escape the tracking of Yamanaka Ryo.

     Yamanaka Ryo's borneol has just been placed, Shichibi (Seven-Tails)'s body has basically recovered, and he immediately fanned his wings into the air.

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) looked at Yamanaka Ryo on the ground and let out a roar, then shakes his body and drops a large amount of phosphorous powder from the surface.

     Phosphorus powder soon enveloped the location of Yamanaka Ryo, and then the phosphorous powder emitted a dazzling light as before, and immediately began to explode.

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) wants to get rid of Yamanaka Ryo again. Yamanaka Ryo understands Shichibi (Seven-Tails)'s intentions, and of course he will not let him go.

     "Xiao Lin, gather the water from the waterfall near Taki no Kuni!" Yamanaka Ryo said to Xiao Lin in the ninja bag.Upon hearing this, Xiaolin immediately mobilized her Chakra in Yamanaka Ryo, and controlled the water in the surrounding waterfall to gather in front of Yamanaka Ryo.

     Yamanaka Ryo opened the [Yin Seal] The water gathered was instantly frozen, and a few seconds later an ice giant stood on the hill.

     This is the third time that Yamanaka Ryo has used the Ice Colossus. This time, the Ice Colossus has made Yamanaka Ryo fit his body more closely.

     The first time it was used, Yamanaka Ryo simply blended into the ice giant and manipulated the ice giant to attack.

     In the second use, the ice giant could contain Yamanaka Ryo’s own Chakra, and even his Sharingan appeared in the ice giant’s eye sockets.

     But this time, there are new changes in the ice giant's body. Yamanaka Ryo discovered that the ice giant can actually participate in the natural Chakra cycle with the outside world.

     This circulation greatly delayed the loss of natural Chakra in the ice giant, and the ice giant's existence time has also been extended for a long time.

     Like last time, a pair of scarlet Sharingan appeared in the eyes of the Ice Colossus, but the difference from last time was that Sharingan was in the state of Mangekyō.

     After the ice colossus was completely formed, Yamanaka Ryo controlled him to jump up and directly grabbed Shichibi (Seven-Tails) in midair.

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) didn't expect Yamanaka Ryo to have this ability, and was immediately dragged down from the air by Yamanaka Ryo.After landing, Yamanaka Ryo pressed Shichibi (Seven-Tails) to the ground with one hand, raised his fist with the other hand, and hammered Shichibi (Seven-Tails) severely.

     The power of the Ice Colossus was very terrifying. When this punch went down, the hill was smashed into a deep pit, and Shichibi (Seven-Tails), who had eaten the punch frontally, was motionless at the bottom of the pit.

     Yamanaka Ryo did not slack in the slightest, Bijuu (Tailed Beast) will not be solved so easily.

     Sure enough, a few seconds later, Shichibi (Seven-Tails) stirred his wings and flew out of the pit.

     Yamanaka Ryo did not stop Shichibi (Seven-Tails), allowing him to fly into the air. There was an ice colossus. Yamanaka Ryo was not afraid of any attacks from Shichibi (Seven-Tails).

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails), who flew in mid-air, gathered Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) without hesitation.

     After Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) finished, Shichibi (Seven-Tails) blasted past Yamanaka Ryo without hesitation.

     Yamanaka Ryo raised his hands to catch Shichibi (Seven-Tails)'s Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) and pinched Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) in his hands. Shichibi (Seven-Tails)'s Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) exploded in the hands of the Ice Colossus.

     The explosive power of Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) was beyond Yamanaka Ryo’s expectations. Shichibi (Seven-Tails) deserves to be the third largest Chakra in Bijuu (Tailed Beast). With the explosion of Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball), The two arms of the ice colossus were covered with cracks, and it seemed that they would fall off at any time.

     Shichibi (Seven-Tails) saw that the attack of Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) was effective, and immediately launched the second Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) against Yamanaka Ryo. Beast Ball) threw it towards Shichibi (Seven-Tails) for an instant.Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) exploded in mid-air, and Shichibi (Seven-Tails) also fell from mid-air.

     This time Shichibi (Seven-Tails) completely lost consciousness, and Yamanaka Ryo disarmed the Ice Colossus.

     Pakura and Shisui on the side looked at Yamanaka Ryo with shocked faces. They were both seeing the Colossus of Ice for the first time.

     Although Pakura had heard that Yamanaka Ryo had a powerful transformation before, she did not expect that this transformation could solve Bijuu (Tailed Beast) so easily.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't feel any discomfort in his body compared with the previous two times after he lifted the Ice Colossus. Only the natural Chakra in the [Yin Seal] was consumed.

     This makes Yamanaka Ryo very excited. If there is no sequelae, it means that the Ice Colossus can be used at any time as long as the natural Chakra is sufficient.

     After the excitement, Yamanaka Ryo turned to Shichibi (Seven-Tails) on the other side.

     As before, Yamanaka Ryo removed about a tail of Chakra from Shichibi (Seven-Tails) and sealed it, ready to give it to Xiaolin in the future.

     All that is left is to seal Shichibi (Seven-Tails) into the Jinchūriki prepared by Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall).

     "Shisui! Go to the place where Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) villagers evacuated and let them bring Jinchūriki here!" Yamanaka Ryo said to Shisui who had been watching the play for a long time.

     Shisui immediately ran towards Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall), and Pakura also stepped out and stared at Yamanaka Ryo with a somewhat complicated expression.Finally Pakura sighed and said, "You are such a monster!"

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said nothing, Pakura also smiled when he saw Yamanaka Ryo's heartlessness.

     Ten minutes later, the leader of Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) and Elite Jōnin hurried over with a little girl of 2, 3.

     Looking at the hair color, Yamanaka Ryo concluded that this little girl is Shichibi (Seven-Tails) Jinchūriki Fu in the original book.

     Sealing Shichibi (Seven-Tails) Yamanaka Ryo did not participate. Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) did it himself. So far, the task of Tanigakure (Village Hidden in Waterfall) has been successfully completed.
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