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Chapter Directory 306 Black Action
    Chinese Name: 鳶荌眳堈芴  Author: 珨藐腹貌(Y貝 l邢 f迆hu芍, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Kushina came soon, and Yamanaka Ryo immediately showed Kushina the curse seal on Uchiha's full tongue.

     Kushina deserves to be a member of Uzumaki Clan's tribe. After watching it for a while, I understood the specific role of Danz身 curse seal.

     "This kind of curse seal is a bit complicated. It is connected to the human brain. Once someone wants to say something unfavorable to the Bestowing Technique practitioner, the curse seal will be forcibly blocked." Kushina said.

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded, what Kushina said is the same as the description in the original book: "Sister Kushina, can you remove this curse seal?"

     "I can't help it alone, but if I'm with Yuan, it should be possible."

     "Come with me? What do I need to do?" Yamanaka Ryo asked quickly.

     "I just said that this kind of curse seal is connected to the brain, so when it is released, it will inevitably touch the human brain. If you are not careful, it may cause damage to the brain.

     And in the process of releasing it, the Bestowing Technique practitioner will definitely discover that the Bestowing Technique practitioner may activate the curse seal and destroy his brain directly.

     But fortunately, this kind of curse seal should be planted on many people, so it should take some time for Bestowing Technique practitioners to determine whose curse seal has a problem.So I need your help. With the help of your Spiritual/Mental Strength, it can protect the brain of the person in front of me. I will be rough and try to remove the curse seal before the confirmation of the Bestowing Technique. "

     Kushina and Yamanaka Ryo talked about her thoughts, and Yamanaka Ryo agreed after thinking about it.

     After making preparations, Kushina set out to lift the seal, and Yamanaka Ryo used the [Heart Turning Technique] to enter Uchiha's full brain.

     Kushina released the curse seal by directly washing it with a large amount of Chakra, and even deliberately chose Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) Chakra.

     The Chakra of Bijuu (Tailed Beast) is inherently corrosive, and the curse seal has gradually become blurred.

     At the same time, Danz身, who was in Root, noticed that someone was touching the curse seal of Root members.

     Danz身 gave a cold snort and immediately closed his eyes and began to sense whose curse seal was touched.

     It is a pity that Danz身 is still a step late. Before he can confirm who it is, Kushina has already lifted the curse seal first.

     Danz身's face instantly turned ugly, and then he turned to Root Ninja on one side and said, "Go and help me call Mito Homura."

     After Hokage's Office lifted the curse seal of Uchiha full, Yamanaka Ryo continued to inquire about Uchiha full.Finally, I learned from Uchiha Man that he joined Root after Third Shinobi World War. The reason for joining Root is because Danz身 promised to help him open Mangekyou Sharingan.

     "Danz身 is really good at thinking about people's hearts. You should also understand that this person is far away. In addition to performing tasks, you are only interested in how to improve your strength. Danz身 uses Mangeky身 to tempt him. It is also as it should be by rights that he gets the bait."

     "It turns out that this is Root's curse seal! No wonder it's so complicated." Kushina heard Hagi Sakumo's words and realized that this is Root's curse seal.

     "Uncle Sakumo, I want to ask you one thing. Please check carefully if you have any other players left by Danz身. I will find Danz身 myself for the rest."

     Sakumo Hagii heard the words, glanced at Uchiha who was sluggish, and nodded in agreement.

     Yamanaka Ryo left Hokage's Office when he was sealing Kushina.

     Root, Danz身 asked about Mito Homura's recent developments with Sakumo and others.

     "What? Yan, did you reveal the existence of Uchiha Man?" Danz身 asked in shock.

     Mito Homura didn't realize the seriousness of the problem, and said without paying attention: "It shouldn't matter! I said Uchiha is full of loyalty to Konoha...""You are too naive, do you think Hagiki Sakumo will be deceived by the successor of Will of Fire? He is not the same as Hiruzen!

     Just now, I sensed that someone touched my curse seal, and now it seems that the curse seal full of Uchiha has been lifted! "

     Danz身's words made Mito Homura have a surprise. At this time, he also knew that it was his own bad thing.

     "Danz身, what should we do now? Uchiha is full but we are watching Uchiha's important chess pieces.

     And you didn*t mean that someone cooperated with you to help Uchiha fully turn on Mangeky身? But now that Uchiha's full curse seal is lifted, even if you help Uchiha fill Mangeky身, he won't necessarily listen to you. "

     Just what Danz身 was about to say, Yamanaka Ryo appeared in front of them out of thin air.

     "Yamanaka Ryo, what are you doing?" Danz身 asked with a dark face.

     Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said directly: "I hope you will not disturb Uchiha Man in the future."

     "Uchiha joined Root voluntarily, I didn't force him, I just..."

     "There is no need to say these words anymore. I know how to join Root. If you were not willing, you are dead now!"

     Yamanaka Ryo's tone is very indifferent, without any emotional fluctuations, just like stating an objective fact.Danz身 saw the killing intent in Yamanaka Ryo's eyes. Danz身 knew very well that with his own strength, facing Yamanaka Ryo, he had no chance to survive. In the end, Danz身 chose to bow his head.

     "Okay, I promise you that from today I won't go to Uchiha Mann again."

     "That's good, I hope Master Danz身 keeps his promise." After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo turned and prepared to leave.

     Danz身 was relieved when he saw this, but Yamanaka Ryo suddenly remembered something when he walked halfway, and said to Danz身, "Master Danz身, there is one more thing. I remember that Root has been disbanded, so you can live in peace in the future! You'd better not mix things up."

     After speaking, Yamanaka Ryo's figure disappeared directly into Root, leaving only Danz身 and Mito Homura with angry faces.

     Later, Sakumo Hagi arranged for Anbu to send Uchiha Man back to Uchiha Clan, and Yamanaka Ryo secretly watched his former best friend.

     From today, Yamanaka Ryo*s friends will no longer have Uchiha.

     After Yamanaka Ryo learned that Uchiha had joined the roots for strength, the friendship between the two had broken.

     For so many years from the cradle to the grave, Yamanaka Ryo will go to Root to find Danz身, so that Uchiha can live without interruption. This is the last thing he did for Uchiha.But Yamanaka Ryo didn't know that before Uchiha Man returned to Uchiha Clan, Black Zetsu lurking in Uchiha Clan secretly left a cloud of black gas in Uchiha Clan's home.

     As soon as Uchiha Man returned home, he absorbed the gas through breathing. Due to the influence of this gas, Uchiha Man*s three tomoe Sharingan opened by itself and slowly rotated.

     At the same time, Uchiha Man's heart also became irritable. He didn't understand what was wrong with his pursuit of power?

     Thinking of the previous experience with Yamanaka Ryo, Uchiha's heart became more uncomfortable.

     As time passed, Uchiha's heart gradually developed a hatred, hatred for Danz身, hatred for Konoha, hatred for Yamanaka Ryo.

     His Sharingan spun wildly under the stimulation of this hatred, and finally the three tomoes were connected, and the pattern in his eyes gradually became an inverted triangle.

     The burning sensation in the eyes attracted Uchiha's full attention.

     Uchiha Clan's Ninja takes her eyes very seriously and feels that her eyes have abnormal changes. Uchiha quickly picked up the mirror and saw the patterns in her eyes.

     "This is... Mangekyou Sharingan!" Uchiha trembled with excitement. Seeing Uchiha's eyes wide underground, Black Zetsu quietly left Konoha immediately.
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