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Chapter Directory 280 Frozen Five Tails
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and walked up to hug Pakura as soon as the obtrusive person left. Pakura didn't struggle, just gave him a blank glance.

     After kissing me and me, the two started talking about business: "Pakura, who is leading Stone Ninja this time?"

     "Who else, Old Onoki! But Onoki is really strong. Master Kazekage played against him the day before yesterday and lost terribly."

     "Hehe, you don’t like to hear, Rasa was originally the bottom in the movies of each village. Onoki's old man Sandaime (The Third) Raikage died, he was the strongest in the Sandaime (The Third) movie, of course. But that's it."

     Pakura was a little shocked when she heard this. She always thought that Third Hokage was the strongest in Sandaime (The Third).

     Yamanaka Ryo saw Pakura's thoughts and explained to her: "If Third Hokage is 10 years younger, I dare not say which one of them is strong, but now, Onoki is definitely strong."

     "10 years younger? Is Third Hokage's strength regressed so much because of age?"

     "Well, Third Hokage is not only getting old, but also the heart!" Yamanaka Ryo sighed when he remembered what Third Hokage had done in recent years.

     "Okay, Pakura! Let's not talk about these old men, let's..."

     "Master Pakura, Pakura... ahem! Master Pakura, what are you?"Just as Yamanaka Ryo acted unkindly on Pakura, a Ninja from Sand Ninja suddenly struck in.

     Pakura's face instantly turned flush, and he pushed Yamanaka Ryo away: "Let's talk! What's the matter?"

     "That's it, Master Pakura, Onoki led Stone Ninja's raid, Master Kazekage asked you to pass right away." Ninja who sent the letter put away the surprise on her face and said respectfully.

     "Okay, I'll be right there! What happened just now..."

     "He didn't see anything just now, Pakura you can relax!" After Yamanaka Ryo opened Sharingan, Sand Ninja, who was sending the message, walked out in a daze.

     Pakura opened her mouth, hesitated to speak, and finally sighed without saying much.

     "Okay, let's go!"


     Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura came out of the Sand Ninja camp. The Sand Ninjas have all assembled and are waiting for Pakura.

     As soon as Pakura arrived, Rasa ordered the Sand Ninjas to set off, and he and Pakura, Yamanaka Ryo said: “I heard Onoki called Gobi (Five-Tails) Jinchūriki and wanted to take us in one fell swoop. We don’t have any People can deal with Gobi (Five-Tails), can Ryo-kun help to contain it?"

     "Yes! Gobi (Five-Tails) is left to me!" Yamanaka Ryo happily agreed.

     Rasa was relieved when Yamanaka Ryo agreed.

     After Sand Ninja's troops advanced for dozens of minutes, they encountered Stone Ninja.Ninja of the two sides directly moved their hands when they met, while Onoki was floating in mid-air looking for traces of Rasa and Pakura.

     "Kazekage-sama, the old man Onoki is looking for you!" Yamanaka Ryo pointed to Onoki in midair and said.

     When Rasa saw Onoki's eyes flushed, he gathered the dust under his feet and flew up with him.

     "There is this kind of operation?" Seeing Rasa's movements, Yamanaka Ryo's eyes lit up, and the dust can fly, isn't it also possible for his ice?

     Yamanaka Ryo was about to try. In the center of the battlefield, a Powerful Chakra belonging to Bijuu (Tailed Beast) suddenly broke out.

     "Gobi (Five-Tails) is really here! Xiaolin, are you interested in playing with Gobi (Five-Tails) this time?" Yamanaka Ryo asked Xiaolin in the large ninja bag.

     "Not interested, this guy is too weak! If it is a complete Kurama, I can consider it." Xiaolin returned lazily.

     "I'm afraid you will become fat sooner or later if you haven't been active for so long."

     "Get fat!" Xiaolin looked like he didn't get in.

     A little helpless, Yamanaka Ryo took Xiaolin out and handed it over to Pakura: "Since you are unwilling to deal with Gobi (Five-Tails), the task of protecting Pakura is left to you."

