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Chapter Directory 331 Wind Direction Change
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Like the other villagers, Aoki pretended to be surprised, looked around in a panic, and then cautious and solemn said: "Uncle Clan, you can't talk nonsense!"

     This old man is also extremely stubborn, once he has identified his views, he will not easily change.

     And the old man has lived more than 70 years old, and there is nothing to worry about. Seeing Aoki's timid and fearful appearance, he became even more angry.

     The old man snorted coldly, ignored Aoki and his party, and left the Hokage building.

     After returning home, the old man summoned many Konoha villagers and put forward his views in public.

     The villagers know how the old man has been for so many years, and most villagers agree with the old man’s ideas.

     But then, some people put forward different opinions, because the troublemakers on the street at this time have affected their normal lives, so there are still some people who want Uchiha Clan to come back.

     The old man didn't say anything about it, but let them do it.

     In the afternoon, the Konoha villagers sent another representative to Hokage's Office.

     After receiving the notification from downstairs, Sakumo Hagi guessed the intention of the villagers.

     Sakumo Hagiki smiled to Anbu Ninja and said to one side, "Go to Uchiha Clan and ask Chief Fugaku to come over, and tell Chief Fugaku what I told you before on the way.and also! Don't rush in after you come, wait for my prompt. "

     "Yes, Hokage-sama!" Anbu Ninja nodded, and left Hokage's Office through the window before the villagers came in.

     "Hokage-sama, hello!"

     "Oh! Hello! What's the matter?" Hagiki Sakumo asked, pretending to be unaware.

     Several people looked at each other in dismay, and finally the middle-aged man who took the lead gathered the courage and said: "Hokage-sama, we would like to ask Uchiha Clan to come forward and continue to maintain the law and order of the village.

     Now you know the situation in the village. Our normal life has been disrupted. "

     Haaki Sakumo immediately pretended to be embarrassed when he heard the words, and the civilians did not dare to bother.

     After a long silence, Hagii Sakumo heard the movement outside and his eyes lit up. Then he sighed and said: "Oh! Now Uchiha Clan is in a disaster, and there are less than 30% of the people left. I can't force them, but, cough!

     Outside Hokage's Office, Uchiha Futama/Fugaku heard Sakumo Hakata's cough and immediately pretended to be distraught and pushed open the door of Hokage's office.

     "Hokage-sama, you are going to be the master of my Uchiha Clan!" Uchiha Futama/Fugaku came in suddenly, shocking the villagers and Hagi Sakumo. Of course the villagers are real, but Sakumo Hagaki pretends.Uchiha Futama/Fugaku secretly glanced at the reactions of the people in the office, seeing that everyone was stunned, Hagii Sakumo smiled, and continued his performance: "Last night our clan died and injured more than 70%. We have Sharingan. The people of his tribe are also being Danzō..."

     "Patriarch Fugaku, that's enough! Stop talking!" As soon as I heard Danzō's name, Hagi Sakumo, who was still in a daze, jumped out of his chair like a cat whose tail was stepped on. Uchiha Futama/ Fugaku's words.

     When the villagers saw the situation, their expressions changed slightly. Sakumo Hagii took a look at the villagers’ reaction and immediately said, "Everyone, I have something to do with me today. Let's go back!"

     The villagers breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this, and immediately left Hokage's Office.

     As soon as they left the Hokage building, the villagers started a quiet discussion. The content of the discussion was: Why did Hokage react so much when he heard Danzō's name?

     After other people talked about it for a long time, the middle-aged man in the lead said, “You don’t understand this? Judging from the reaction of the patriarchs of Hokage-sama and Uchiha Clan, both of them should know the first few. What happened to Uchiha Clan that night and who did it.

     It's just that the person who did this has a higher status in the village than the Fugaku patriarch, and the Fugaku patriarch can't help him, so he went to Hokage-sama.Chief Fugaku was too emotional and didn't notice us when he came in. Hokage-sama didn't expect that Chief Fugaku would be good at Hokage's Office, and he didn't react for a while.

     Therefore, we can hear from the Fugaku patriarch that we shouldn’t have heard. "

     I have to say that Naruto's World's human brain supplement ability is still abundant. Help Hagii Sakumo and Uchiha Futama/Fugaku want to perfect the plot.

     The villagers didn't know that this was the double reed of Sakumo Hagaki and Uchiha Futama/Fugaku. Coupled with the analysis of the middle-aged leader just now, everyone at the scene "understood" it.

     "Unexpectedly, Lord Danzō would actually do this kind of thing. How can I say that Uchiha Clan is also a companion of a village!"

     "Yeah! I just looked at the head of Fugaku, I feel that the things I did before are really inappropriate."

     Human nature is good, and most human beings sympathize with the weak. Uchiha Clan has just experienced such a tragedy. These people also saw the "sorrowful" expression of the Uchiha patriarch who once set up on high.

     In addition, in recent days because of the harassment of gangsters disguised as Anbu, after seeing such a play just now, the balance in the hearts of the villagers almost immediately tilted to Uchiha Clan's side without hesitation.The leading middle-aged man sighed and said, "Okay! Stop talking here! Go back immediately and tell others what we heard.

     Judging from what happened today, perhaps the clan uncle was right. Today in Uchiha Clan, we have become Danzō’s accomplices. "

     The villagers all agreed.

     Meanwhile, Danzō is Root preparing to transplant Sharingan onto his arm.

     For Danzō, every Sharingan is a life, and Danzō attaches great importance to this.

     In the past few days, a lot of work has been lost, and the preparations have been made. In order to successfully transplant Danzō, Yakushi Nonō Naiyu, the dean of the Konoha Orphanage, was specially recruited.

     Yakushi Nonō Naiyu is now controlled by Danzō because of Yakushi Kabuto, the child of the orphanage. She has to choose to compromise to help Danzō transplant Sharingan.

     The Shodai (The First) cells in Danzō's body have become more peaceful recently because of Shisui Mangekyō's restriction. Danzō's Chakra volume and vitality have increased a lot.

     Therefore, Danzō, who is about the same age as Third Hokage, looks much younger than Third Hokage, and he doesn't even see gray hair.

     Today, with the transplantation of these ten Sharingan, Danzō feels that the fusion between himself and Shodai (The First) cells is getting closer and closer, and the power of Shodai (The First) cells has been further developed.An unprecedented feeling of powerful arousing involuntarily, along with this feeling, Danzō's quiet ambitions have also recovered.

     Then he didn't know that when his ambitions just started to swell, rumors about Danzō had spread throughout Konoha.
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