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Chapter Directory 237 Red Sand Scorpion
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In the afternoon, Yamanaka Ryo and Baki set off together, along with Shisui and Kakashi.

     In Yamanaka Ryo, Baki didn't use the space barrier to teleport, but chose to run over.

     After Kakashi succeeded Fourth Hokage from Bofeng Minato, he entered Anbu and has been performing various tasks in Anbu recently. Yamanaka Ryo hasn't seen him for a long time.

     This time at Pakura's request to help seal Ichibi (One-Tail), Yamanaka Ryo casually mentioned that he wanted to take Kakashi with him, and Minato thought about it and agreed to Yamanaka Ryo's request.

     Yamanaka Ryo took Kakashi with him for two reasons. One was to let Kakashi and Shisui take this opportunity to fight Bijuu (Tailed Beast) head-on, and the other was to talk to Kakashi about Shisui's entry into Anbu.

     Before Yamanaka Ryo had the idea to let Shisui enter Anbu for exercise, Hafeng Minato had a good impression of Shisui and should agree, and the rest is to say hello to Kakashi.

     The purpose of Yamanaka Ryo Shisui's entry into Anbu is to get in touch with some actual combat and improve combat experience. Following Kakashi to perform tasks will help Shisui's growth.

     After listening to Yamanaka Ryo's words, Kakashi glanced at Shisui and said indifferently, "Yes! But don't hold me back."Shisui didn't care about Kakashi's attitude, but rather enthusiastically said to Kakashi: "After that, I will trouble Kakashi-senpai a lot for advice."

     A group of four people have at least the strength of Jōnin. Speed is not slow at first, and he will arrive at Country of Wind in a day or so.

     After entering the Country of Wind, Baki took the initiative to lead the way, and Yamanaka Ryo and Kakashi, Shisui were chatting behind.

     After walking for some distance, Yamanaka Ryo sensed someone hiding under the sand dune not far in front.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't know whether the people under the sand dunes were friends or foes. Out of caution, he entered the Ice Elementization. At the same time, he established a Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) connection with Kakashi and Shisui and told them to be careful.

     Baki is also a perceptual Ninja. In the original work, you can find Hayate, the moonlight that hides him with the transparent escape. Of course, he has also noticed the people hidden under the sand.

     Baki doesn't want a new branch grows out of a knot. In his opinion, nothing is as important as sealing Ichibi (One-Tail).

     So when Baki led the way, he deliberately avoided the dune where people were hiding.

     But the people hiding under the sand dunes didn't want them to leave like this, and shot a poisonous needle at Kakashi.

     Yamanaka Ryo gave a cold snort, blocked the poisonous needle for Kakashi, and directly used [Chidori.Stream] on the people hidden in the sand dunes.Faced with [Chidori.Stream], the people in the dunes did not mean to dodge, but continued to throw several shuriken at Kakashi.

     Kakashi is also Quasi-Kage now, how could it be hit by shuriken? He flashed these shuriken easily.

     The people in Sand Ninja were hit by Yamanaka Ryo's [Chidori.Stream].

     But what surprised Yamanaka Ryo was that [Chidori.Stream] didn't seem to cause any harm to this person. He slowly crawled out of the sand, and then everyone saw clearly what the person hiding in the sand looked like.

     Yamanaka Ryo frowned when he saw this man's appearance, because he looked very much like the Sasori of the Red Sand in the original book.

     "Feliuhu? What do you want to do?" Baki asked, apparently knowing this person.

     "It's nothing, I just saw people who are very similar to my old friends from many years ago, and I couldn't bear it." Fei Liuhu looked at Kakashi with a little excitement.

     "Kakashi, it seems that this person is the enemy of Uncle Sakumo again, so I found you."

     Kakashi sighed helplessly. This was not the first time that this happened. He was about to explain to Fei Liuhu, and a far away came a Kuwu directly scratching Fei Liuhu's arm.

     Yamanaka Ryo released Spiritual/Mental Strength and felt the figure in the distance with a strange expression on his face.Because Yamanaka Ryo discovered that the person who shot Kunai was Sasori of the Red Sand, the genius puppet master of Daimyō (governor) Dingding in the original work. In the original work, Sasori of the Red Sand was killed by a scorpion and made a human puppet.

     "Kakashi, there is no need to explain, the people over there will kill him directly, we don't need to be nosy, let's go!"

     After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo turned and left. Although Kakashi and Shisui were a little confused, they didn't ask much, and followed Yamanaka Ryo to move on.

     As soon as Yamanaka Ryo's group walked away, Fei Liuhu's screams came from the place before. The scorpion uses Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage to make a puppet and kills the scorpion in an instant.

     The scorpion was not satisfied after killing Fei Liuhu, because he also saw Kakashi just now.

     Both of Scorpion's parents died in the hands of Haaki Sakumo. Now Scorpion sees Kakashi can let him go.

     After putting away Fei Liuhu's body, the scorpion immediately chased Yamanaka Ryo and others.

     Perceiving that the figure behind Yamanaka Ryo was a little helpless, he didn't want to have an enmity with the scorpion so early, but the scorpion didn't look like he would let Kakashi go so aggressively.

     "Kakashi, Shisui, you will be careful for a while, the man behind is not easy!"

     Kakashi's face changed when he heard that, a person who can make Yamanaka Ryo so vigilant can also be ranked in the Kage level."Sensei, who is the person here? Do you know?" Shisui asked.

     "You know, I think you have all heard of this person's name, Sunagakure's S-rank Missing-nin (Rogue Ninja) Red Sand Scorpion!"

     Baki's body trembled when he heard the name Yamanaka Ryo said. As Sunagakure Ninja, Baki could not be said to be familiar with the scorpion.

     Today's Sunagakure is the only Puppet Technique genius who has reached the Red Secret Technique. It is said that he has the power to destroy a country by himself.

     Scorpion soon arrived in front of Yamanaka Ryo and others. Scorpion ignored the others, staring straight at Kakashi: "Hatake Kakashi, right? I feel honored! You will soon become my collection!"

     After speaking, the scorpion took out the puppet of Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage, and controlled the puppet to rush towards Kakashi.

     The flying Speed of the puppet was too fast, and Kakashi immediately opened the Sharingan, which was able to escape the blow of the scorpion.

     The scorpion missed a hit and didn't stop there. Instead, the sandaime (The Third) Kazekage's puppets used Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage's puppets to condense the iron sand. The iron sand gathered into a huge awl and flew to Kakashi again.

     In the face of this kind of attack, Kakashi had no power to fight back, and could only do his best to dodge.

     The iron sand of the scorpion is everywhere. As long as Kakashi makes a mistake in judgment, he will be stabbed to death by the iron sand in an instant.Kakashi drove the Sharingan, Chakra was exhausted very quickly, and his physical strength gradually weakened. Upon seeing this, Yamanaka Ryo knew that he could not watch anymore.

     Frozen-Thunder Mode broke out, Yamanaka Ryo appeared in front of the scorpion for an instant, and used Ice Scalpel to cut off the Scorpion’s Chakra line that controlled the puppet.

     Yamanaka Ryo would do this because he had seen how Haaki Sakumo dealt with Chiyo many times before.

     After Chiyo's puppet is cut off the Chakra line, it loses the ability to move, as does the scorpion's puppet.

     The puppets of Sandaime (The Third) Kazekage lost the support of the Chakra line, the effect of Jiton (Magnet Style) also disappeared, and the iron sands disintegrated and fell from the sky.
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