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Chapter Directory 323 Eve
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Uchiha's assassination of Hokage completely aroused conflicts between the village and Uchiha.

     The Konoha villagers began to boycott Uchiha Clan as before, disrupting the work of the Security Department.

     Uchiha Clan did not choose to remain silent this time. Anyone who made trouble, whether it was ordinary villagers or Ninja, was arrested.

     Uchiha Clan's actions made the villagers of Konoha more angry. Coupled with the deliberate guidance of the members of Danzō Root, some people directly touched the people of Uchiha Clan.

     Seeing that the situation is getting worse, Sakumo Hagiki did not stop the villagers from doing a complete change from the normal state. He just said that Anbu was already investigating about Uchiha Mann and asked the villagers to calm down and wait for the results.

     The abnormality of Sakumo Hagi made the villagers believe that this assassination was really done by Uchiha Clan.

     That night, Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku held an emergency clan assembly at Nanga Shrine. Everyone from Uchiha Clan, civilians or Ninja, has arrived. Of course, Itachi is no exception.

     After the tribesmen came together, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku and Uchiha, standing on a high place, glanced at each other, Uchiha said first: "Everyone, I think everyone already knows everything..."

     "Elder, is it really the clan who sent out to assassinate Hokage?" Uchiha Xiong's words were not finished, the people below couldn't help interrupting Uchiha Xiong's words."Yeah! Great Elder, first tell us what happened to Man?"

     "Yes, Grand Elder, we want to know what's going on."


     Someone who took the lead in Uchiha Clan's clan shouted.

     "Hmph! Give me peace!" Uchiha Xiong snorted coldly. Seeing Uchiha's anger, the people below instantly became quiet.

     "Since you want to know, I will tell you that Uchiha was not sent by us."

     Uchiha's words caused the tribe below to blow up the pot once again.

     After a while, an Elite Jōnin plucked up the courage to say: "Elder, if it weren't for us, how could he... And he has already turned on Mangekyō, what the hell is going on with the elder?"

     "I don't know what happened. But no matter what I think or who is instigated by someone, there is no place for us to live in Konoha right now."

     Uchiha Xiong's words are a bit lonely, and the faces of Uchiha's people below also become ugly.

     "Huh! I think this is that the village self-directed and acted to take this opportunity to get rid of us Uchiha Clan, we can't sit and wait for death!" another elder said.This elder's words have been recognized by many tribesmen. Since the night of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails), Konoha's attitude towards Uchiha Clan, they have seen, these tribesmen have long been dissatisfied.

     "I agree with the elders, everyone knows what Konoha has done, so let's start a coup!

     If there are so many Ninjas in our clan, if we suddenly act, we have a good chance to take down the power of Konoha, but if the clan chief or elder becomes Hokage, who dares to insult us? "An Elite Jōnin said.

     "Wait...wait a minute! The strength of the village is not so simple, Lord Sandaime (The Third), Lord Sakumo, Lord Yamanaka Ryo, Lord Kushina, these four Kage levels are not something we can deal with.

     Not to mention that there are so many Anbu Ninjas, Ninjas of other families, we have no chance of winning this way.

     Besides, Hokage-sama has never said to deal with our family. We just launched a coup like this. If Hokage-sama intends to defend us, what should we do? "

     It was Uchiha Hanama who was talking about Ninja, a female Ninja who used to destroy puppets with Yamanaka Ryo and was good at Suiton.

     Now Uchiha Hanama has married another Elite Jōnin in the clan and has a child.She and her husband both like their current life, and Hokage did not make it clear that the pervert must act on Uchiha Clan, so Uchiha Hanama would object.

     Uchiha Hanama and her husband are both Elite Jōnin, and they still have a certain status in Uchiha Clan. Therefore, Hanama's words calmed the excited ethnic group a lot.

     "Master Hanama, do you mean to leave the future of our clan to Hokage to decide? Don't forget, Hokage was assassinated only today.

     Just now the elder said that our clan has not dispatched full action. Maybe this is Hokage's self-directed and self-performed performance. The absence of a statement now just lets us relax our vigilance.

     Even if it wasn't Hokage's arrangement, it was Uchiha Clan's tribe who assassinated him. Do you think Hokage would still consider Uchiha Clan? "A Jōnin next to Hanama retorted.

     The words of this Jōnin made the Uchiha people who had calmed down a little excited again.

     Looking at the arguing tribes around him, Itachi also fell into contemplation, but unlike these tribes, Itachi didn't just think about whether to launch a coup, but also the consequences of the coup.

     In Itachi's view, with the attitude of the current people, it is basically certain that they will launch a coup.Once Uchiha Clan initiates a coup, the probability of failure accounts for 90%. Even if the luck succeeds in the end, Konoha will lose a lot of combat power. At that time, other Ninja villages are likely to enter by exploiting a weak spot.

     The cruelty of Third Shinobi World War, Itachi is still vivid in one's mind, he really does not want to ignite the war again.

     But at the moment Uchiha Clan is indeed on the verge of life and death. If a coup is not launched, Uchiha Clan will definitely perish.

     But Konoha, who has experienced civil war, can really win against other Shinobu villages? Uchiha Clan will still perish at that time, maybe Konoha will too.

     Thinking of Itachi's growing entanglement, Uchiha Izumi next to Itachi looked a little distressed as he frowned.

     She grew up with Itachi and is one of the people who know Itachi the best. She probably guessed what Itachi was thinking, but at this time her opinion is not helpful to Itachi. What she can do is just stand silently. Watching him by Itachi.

     The quarrel among the tribes intensified, but Uchiha Xiong and Uchiha Futama/Fugaku on the stage never expressed their opinions.

     Probably the people of Uchiha Clan felt that there would be no results in such a quarrel, so some people went up and asked: "Patriarch, what do you think? Do you think a coup is going to be launched?""Yes, patriarch, elder, what do you think?" The Uchiha people looked at the two on the stage.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku did not speak. After a long silence, Uchiha Xiong said: "Now, no matter what we are in the village, we will not give me a chance. I decided to launch a coup."

     Uchiha Xiong's words were supported by 80% of Uchiha tribesmen in the following universities, and the remaining few tribes opposed.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku, remember these opposing tribesmen, these people will be Uchiha Clan in the future.
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