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Chapter Directory 324 Choice
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After Uchiha Clan's clan assembly ended, Itachi left Nanga Shrine with one person.

     Itachi knows that Uchiha's decision will bring them irreparable consequences for Konoha, but at this time Itachi is very confused and does not know what to do.

     Uchiha Futama/Fugaku looked at Itachi's back and sighed, and then began to look for those who opposed the coup.

     It was late at night, and Itachi wandered alone in the village, thinking about what he was going to do next, and at this moment, Itachi found that there was someone behind him.

     But when he looked back, there was nothing.

     Itachi can be sure that what he perceives is not an illusion, there must be someone behind him, but this person has hidden it in a special way.

     Thinking of this, Itachi opened his Mangekyō and looked behind him, but he still found nothing.

     Obito, who was in the Kamui space and time, didn't expect to be discovered. There was a space between the two. He just used Spiritual/Mental Strength to perceive Itachi's actions, and he would still be discovered by him. This makes Obito even more interested in Itachi.

     After confirming that there was no one behind, Itachi muttered to himself: "Is it an illusion?" On the surface, he relaxed his vigilance, and secretly still guarded the mysterious person behind him.Itachi pretended to be aimless and walked to the Death Forest. Itachi had planned to ask Suzune for help, but he forgot that Suzune had gone home so late.

     The Death Forest was there, no one was around, and Obito was not hiding. He came out of Kamui space and stood behind Uchiha Itachi.

     Facing the sudden appearance of Obito, Itachi seemed calm. Without hesitation, he hand-sealed with one hand in secret, and spit out a few small fireballs towards Obito.

     Obito looked at these small fireballs with a little surprise and said, "Is it one-handed hand seal? It's really surprising." After speaking, he entered the Kamui space directly, and Itachi's fireball passed through him.

     Upon seeing it, Itachi frowned, opened Mangekyō, and looked into the eyes of the masked person. What he didn't expect was that Mangekyō's Dojutsu (Eye Technique) 【Tsukuyomi】 actually had no effect on the person in front of him.

     "It seems that you have already awakened Mangekyō. You started Mangekyō at the age of 12. It's fun! It's fun!" Obito lamented Itachi's talent.

     "Who the hell are you? What's the purpose of coming to Konoha? Why follow me?" Itachi asked directly, ignoring Obito's words.

     "The younger generation now is really not cute, haven't you guessed my identity?"

     ‘Ignore Konoha’s enchantment, strange abilities, even Mangekyō’s [Dojutsu (Eye Technique)], is it really Uchiha Madara’Thinking of this, Itachi's face turned pale, and he subconsciously stepped back a few steps to distance himself from Obito: "You really are Uchiha Madara? But didn't you die in the valley of the end? How come!"

     "Haha! The world thought I was dead at that time, but now I am still standing here."

     "What is your purpose in coming to Konoha?"

     "The purpose? Of course I came to the show! Look at how Uchiha Clan who betrayed me and Konoha both sides suffer. By the way, I will see if I have a chance and do something to this decadent village by the way.

     Hearing Obito's words, Itachi's first reaction was that this person was crazy, but then Itachi understood that with the ability of the person in front of him, he could really do what he said.

     "Maara, do you really have such a big hatred for Uchiha?"

     "I will not hate a family who betrayed me, but those who betrayed me must die."

     "So, if I help you solve Uchiha Clan, can you let the village go? Won't it be the village?"

     At the moment when he met "Uchiha Madara", Itachi, who had been confused, made his decision.

     "Oh? Are you willing to help me?" Obito looked at Itachi with interest.

     "Well! As long as you promise that I will not do anything to the village, I will help you solve Uchiha Clan together."Itachi's voice is very flat, without the emotional fluctuations, Obito stared at Itachi's eyes firmly, and finally said with a smile: "Okay! Since my lovely junior is willing to help, then I will wipe one's eyes and wait. "After speaking, Obito's figure disappeared in place.

     Itachi was taken aback for a moment, and then she shed a cold sweat: "Why is there Ninjutsu in time and space? It looks even more than Ryo-sama..."

     Itachi, who had made the decision, immediately ran to the Hagi clan.

     Unlike Uchiha, there are not many members of the Hagaki clan, and naturally they have no such strong defenses. Uchiha Itachi can easily sneak in.

     But when Itachi first entered the Hagaki clan, he was already discovered by Hagi Sakumo and Kakashi.

     Sakumo Hagiki was afraid of waking his wife, cautious and solemn got up, but Kakashi was not so taboo, he took the knife by the bedside and ran to the courtyard to stop Itachi.

     Itachi did not wear a mask and did not hide his identity. Kakashi recognized Uchiha Itachi at a glance.

     "Itachi, isn't it inappropriate to come to "visit" so late!" Although he recognized Itachi, Kakashi didn't mean to let him go directly.

     "Captain, I have something to do with Hokage-sama, can you tell me something?"

     "this late..."As soon as Kakashi was about to refuse, Sakumo Hagaki's voice rang in his ear: "Let him come in!"

     Kakashi was taken aback, then took Itachi to the living room.

     "Kakashi, you go out!"

     Kakashi nodded, turned and left. Sakumo Hagii glanced at Itachi and asked, "What's the matter?"

     Itachi hesitated for a moment, and instead of telling the story about the encounter with "Uchiha Madara", he told Sakumo Hagi about Uchiha Clan's coup.

     To Itachi's surprise, Sakumo Hagaki didn't startle at all, as if he had known it a long time ago.

     "Hokage-sama, do you already know it?"

     Sakumo Hagi nodded, and Itachi continued to ask with a wry smile: "Hokage-sama, is the village ready to attack Uchiha Clan?"

     "Itachi, you have been in Anbu for so long. It should be clear that you betrayed the village. It is impossible for the village to sit and watch, but remain indifferent."

     "Hokage-sama, I know the rules of the village. But if I am willing to help you get rid of Uchiha Clan, can you go aside and let Sasuke go?"

     Sakumo Sakumo shook his head when he heard the words. Itachi thought that Sakumo was opposed to it, and his eyes dimmed for an instant, but then Sakumo's words made Itachi happy."Itachi, don't worry! Because of you and Shisui, I know that Uchiha Clan is not everyone opposed to Konoha, so the village decided to only target Uchiha tribesmen with coup intentions."

     Itachi's eyes lit up: "Hokage-sama, are you serious?"

     "Of course! Anyone who has no intention of a coup will be fine this time."

     Itachi breathed a sigh of relief and said firmly in his eyes: "Hokage-sama, these people, please leave it to me!"

     Itachi's words made Sakumo Hatake a stunned, then he sighed and thought: ‘It seems that everything is really as far and Fugaku planned. ’

     I thought that Sakumo Hagi didn't hesitate to agree to Itachi's request.

     After the two discussed the specific details of the operation, Itachi left the Hagi family.

     At the same time, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku also summoned those tribesmen who opposed the coup d’état in the tribe just now, along with children under the age of 12 in the tribe.

     Looking at the hundreds of Uchiha people in front of them, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku sighed, then broke a handful of Ice Scalpel and called Yamanaka Ryo.

     "Far, there are only these people, please!"
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