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Chapter Directory 307 Bomb Buried In Wood
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain), Akatsuki's new base, Black Zetsu emerged from the ground and grinned at Obito who was waiting on the sidelines.

     "Looking at your expression, things are doing well?" Obito asked when he saw it.

     "Well, I put the black mist that can make Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) Dodai in the room full of Uchiha. After he inhales the black mist, I use Genjutsu (Illusionary Technique) hints to stimulate Uchiha Man Inner hatred.

     Uchiha's full eyes power was already close to the limit of three tomoe. After my guidance, he successfully turned on Mangekyou Sharingan. "

     Obito said with satisfaction: "Very good, good job."

     "Obito, I always wanted to ask, why did you help Uchiha turn on Mangekyō?" Black Zetsu asked.

     "Of course it is to make Konoha and Uchiha Clan turn back. Uchiha is full of bombs I buried in Konoha. When I detonate this bomb, Konoha and Uchiha must not be able to live together in peace."

     "But Uchiha probably wouldn't follow our orders, how can you make him explode when you want it?" Black Zetsu asked.

     "Then you don't have to worry about it, I have my way."

     Black Zetsu nodded, without asking more.

     "By the way, one more thing, Black Zetsu, you help me arrange a few White Zetsu Body Clone at the Konoha border, and always pay attention to Uchiha's dynamics.Once Uchiha Mange left Country of Fire, he immediately asked Nagato to send Akatsuki's members to intercept and kill him, and help Uchiha Mangekyō Dojutsu (Eye Technique) awaken his Mangekyō Dojutsu (Eye Technique). "

     "Okay, I'll go right away." After speaking, Black Zetsu went into the ground.

     After Black Zetsu left, Obito murmured: "How much is Black Zetsu hiding from me? I don't even know what makes Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) Dodai".

     Konoha, it has been more than half a month since Uchiha fully opened Mangekyō.

     In the past half month, Uchiha was full of cautious and solemn hiding the news of opening Mangekyō, staying at home most of the time, exploring Mangekyou Sharingan.

     However, Uchiha is also Konoha Jōnin, whether it is Uchiha Clan or Hagii Sakumo, it is impossible for him to stay idle all the time.

     Today, Uchiha received a B-rank assignment assigned to him by Uchiha Clan to send a piece of information to Takinokuni.

     In order not to arouse Uchiha Clan's suspicion, Uchiha set off on the same day after receiving the mission.

     Soon, Uchiha reached the border of Country of Fire, and White Zetsu Body Clone, who had been ambushing here for more than half a month, found traces of Uchiha in the first place.

     White Zetsu Body Clone is connected to the body. After the White Zetsu body got the news, it immediately relayed it to Black Zetsu.Black Zetsu went to Nagato according to Obito's order, and Nagato immediately ordered Kakuzu near Takino Country to intercept Uchiha Man.

     Uchiha didn't know all this, he just wanted to complete the task as soon as possible, and then go back to the village to study his Mangekyō.

     After receiving the order, Kakuzu set off immediately and stopped Uchiha Man on the way to Takino Country.

     When I saw Uchiha full of Kakuzu, I didn't hesitate at all. It was directly Fūton (Wind Style) + Katon (Fire Style) mixed Ninjutsu.

     The power of this technique was great, and it was a sudden attack. Uchiha was caught off guard. Uchiha suffered a small loss.

     "Who are you? Why..." Uchiha hadn't finished speaking before the next wave of attacks came, this time it was Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style).

     The order Kakuzu received was to kill Uchiha Man. To a "dead person", Kakuzu didn't bother to talk nonsense with him.

     Upon seeing this, Uchiha realized that the man in front of him was here to kill him. Uchiha snorted and opened the Wantong Sharingan.

     People are old and good, Kakuzu has lived for so long, he was also Mangekyou Sharingan before, and not once or twice.

     However, Kakuzu did not expect that after many years, his mission goal actually had Mangekyou Sharingan.

     Kakuzu is the Ninja who lived from the Warring States Period to today. Back then, Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Izumi Mangekyō were not so strong. Kakuzu was still vivid in one's mind.Therefore, after seeing the Mangekyō full of Uchiha, Kakuzu hesitated and even retreated.

     And Uchiha Man was also panicked at this time. He didn't even discover his Mangekyō's Dojutsu (Eye Technique), and Kakuzu was obviously much stronger than him, and he was not sure about dealing with the person in front of him.

     Both scrupulously guarded against each other.

     After a stalemate for a while, Kakuzu changed his method and started attacking from a distance with a large Ninjutsu.

     Faced with such a large Ninjutsu, Uchiha could only dodge while fleeing in the direction of Country of Fire.

     Once in the territory of Country of Fire, Kakuzu's use of large Ninjutsu will surely be noticed by Ninja of Konoha.

     Kakuzu also knows this. Ninjutsu releases more and more frequently, and Uchiha is struggling to dodge.

     On the other side of the forest, the black White Zetsu was hiding in the dark and peering.

     "Kakuzu this trash, White Zetsu, go and help him." Seeing that Kakuzu hadn't been effective for so long, Black Zetsu said to White Zetsu anxiously.

     White Zetsu nodded when he heard the words, dived into the ground, and used the [Art of Mayfly] to sneak from the ground to the vicinity of Uchihaman.

     White Zetsu waited for a while, and when Kakuzu released Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Ninjutsu, he stretched out a hand from the ground and grabbed Uchiha's full foot.

     Uchiha was caught full of feet and was too late to dodge, and was hit by Kakuzu's Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style).Kakuzu was stunned when he saw this, apparently he didn't expect that his technique would hit Uchiha full.

     Uchiha fell to the ground. Kakuzu didn't approach Mangekyō's fear of the consequences. Instead, he took out a handful of kunai and shot it at Uchiha's full heart.

     Uchiha was paralyzed by the Powerful Raiton (Lightning & Thunder Style) Chakra, unable to move for a while, Kakuzu's suffering was getting closer and closer to his heart, and Mangekyō was stimulated by his strong desire to survive. Kunai stopped a few centimeters from Uchiha's heart.

     Uchiha let out a long sigh of relief when he saw it, and then his Dojutsu (Eye Technique) Controlling Metal emerged in his mind.

     "Is this the ability of my Mangekyō?" Uchiha muttered to himself.

     Then his Mangekyō flashed, and the kunai and shuriken in the ninja bag flew out and floated beside him according to Uchiha's will.

     Uchiha controlled these kunai and fired at Kakuzu. Kakuzu evaded kunai and was about to fight back. Black Zetsu on one side suddenly appeared and said to Kakuzu: "Kakuzu, your mission ends here, it's time to go."

     Kakuzu frowned and said, "The task I received is to kill Uchiha full, but it's not..." Kakuzu didn't say anything, and suddenly felt a tingling pain in his back.

     Black Zetsu looked back and saw that Kakuzu's back was already full of kunai.

     "Asshole! I must dig out his heart!""Enough Kakuzu! Retreat!" Kakuzu was taken aback by the voice from the ring, and then gave Uchiha a somewhat unwilling look, then turned and left.

     Uchiha looked at Kakuzu and Black Zetsu who were walking away, and he was relieved, and then lost consciousness.
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