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Chapter Directory 309 Ringtone Growth
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After leaving Hagi Sakumo, Yamanaka Ryo took Yamato straight to the Death Forest.

     In recent years, as long as Suzune has no mission, he will stay in the dead forest to practice Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu.

     And Suzune's strength has been steadily improving, and now Suzune can use the [Mokujin Art].

     Yamanaka Ryo went through the back door to get all the Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu of Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) and opened it. In his opinion, the Mokuton (Wood Style) of Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) was a watershed from the [Mokujin Art].

     [The Art of Mokujin] [Flower and Tree World Coming], [Thousand Trees Real Hand. Top of the Buddha], etc., all require a large amount of Chakra to use. Senjutsu even needs Senjutsu Chakra to be truly powerful.

     Thinking of this, Yamanaka Ryo turned back and asked Yamato: "Yamato, which Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu do you have now?"

     Yamato, who turned his head down to minimize his sense of existence, was taken aback by Yamanaka Ryo’s question and quickly replied: "I...I know the basic Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu."

     Yamanaka Ryo looked at him in a solemn way, shook his head, and didn't ask too much.

     Yamato was relieved to see that Yamanaka Ryo didn't mean to ask anymore.

     A few years ago, Yamato was selected by Orochimaru and Yamanaka Ryo to implant Mokuton (Wood Style) cells. Since then, Yamato has always had a heartfelt fear of Orochimaru and Yamanaka Ryo.After Orochimaru left Konoha, Yamato was rescued by Hagi Sakumo, and later entered Anbu with Kakashi.

     In Anbu, Kakashi taught Yamato a lot of things, but because of something, Kakashi always wanted to tease and bully the square-faced person in front of him.

     Yamato, Kakashi's evil taste, dares neither to be angry nor to speak. Therefore, although Yamato's strength has been growing, his character has become weaker and weaker.

     Sakumo Hagi is anxious about this, but Yamato owns Mokuton (Wood Style) Kekkei Genkai, and is destined to become the pillar of Konoha Ninja. How can such a weak character work?

     That's why it was decided to hand over Yamato to Yamanaka Ryo. After all, Yamanaka Ryo is one of the givers of Yamato Mokuton (Wood Style) Kekkei Genkai.

     And Yamato Suzune's Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu is far above Yamato. With Suzune's guidance, Yamato's strength can also improve faster.

     At the edge of the dead forest, Yamanaka Ryo perceives the Chakra of Suzune in the depths of the forest.

     "Yamato, do you remember Suzune? The little girl who transplanted Shodai (The First) cells with you back then."

     Yamato nodded. He was very impressed with Suzune. Yamato once looked at Suzune more than once through the glass.

     "Well, just remember, Suzune will teach you Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu in the future.""I...I know, Hokage-sama said it before, but...but, Hokage-sama also said that he wants me to learn Suiton Ninjutsu with you."

     "Learning Suiton Ninjutsu?" Yamanaka Ryo frowned, wondering what Hagii Sakumo was thinking.

     Yamato incorporates Shodai (The First) cells. Just like Suzune, you only need to concentrate on practicing Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu. There is no need to learn Suiton Ninjutsu.

     But since Sakumo Hagaki said, Yamanaka Ryo won't refuse. If it's easy, teach it.

     The two walked into the Death Forest and happened to see Suzune practicing [Mokujin Art]. Yamanaka Ryo looked at Suzune's Mokujin with interest.

     In terms of height and size, Suzune's Mokujin is much smaller than Shodai Hokage (First Hokage), and it is not even comparable to the Mokujin controlled by Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) White Zetsu.

     However, Suzune's Mokujin has a little more spirituality than the Mokujin controlled by Black White Zetsu. Only then did Yamanaka Ryo discover that Suzune was using the [Mokujin technique] in the state of curse seal.

     Yamanaka Ryo became interested, and Instant Lightning rushed to Suzune. A row of blue ribs appeared around his body, and then arms appeared on the left and right sides of the ribs.

     Yamanaka Ryo controlled [Susanoo], raising his fist and smashing it directly at Suzune's Mokujin.

     It was the first time that Suzune saw [Susanoo] and was a little curious, and immediately controlled Mokujin to meet Yamanaka Ryo's fist.The result of the collision between Mokujin and Susao was beyond Yamanaka Ryo's expectation. Mokujin's tremendous power was too great, and he directly blasted Yamanaka Ryo out.

     Yamanaka Ryo's head and face filthy with grime climbed up from the ground, but fortunately he was protected by Susao and was not injured.

     "It's worthy of being able to compete with the complete body Susuo, really powerful!" Yamanaka Ryo heartfelt admiration.

     "Brother, are you okay!" Suzune ran over anxiously and asked.

     "I'm fine. Suzune, don't worry." Yamanaka Ryo touched Suzune's head, comforting.

     After confirming that Yamanaka Ryo is okay, Suzune breathed a sigh of relief, and then complained a little bit: "Brother, why did you come here suddenly?"

     "I brought you an old friend, come here, Yamato." Yamanaka Ryo beckoned to Yamato.

     "Suzune, remember him?"

     Suzune shook her head. She looked at Yamato and felt a little familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen it.

     "He is Yamato, who used to transplant Shodai (The First) cells from Uncle Snake together with you."

     As soon as Yamanaka Ryo said, Suzune also remembered that there were two glassware in Orochimaru at the time, one of which was him, no wonder he felt familiar.

     "Brother, what are you taking him for?" Suzune asked strangely."It's Uncle Sakumo. He said Yamato's Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu is too bad, so I want you to help him teach him Mokuton (Wood Style) for a while."

     "Teach him? He should have the cells of Lord Shodai (The First)! Learning Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu should be fast, I don't need to teach it!"

     "Big... I'm probably stupid!" It may be that after seeing people who had "shared adversity" before, Yamato was more courageous and whispered.

     Suzune laughed when he heard Yamato's words, but did not object, and agreed to let Yamato stay and teach him Mokuton (Wood Style) for a period of time.

     For the next few days, Yamato Yamanaka Ryo went back and forth to the Dead Forest every day.

     During the days and nights with Suzune, Yamanaka Ryo found that Suzune's Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu had reached a bottleneck.

     Ninjutsu's training has reached a bottleneck, and it can be improved from other aspects, such as Sage Mode.

     In the original work, Shodai Hokage (First Hokage)'s Senjutsu + Mokuton (Wood Style) is the power of anyone with eyes can see it. He had already planned to let Suzune learn Senjutsu.

     Yamanaka Ryo decided to take Suzune to find Tsunade after thinking for a while.

     The purpose of looking for Tsunade, needless to say, must be for Suzune to learn the Sage Mode of Katsuyu from Shikkotsu Forest.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't know how Sage Mode of Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) was practiced, nor did it mention it in the original book.However, Yamanaka Ryo speculates that the Sage Mode of Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) is likely to come from Shikkotsu Forest.

     Both Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi Cave's Sage Mode appeared in the original work. The Sage Mode of these two holy places and Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) are obviously different.

     Moreover, after Shodai Hokage (First Hokage) enters Sage Mode, the recovery ability is also greatly improved, which coincides with the characteristics of Shikkotsu Forest.

     As for Tsunade's Shikkotsu Forest Psychic Scroll, Yamanaka Ryo also guessed that it was probably passed down by Shodai Hokage (First Hokage).
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