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Chapter Directory 330 Action
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Orders were issued one after another in Hokage's Office that night, and the Anbu members lurking among the villagers immediately began their actions.

     First of all, there is Third Hokage. Since Third Hokage retired, unless it is a large conference, or Haaki Sakumo has something to look for him, he rarely goes out.

     Coupled with the recent birth of his grandson, Sarutobi Sarutobi Konohamaru, Third Hokage loves this grandson very much, almost follow sb closely.

     Therefore, usually Third Hokage obtains information from the outside world through his direct subordinate Anbu.

     Anbu of Hagi Sakumo had already figured out the configuration of Anbu next to Third Hokage and detained all the Anbu members outside responsible for collecting intelligence.

     Then, with the help of the people of Yamanaka Clan, the memory and connection method in the brain of Anbu next to Third Hokage were obtained.

     In this way, he replaced Anbu next to Third Hokage without knowing it.

     After Anbu is replaced, as Hagi Sakumo promised before, Third Hokage will only know what Hagi Sakumo wants him to know.

     In order to guard against the unexpected, people from Danzō or Mito Homura informed the news, and Sakumo Hagi arranged Shisui nearby.

     The order from Sakumo Hagi to Shisui was: "Anyone who wants to see Third Hokage will be detained. If someone rushes in, kill him!"The other part of Anbu is led by Kakashi, using Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) to pretend to be a gangster, and plan to harass the villagers tomorrow.

     Various accidents happened on the streets of Konoha the next morning.

     Some people don't pay for breakfast, some fight in the street, some deliberately touch porcelain, and many villagers find that their money has been stolen.

     This situation lasted for 3 days. For a time, the villagers of Konoha cries of complaint fill the roads. Many villagers more than one can bear joined Hokage to report the incident.

     In Hokage's Office, Konoha villagers chose a highly respected elderly man in his 70s to take the lead in sending the report letter.

     Sakumo Hagi looked at the report letter on the table, then looked at the villagers pretending to sigh.

     Hearing Haaki Sakumo's sigh, the Anbu members of the villagers who jointly reported the report lit up and immediately asked: "Hokage-sama, why sigh? Is the village unable to solve this matter?"

     "Actually, Uchiha Clan has always dealt with these things in the village, but Uchiha Clan has undergone major changes a few days ago.

     In addition, the villagers in the village were dissatisfied with Uchiha Clan, which made Uchiha Clan frustrated. Their patriarch and I had resigned from the security department. Now I can't think of how to deal with this matter. "Hakiki Sakumo said, pretending to be embarrassed.When the villagers below heard Hagi Sakumo's words, they all felt mixed.

     Before, they thought that the security department under the control of Uchiha Clan was useless and would only show off one's military strength with these rights.

     Now that they have listened to Sakumo's words and what has happened in the past few days, these villagers understand how important Uchiha Clan is to the stability of Konoha.

     Thinking about this, and thinking about what they did to Uchiha before, these villagers began to feel guilty in their hearts.

     But this feeling of guilt may soon disappear, Hagii Sakumo decided to strike while the iron was hot, and winked secretly at the Anbu member.

     Anbu member understand tacitly went on to say: "Hokage-sama, Uchiha Clan seems to have some tribesmen, why not let them continue to command the security department..."

     "Aoki, enough!" The eldest of the villagers interrupted the Anbu member, and then bid farewell to Hagii Sakumo: "Hokage-sama, I'm sorry, I'm bothering you! We have something to do, we will leave first."

     "Well, you go first! Let me think about the recent security issues."

     "Then trouble Hokage-sama." After that, the old man took the villagers and left Hokage's Office.After coming out of the Hokage building, the Anbu Ninja named Aoki immediately asked the old man: "Uncle Clan, why don't you let me continue?"

     The old man glared at Aoki and said, "You have the face to say, but the old man has no face to listen! Think about it a few days ago when Uchiha had an accident. You were more excited than anyone else and laughed so happily. Now there are problems. Do you know how to beg someone?"

     "But Clan Uncle, Uchiha Clan is also Konoha's Ninja, and it is their responsibility to maintain Konoha's law and order!" Aoki whispered in defense.

     "I lived more than 70 years old and experienced five generations of Hokage including Lord Sakumo. The one you miss most is Shodai Hokage (First Hokage). Do you know why?"

     Aoki was taken aback for a moment, then shook his head. He didn't know why the old man brought the topic here.

     "Because, in my memory, the village is the warmest only when Lord Shodai (The First) is here. At that time, everyone coexisted peacefully and worked together for the future of Konoha.

     But when Lord Shodai (The First) passed away, Lord Feijian became Hokage, all this changed.

     Because of Uchiha Madara, Master Feijian has always been quite afraid of the consequences to Uchiha Clan. He is always on guard. His disciples Danzō, Yan, and Koha have also inherited his ideas.It can be said that Uchiha Clan's policy today caused this situation, and we are still accomplices! "The old man's tone became more and more painful.

     "Uncle Clan, how could we be accomplices? Uchiha's extermination has nothing to do with us, right?" another young man said.

     The old man shook his head and said after a moment of silence: "Uchiha genocide has a direct relationship with us, don't forget, our previous attitude towards Uchiha Clan!

     Our dislike of Uchiha, in the eyes of those village leaders, is that the village and Uchiha are in conflict, and the village leaders are likely to use this reason to make Uchiha disappear.

     A few days ago, a family as big as Uchiha Clan was slaughtered, but no one knew it. Doesn't this explain the problem? "

     Aoki was a little shocked when he heard the old man's words. He didn't expect that his clan uncle would have such a deep insight, which he could see more thoroughly than Ninja, who has been in Anbu for so long.

     The task given to him by Sakumo Hagi is to attract the public opinion of the villagers, but now it seems that it is not necessary. He only needs to reveal inadvertently that Danzō has dug a large amount of Sharingan in Uchiha Clan, and his uncle will help. It's done.

     Thinking of this, Aoki continued to ask: "Uncle Clan, what's the problem? Why can't I understand?"The old man glanced at Aoki, revealing a hate iron for not becoming steel expression, and then continued: "How can a family of Uchiha Clan be killed silently?

     Don’t you think it’s strange that Anbu, who was patrolling, didn’t hear any movement?

     Obviously, this was done by some high-level villagers! "
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