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Chapter Directory 293 Reunion With Lin
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In a small town on the border of Thunder Country, Tsunade was sitting at the gambling table, staring at the croupier's hand, and finally gritted his teeth and patted the remaining money on the small side.

     Other people on the table saw their eyes light up, striving to be first and fearing to be last pressed the money to the top.

     The result is self-evident, Tsunade lost again.

     "Shizune, take the money out! I want to reverse it!"

     "No, Tsunade-sama, this is the money Rin earned for us to eat and stay in the restaurant, and I definitely can't give it to you!" Shizune clung to his pockets, uncompromising.

     "Shizune, trust me! I will definitely come back!"

     When Shizune was about to speak, Rin stopped her, took out a thousand taels from himself and gave it to Tsunade.

     "It's still Rin, hello, when sensei turns over, please have a big meal!"

     "Rin, you are too indulging in Master Tsunade! If this goes on, you will have to treat others to make money again." Shizune said with some dissatisfaction.

     "It's okay, you can make more money if you don't have any money, and sensei is just happy she is happy!"

     Tsunade heard the conversation between the two very clearly. Seeing that he was about to place a bet, Tsunade stood up suddenly and pulled the two out of the casino.

     "Master Tsunade, what are you doing?"

     "Nothing, I don't want to bet anymore, I will invite you to a big meal for this thousand taels!""Tsunade-sama, if you want to ask, Rin will ask us both. This is Rin's money!"

     "Really? Don't pay attention to these details, walk around, eat!" Tsunade said and took away and walked into a big restaurant.

     After eating and drinking, Tsunade looked at Rin who was going to pay the bill and smiled. After so many years, she was most fortunate to accept Rin as her first son.

     Tsunade is pretty sure that Rin respects her from the heart.

     Shizune and Rin get along very well, because Rin's arrival has completely changed her life.

     When she was the only one by Tsunade's side before, Tsunade often entangled them all, making them both have to sleep on the street.

     Since Rin came, he would go out to make money. Although some of them would be gambled by Tsunade, the rest would be enough for them to eat and stay in the store.

     Just as Rin paid the bill and was about to buy a pot of wine for Tsunade, Yamanaka Ryo and Shizune suddenly appeared next to her.

     Rin was taken aback by the two of them. Tsunade saw the two suddenly appeared and stood up immediately, rushed to Rin's side with the Body Flicker Technique, and protected Rin behind him.

     "Rin, don't be so cold! It's me!"

     "Are you... far?" Yamanaka Ryo has not seen a small change in a few years. Regardless of his appearance or voice, Rin was a little uncertain for a while.Yamanaka Ryo smiled, controlled the Ice Scalpel in Rin's ninja bag, and flew out.

     Now Rin determined that the person in front of him must be Yamanaka Ryo.

     "Sensei, he is Yamanaka Ryo! Don't worry about me!" Tsunade relaxed his vigilance.

     "Tsunade-sama, hello!"

     Tsunade nodded, took a pot of wine on the counter, and returned to the table on his own.

     "Far, long time no see! How are you all these years?"

     "Very good! By the way, let me introduce you. This is my sister, Yamanaka Suzune." After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo gave Suzune a wink.

     "Sister Rin, hello!" Suzune greeted Rin with a smile.

     "Well, hello, hello!" Rin said with a strange glance at Suzune.

     Then Rin and Yamanaka Ryo chatted for a while, and then asked about the Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) night.

     When the night of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) happened, Rin and Tsunade had already left the Country of Fire. It was months after the news of the night of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) reached them.

     At that time, after learning that Bofeng Minato had sealed Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) to death, Rin was sad for a long time.

     When I saw Yamanaka Ryo this time, Rin thought of Minato again. Looking at Rin's sad look, Yamanaka Ryo couldn't bear it.

     After hesitating for a while, Yamanaka Ryo told Rin that Minato had been resurrected."This... how is this possible! Is it far from true?" The news was too shocking for Rin, and she couldn't accept it for a while.

     "Of course it is true, now Minato is recovering from Mount Myōboku!"

     Looking at Yamanaka Ryo's so determined expression, Rin believed Yamanaka Ryo's words.

     "Rin, this matter must be kept secret, and don't tell anyone, including Master Tsunade." Yamanaka Ryo specifically warned.

     "Well, I understand!" As an excellent medical ninja, Rin knows what it means to rise from the dead, of course she won't talk nonsense.

     After chatting with Rin for a while, Yamanaka Ryo took Suzune to Tsunade's side.

     Before Yamanaka Ryo spoke, Tsunade said first, "Boy, let's talk! What's the matter, it depends on Rin's face, as long as it is not too troublesome, I will promise you!"

     Yamanaka Ryo was taken aback, and then glanced at Rin with some surprise. What has Rin done in the past few years has actually allowed her to have such a status in Tsunade's mind.

     "Master Tsunade, then I will be rude! I am looking for you to tell you one thing, one thing to you. First thing to tell you: Suzune, show your Mokuton (Wood Style) to Master Tsunade !"

     Suzune wanted to open her palm when she heard the words, and a small tree sapling slowly grew from the palm of her hand.Tsunade was stunned after seeing Suzune's Mokuton (Wood Style), and it took a while before he came back to his senses.

     Tsunade grabbed Suzune's hand and began to check Suzune's Chakra. Then Tsunade's face became complicated.

     "Is she a masterpiece of Orochimaru?" Tsunade's voice was so flat that he couldn't hear the joy or anger.

     "Uncle Snake is not the only one, I also contribute!" Yamanaka Ryo said.

     "How did you do it? I know what grandfather's cells look like. Don't say let a child fuse, even an adult will be swallowed instantly."

     "That's it..." Then Yamanaka Ryo and Tsunade explained the process of Suzune's birth.

     "I didn't expect this to be the case, Suzune! What you have in your body is my grandfather's blood, and you can be regarded as the purest bloodline of my Senju Clan." Tsunade looked at Suzune with a soft look.

     Using Shodai (The First) cells for experiments, Tsunade is indeed very angry, but now Senju Clan's clans are already hers. What's wrong with having one more Suzune?

     "Tsunade-sama, you already know about Suzune. Next is my request. I want to go to Shikkotsu Forest to see Katsuyu's body."

     Tsunade frowned when she heard this. She didn't expect Yamanaka Ryo to make this request: "What can you do with Katsuyu's body?"Yamanaka Ryo did not speak, but stood silently.

     "Forget it, you don't want to say that I am too lazy to ask. I said before, as long as Rin's face is not too troublesome, I will help you. I will say hello to you at Shikkotsu Forest, as for Katsuyu Seeing you is not what I can guarantee!"

     "Thank you Tsunade-sama!" Yamanaka Ryo said respectfully.

     Afterwards, several people left the hotel and came to a forest. Tsunade used Summoning Technique to summon Katsuyu Body Clone.

     After explaining the situation to Katsuyu, Body Clone disappeared. After a while, Tsunade summoned Katsuyu again and Body Clone. This time Katsuyu Body Clone said: "The body is willing to see you."
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