     "Okay, I get it!" After saying that Xiaolin was not taking care of Yamanaka Ryo, and found a comfortable position in Pakura's arms to continue sleeping."Pakura, I will go back as soon as I go." Yamanaka Ryo's figure disappeared as soon as the voice fell.

     When Yamanaka Ryo arrived, Gobi (Five-Tails) had become Bijuu (Tailed Beast) and was raging in the crowd.

     The air around the desert is relatively dry, and there is too little moisture in the air. Yamanaka Ryo can only use Suiton to make some ice first.

     Bijuu (Tailed Beast) is very sensitive to the fluctuations of natural Chakra. Yamanaka Ryo was discovered by Gobi (Five-Tails) when it used to make ice.

     Han was shocked when he saw Yamanaka Ryo through the vision of Gobi (Five-Tails). Now Konoha is not at war with Cloud Ninja? Why does Yamanaka Ryo appear here? With doubts, Han asked Gobi (Five-Tails) to attack Yamanaka Ryo directly.

     Gobi (Five-Tails) directly condensed a Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) and blasted towards Yamanaka Ryo.

     Sand Ninjas fled after seeing Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball), but they were running so fast that Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) could fly fast?

     In other words, it is also an alliance, or his daughter-in-law's village. Yamanaka Ryo directly used the time and space barrier to transfer Gobi (Five-Tails)'s Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball).

     "Time and Space Ninjutsu! In addition to Minato, there are people who can transfer Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball)!" Gobi (Five-Tails)'s expression is a bit solemn. He didn't expect Yamanaka Ryo's time and space Ninjutsu to be so strong.

     "Kokuō (Gobi-Five Tails), long time no see, don't be so passionate! Just greet me with Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball)?""Humph! You cut off my tail before, do you think I forgot so soon?"

     Yamanaka Ryo's face blushed, and then he remembered that in order to help Xiaolin evolve, it seemed that every Bijuu (Tailed Beast) had been offended.

     "Yamanaka Ryo, why are you here? Shouldn't you be on the border of Country of Fire and deal with Cloud Ninja?" Gobi (Five-Tails)'s voice suddenly changed to a rough male voice.

     "Your Stone Ninja news is too late, and Cloud Ninja was solved by us a long time ago." This matter is not a secret, Yamanaka Ryo told Han directly.

     "What! This is impossible, but we are with Cloud Ninja...the hateful Cloud Ninja, do you want to count us?"

     Yamanaka Ryo looked a little weird when he heard it. It seemed that this time it was not just Stone Ninja's own actions, but a deal with Cloud Ninja.

     But these are not important, now the most important thing is to solve Gobi (Five-Tails) first.

     Thinking of this, Yamanaka Ryo gathered the surrounding ice into an ice dragon, and then controlled the ice dragon to fly toward Gobi (Five-Tails).

     The ice dragon and Gobi (Five-Tails) were entangled together, and Yamanaka Ryo smiled upon seeing this.

     In the process of entanglement, the ice dragon became smaller and smaller, but Gobi (Five-Tails) found that his Chakra was flowing more and more slowly, as if frozen.Gobi (Five-Tails) only realized that something was wrong at this time and wanted to get away from the entanglement of the ice dragon, but unfortunately it was too late.

     If Gobi (Five-Tails) avoids direct contact with the Ice Dragon at the beginning, the Ice Dragon will not have a chance to freeze his Chakra, but Gobi (Five-Tails) did not do so.

     The size of the ice dragon is still getting smaller, and the movements of Gobi (Five-Tails) are getting slower and slower. Finally, when the ice dragon disappears completely, Gobi (Five-Tails) also froze in place, unable to move.

     Yamanaka Ryo walked over, jumped on the head of Gobi (Five-Tails), and said with a smile: "I cut your tail before, I'm sorry, this time I will spare you and we will clean up."

     After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo teleported the frozen Gobi (Five-Tails) time-space barrier directly to the border of Country of Earth, then turned and left.
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