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Chapter Directory 322 Contradictions Broke Out
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Uchiha Mann didn't expect that Sakumo Hagi could cut off one of the arms of [Susanoo].

     As a user, Uchiha, as a user, knows how strong [Susanoo]’s defenses are.

     Haaki Sakumo can cut off one of the arms of [Susanoo], does it mean that [Susanoo] has no effect at all in front of Hagi Sakumo in the second stage?

     Uchiha gritted his teeth and urged Mangekyō with all his strength. The black and purple giant grew a bit bigger and broke Hokage's Office.

     Hokage Building was originally the center of Konoha, and the number of civilians and Ninja who came and went every day was unknown.

     The battle between Sakumo Hagiki and Uchiha Man was exposed to the Konoha people.

     Danzō, who was observing secretly, was very excited when he saw this. Root's Ninjas started to move, secretly spreading news that Uchiha Man assassinated Hokage.

     When Yamanaka Ryo carried the disguised Anbu Ninja in Danzō to spread the news, they would question them. The content of the questioning was only one sentence: "I seem to have heard that Uchiha is full of Danzō's men, and only listens to Danzō's. command."

     People generally believe what they see, and Yamanaka Ryo also knows that no one will believe it based on this sentence.But the purpose of Yamanaka Ryo is not to convince the villagers of Konoha that Uchiha is full of Danzō people, but to plant a seed among the villagers.

     When the "truth" is revealed in the future, the villagers will remember what they heard today, and more people will believe it.

     On the other side, Uchiha Clan's people also received news that Uchiha Man was going to assassinate Hokage alone.

     For a time, the Uchiha Manchu clan became a mess of porridge, and the clan people were discussing this matter.

     At this time, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku and Uchiha Yu are discussing the next move in front of the slate of Nanga Shrine.

     "Fugaku, issue an order! A clan meeting will be held tonight. Those who support the coup will be led by me. Those who do not support or are pressured by other clansmen to agree to it will be handed over to you.

     There are also children under the age of 16 in the clan, which are also handed over to you. They are all Uchiha Clan's future. "

     Uchiha's tone was very flat, but Fugaku felt Uchiha's love for Uchiha Clan. This old man who dedicated his life to Uchiha decided to sacrifice himself in order to get Uchiha in the future.

     "Elder, don't worry! I will definitely protect these people."

     "Well, I'll leave it to you after that." Uchiha said with a smile."By the way, one more thing, who did you choose in the village?" Uchiha Xiong asked suddenly.

     "It's probably Itachi!"

     "Your son? Fugaku, actually you totally..."

     "Grand Elder! I believe in Itachi." Fugaku interrupted Uchiha, who sighed and didn't say anything.

     In the Death Forest, Itachi and Suzune chatted for a long time before leaving. Through the conversation with Suzune, Itachi gradually understood that he should use these Mangekyō to protect something.

     However, he still didn't know whether he was going to protect Uchiha or Konoha.

     For Itachi, both Uchiha and Konoha are his home.

     Itachi followed Uchiha Futama/Fugaku to the battlefield when he was 4 years old. The tragedy on the battlefield made Itachi feel disgusted for the first time. He hated war.

     Itachi is very clear that once there is a conflict between Konoha and Uchiha, the final result must be both sides suffer. In this way, Konoha's strength will be greatly lost, and other villages are likely to enter by exploiting a weak spot, and they may be provoked again at that time. war.

     Thinking of this, Itachi's expression became firm, and he wanted to prevent Konoha and Uchiha from conflicting.

     At this time, the battle between Haaki Sakumo and Uchiha Man has also reached a fierce stage.After Uchiha Man used the third stage of [Susanoo] forcibly, Hagii Sakumo really couldn't break [Susanoo]'s defense.

     But because of using the third stage of [Susanoo] Uchiha's eyes were full of blood and tears, and his vision became increasingly blurred.

     Through these reactions of the body, Uchiha knew that he had reached the limit.

     But Uchiha Man didn't want to give up. In his opinion, as long as he kills or seriously injures Hokage, he can buy Uchiha some time to deal with Konoha.

     Thinking of this, Uchiha didn't hesitate, and the giant controlling the black and purple threw a shuriken at Hagiki Sakumo.

     In the previous fight, Haaki Sakumo probably guessed that Uchiha Mangekyō's ability should be to control weapons, and then exchange positions with weapons.

     So after seeing the shuriken thrown by Uchiha, Hagii Sakumo's first reaction was to flash, and then try to stay away from the shuriken.

     What made Sakumo Hatake a surprise was that the Shuriken thrown by Uchiha Man had a special power, pulling him towards Shuriken.

     Not far away, Yamanaka Ryo noticed Haaki Sakumo's abnormality, his face changed drastically, and he immediately teleported towards Hokage's Office.At the same time, Uchiha Manya and Shuriken exchanged positions and controlled [Susanoo] to raise a huge fist and smash it directly at Hagi Sakumo.

     All this came so quickly that Sakumo Hagi had no time to dodge.

     "Boom!" Susanoo's fist slammed down with a loud bang. After this punch, the entire Hokage building was crumbling.

     This was Uchiha Man’s last blow. After this blow, Uchiha Man’s eyes were completely invisible, and the black and purple giant gradually disappeared and finally lost consciousness.

     Outside the Hokage building, Hagiki Sakumo was also panting. If the punch that Uchiha was full just hit him, he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

     After a while, Hagiki Sakumo regained his senses and said to Yamanaka Ryo: "Far, thanks to you this time!"

     "It's okay, Uncle Sakumo don't care."

     "Far, don't you go and see him? He should be alive." Sakumo Hagi pointed to Uchihaman who was lying there.

     After a moment of silence, Yamanaka Ryo said: "No, this is a choice made by Man Man. When he made his hand at you, the friendship between us has ended. Let Anbu take him down!"

     Sakumo Hagi nodded when he heard the words, and ordered Anbu next to him to take Uchiha.After the end of the war, the villagers of Konoha spontaneously stepped forward and asked about Hagi Sakumo's condition.

     After Hagii Sakumo said that he was okay, the villagers were relieved. At the same time, some villagers began to curse Uchiha in a low voice.

     One stone caused a thousand waves of waves, and one person said that other villagers also began to discuss whether Uchiha Clan was wrong.

     Coupled with the fact that the people of Danzō and Mito Homura secretly fan the flames, a group of anger arose for a while, and the hatred of the villagers of Konoha towards Uchiha reached its culmination.

     After seeing all this, Danzō muttered to himself: "Feijian sensei, the Uchiha you are afraid of the consequences will soon disappear in Konoha!"
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