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Chapter Directory 250 Nine Tail Night (4)
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In the center of Konoha Village, the villagers and Ninjas have finished their day at work and are enjoying the beauty of the night.

     The peaceful life since the end of the Three World Wars has made Konoha's Ninja and civilians relax their vigilance, and are unaware of the coming crisis.

     Obito appeared on the street and used the [Summoning Technique] without hesitation, Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) appeared out of thin air, and the terrifying Chakra swept the entire Konoha!

     Obito's Sharingan murmured: "Go, Kyuubi (Nine-Tails)! Destroy as much as you like!"

     After receiving Obito's signal, Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) became more violent and began to wreak havoc on Konoha's buildings.

     After Yamanaka Ryo felt the Chakra of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), he teleported to the neighborhood immediately, looking at Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) who had lost his mind, Yamanaka Ryo looked very solemn.

     "Kurama without Jinchūriki is so terrible, even if I can use my power, it will be difficult to defeat him." Xiaolin mumbled after seeing Kyuubi (Nine-Tails).

     Yamanaka Ryo ignored Xiaolin, but condensed the moisture in the surrounding air into an ice bow.

     With the help of Xiaolin's natural Chakra, a large amount of natural Chakra was instantly compressed in the Frostbolt, and then shot at Kyuubi (Nine-Tails).

     The ice bolt shot directly on Kyuubi (Nine-Tails)'s back, and Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) was instantly frozen in ice.The Ninjas of Konoha cheered as soon as they saw Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) being frozen. Many Ninjas present had seen the technique of Yamanaka Ryo and shouted the name of Yamanaka Ryo excitedly.

     After Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) was frozen, Yamanaka Ryo teleported over immediately. Instead of paying attention to these Konoha Ninja, he turned on Mangekyō to first unlock Obito's control over Kyuubi (Nine-Tails).

     It's a pity that Yamanaka Ryo tried many times and still couldn't get rid of the Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), and when Yamanaka Ryo got rid of Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique), Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) had already broken the ice.

     Yamanaka Ryo's attack clearly angered Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), and Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) shot a Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) against this Yamanaka Ryo.

     Yamanaka Ryo regrouped the shattered ice from Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) into an ice hand, caught the Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), and threw it in the direction of the Death Forest.

     The Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) exploded in the Death Forest. The fire blazed to the sky, and a small part of the forest was turned into scorched earth.

     "Xiao Lin, help me prepare water!" At the critical moment, Yamanaka Ryo can't manage that much. Konoha's buildings are destroyed and can be rebuilt. Now Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) must be stopped!

     Xiaolin immediately gathered the water around him, and Yamanaka Ryo iced the water. After a while, the ice colossus stood in front of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails).

     Feeling the Powerful power of the Ice Colossus, Yamanaka Ryo became more confident. He raised his fist and smashed it directly at Kyuubi (Nine-Tails)'s head.Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) felt a slight threat from the ice giant in front of him, so facing the fist of Yamanaka Ryo, Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) did not resist, but chose to dodge.

     One punch failed, and Yamanaka Ryo immediately slapped the next punch, this time directly hitting Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) in the stomach.

     The fist of the Ice Colossus was so powerful that Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) was directly blown out.

     Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) struggled to get up, the pain in his stomach made him more violent, and he opened his mouth to condense a huge Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball).

     "Hey! Far away, you can't take this Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball). If your ice colossus resists hard, it will definitely be blown to pieces." Xiaolin felt what was contained in Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) The force of terror, hastily said.

     "I know, I don't plan to make it hard, because our reinforcements are coming!"

     "Reinforcement? You mean the old man Third Hokage? How could he block this degree of Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball)?"

     Yamanaka Ryo did not continue to explain, but flashed over Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) sideways, and Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) flew directly towards Hokage Rock.

     When a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, an enchantment was activated, and Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) was absorbed by this enchantment, and then moved to another place.

     "This is a time-space enchantment! Could it be that Minato is here?" Xiaolin, a time-space enchantment, saw that Yamanaka Ryo had used it many times, and he recognized it at a glance."Well, it's Minato, but there is another uninvited guest!"

     "Is it the one who snatched Kurama from sister Kushina?"

     "It should be him! Minato over there should be able to deal with it, we can concentrate on dealing with Kyuubi (Nine-Tails)!" Yamanaka Ryo controlled the ice colossus and rushed towards Kyuubi (Nine-Tails).

     In a clearing outside the house where Kushina gave birth, Minato got up in embarrassment. His attack on Hokage Rock passed directly through the masked man, but the masked man caught him and almost absorbed him.

     So Bofeng Minato can only use Flying thunder god to move to this place first. The masked man followed closely behind sb or sth also came to this clearing.

     When the masked man appeared, Hafeng Minato felt the fluctuations in the space, and immediately understood how the person in front of him moved with Kushina.

     'Able to pass through the top secret barrier and kill Anbu, the elite of Sandaime (The Third), knowing that the seal of Nine-tailed Jinchūriki will be weakened during production, and it should be able to tame Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) and not be affected by Konoha's Formation. Blocking free entry and exit! Thinking of this wave of wind, Minato has a figure in his mind.

     "Are you Uchiha Madara? No, it's impossible, he's already dead!"

     The masked man took off his hat and said contemptuously, "Who knows? This is not necessarily true!"Hafeng Minato's face became more serious: "The matter has reached this point. It doesn't matter who you are, but why should you stare at Konoha?"

     "It's a whim, but it was planned early in the morning, both for war and peace!" After speaking, the masked man took out a chain and locked it on his left and right hands.

     Hafeng Minato didn't say anything more when he saw it. After looking at each other for a while, the two rushed towards each other at the same time.

     Hafeng Minato's attack was still worn by the masked man, and he was entangled in the chain directly with Flying thunder god.

     The two illusory and physical transformations of the mask man made Bofeng Minato roughly figure out the situation of the mask man.

     Bofeng Minato guesses that the masked man must be materialized when he attacks, but materialization means that he may be attacked by others, and the attack is dangerous to the masked man!

     And based on the performance just now, Bofeng Minato judged that the mask man was probably because of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), and did not want to drag him down, but wanted a blitzkrieg strategy.

     Therefore, this battle has become a Speed contest.

     Thinking of this wave of wind, Minato didn't hesitate, and threw Flying thunder god Kunai at the masked man. Flying thunder god Kunai passed through the masked man's head.The mask man stretched his hand to Hafeng Minato's shoulder at the moment when Kumo passed through, and Hafeng Minato condensed a [Rasengan], intending to attack him when the mask man became physical.

     The mask man’s hand is obviously closer to Hafeng Minato’s shoulder. The moment the mask man’s hand touched Hafeng Minato’s shoulder, the mask man materialized and prepared to absorb Hafeng Minato.

     But Hafeng Minato instantly moved to the Flying thunder god in mid-air. Suffering. Before the mask man could get in and blur, he was hit by Hafeng Minato’s [Rasengan]. At the same time, Hafeng Minato was still on the back of the mask man. Left the mark of Flying thunder god.

     The winner of this Speed contest is Bofeng Minato.
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