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Chapter Directory 327 Sacrifice And Future
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Itachi looked at the orange skeleton giant in front of him, feeling the cold and huge Chakra, shocked.

     "This technique is called [Susanoo]. You have turned on Mangekyō, and the Dojutsu (Eye Technique) of the left and right eyes is also awakened. Sooner or later you will master this power.

     According to the records in the clan, the essence of [Susanoo] is the actualized eyes power and Chakra. It can be said that this technique is absolute defense in a sense.

     The side effects of this technique are also great. It will not only consume Mangekyō's eyes power, but also consume a lot of vitality, so you must be careful when using Itachi. "Uchiha supported it and gave Itachi a brief introduction to [Susanoo].

     After speaking, Uchiha Xiong relieved [Susanoo]. At this time, his eyes were completely blind, and his vitality was exhausted because of the forceful use of [Susanoo] just now.

     Itachi looked at the old man who kept coughing up blood before he hesitated for a moment, then walked to Uchihao's side.

     Uchiha's eyes are already blind, but through the sound of footsteps, he knew that Itachi had come to him. Uchiha dried the blood from the corners of his mouth and said with a smile: "Itachi, I'm really sorry, we old guys are incompetent and let you I carry so much at such a young age."

     "Elder, you...""Up to now, there is nothing to hide, all this is..." Uchiha Xiong intermittently told Itachi Uchiha Clan and Konoha's plan.

     Hearing that the village and the rest of Uchiha Clan could live together peacefully, Itachi's expression instantly became excited.

     "Elder, can you really achieve what you said?" Itachi's voice trembled.

     "Definitely, this is the promise that Fugaku and Hagii Sakumo gave me." Uchiha Yuo said seriously.

     Itachi smiled when he heard the words, and his eyes became firmer.

     "Itachi, the rest... please... you!"

     "Well, don't worry, Great Elder!"

     "Then I... don't worry! Itachi, thank you!" Uchiha Xiong finished his last words and closed his eyes. This old man who dedicated his life to Uchiha Clan left the world.

     After a moment of silence, Itachi bowed to Uchiha's body, turned and left.

     As soon as Itachi left, Yamanaka Ryo planned to bury Uchiha male, but Obito suddenly appeared and stretched his hand toward Uchiha male's eye socket.

     Yamanaka Ryo gave a cold snort and teleported to Uchiha's body, preventing Obito from moving.

     "Yamanaka Ryo, you!""Although I don't like this old man, I still admire his dedication to Uchiha Clan, so you should be acquainted and don't touch his body."

     Obito's face under the mask was uncertain.

     In fact, Obito knows very well that with Yamanaka Ryo, he may not be able to get Uchiha's eyes.

     Even if you can get it, you must waste a lot of effort. If you have this time, you may have collected 3 or 4 pairs of three tomoes. It is really not worth it for a pair of Mangekyō whose eyes power is greatly damaged.

     Thinking of this, Obito chose to give up, turned and left.

     Yamanaka Ryo put away Uchiha male's body and left Uchiha Clan's clan.

     He already knows the secret of Uchiha male Mangekyō, and now Uchiha Clan has nothing to his interest.

     When Yamanaka Ryo just walked out of Uchiha Clan, he happened to see Sasuke returning late. Recalling the scene in the original book, Yamanaka Ryo changed his mind and rushed to Fugaku's house.

     At this time, Fugaku's home, Itachi has arrived.

     Fugaku and his wife are kneeling on the tatami, and Itachi is now behind them.

     After a long silence, Fugaku sighed and said, "Itachi, here you are!"

     "My father, the elder told me everything just now.""Really? It seems it saves me to explain to you, I'm sorry, Itachi! It makes you bear so much.

     Itachi shook his head. He had no opinion on what he was carrying. He just wanted to know if the village and Uchiha that the elder said about the peaceful coexistence of the village and Uchiha were true.

     Hearing Itachi’s question, Fugaku said with a smile: “Of course it’s true. It was made by me and Hokage-sama, Yuan.”

     "Really? That's great!" The relationship between Uchiha and the village has always been Shisui's heart disease. The relationship between Itachi and Shisui is also a teacher and friend. Gradually, this matter has become a problem that Itachi has always wanted to solve.

     Both the village and Uchiha Clan are extremely important in Itachi's heart. To see the two parties live together peacefully, Itachi feels that everything he has done is worthwhile.

     "Itachi, have you solved all those people in the clan who intend to initiate a coup?"

     "Well, do you have any more orders?"

     Fugaku waved his hand and said, "It's nothing, you can go back to the room now!"

     Itachi was taken aback when he heard Fugaku's words, and then asked in surprise: "Father, do you mean the village will cover this for me?"

     "Well, you will know the specific details tomorrow. Yuan and I have planned it a long time ago, so you don't know about it! You haven't been out today."After hearing this, Itachi shook his head and said firmly, "My father, I won't go back."

     Mikoto heard Itachi's answer and couldn't sit still anymore: "Itachi, why? Fugaku and Hokage-sama will solve it, you trust them."

     "Mother, it's not that I don't believe in my father and Hokage-sama, it's just that these tribesmen died in my hands no matter what, the tribes will not forgive me.

     And today I also met a mysterious masked man, who claimed to be Uchiha Madara! "

     "What? You said you met Uchiha Madara?" Fugaku had a surprise and asked quickly.

     "Yes, my father! The masked man claims to be Uchiha Madara. His ability is very strange. He can sneak into the village ignoring Konoha's enchantment. He can also ignore my Mangekyō Dojutsu (Eye Technique), and his time and space Ninjutsu may be possible. Better than Ryo-sama."

     Itachi recalled the previous encounter with the masked man, and briefly explained his views on the masked man with Fugaku.

     "Itachi, do you want to lurch beside "Uchiha Madara"?" Fugaku understood what Itachi wanted to do.

     "Well, that's what I planned. Only by staying with him can I get information from his actions."

     "So, then..."When Fugaku was about to agree, Mikoto interrupted him: "I don't agree! Itachi, in case you do this..."

     "Mother, you can relax and I will be fine, but I have Mangekyou Sharingan." As Itachi opened his Mangekyō, Mikoto was silent as he watched the pattern in Itachi's pupils.

     As Uchiha Clan, anyone who knows Mangekyō will have a blind faith in the power of Mangekyō.

     "But Uchiha Madara also has Mangekyō, Itachi, it's too dangerous for you to do this!" After a while, Mikoto still insisted on opposing it, but his tone became less determined.
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