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Chapter Directory 353 Assembly Of Xiao
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Hearing Kushina's name, Hafeng Minato's expression became softer.

     Thinking of Kushina and her son who had only seen her once since birth, Minato immediately bid farewell to Sakumo Hagi and teleported back to her home where she had not returned for 10 years.

     The Flying thunder god of Minato has been hanging in Kushina's home. Yamanaka Ryo took Kushina to see Minato once when Minato was resurrected.

     After that, Kushina found the Flying thunder god of Minato, Kunai, and hung it in the middle of the house.

     People who don't know come to Kushina's house will think that Kushina is missing the passing wind Minato.

     Every time Third Hokage comes to Kushina's house and sees the flying thunder god that hangs, he will show a look of nostalgia. After nostalgia, it will be guilt.

     Naruto didn't understand why his mother would hang kunai in the house. He once asked. Kushina's answer to him was that he was waiting for an important person.

     This has been so many years. After ten years, Minato stepped into his home again. With a small light on in the living room, looking at the familiar house, Minato was full of thoughts.

     The furnishings in the house have not changed much, except that there are more graffiti on the walls and furniture.

     Minato touched the graffiti, and the little Naruto was "drawing" with a colored pen amid Kushina's screams."Minato! Is it really you?" Hakae Minato, who was immersed in fantasy, heard a familiar voice.

     He slowly turned around and saw his dreamlike figure for so many years.

     "Kushina!" Minato appeared in front of Kushina instantly, embracing Kushina in his arms.

     The familiar embrace made Kushina couldn't help it anymore, tears burst into her eyes instantly.

     "Minato, so...for so many years, you...why don't you come back, I put...Flying thunder god to find out and hang up for so...for so many years, I...every day...night stayed for you With the light on, I'm afraid you... come back and trip over the furniture, but you never come back, don't you know... I miss you so much!" Kushina cried and told Minato how she missed her.

     Minato felt very uncomfortable listening to Kushina's words. For so many years, in order to restore his strength, he really ignored Kushina's feelings.

     "Kushina I'm sorry, I will definitely come back often in the future." Minato assured Kushina in a low voice.

     Kushina nodded and wiped away tears.

     After that, the two and each other talked about each other's experiences over the years.

     Bofeng Minato has been recovering from Mount Myōboku in recent years. There is nothing to say. Most of them are listening to Kushina.

     The topic of Kushina always revolves around Naruto. From Kushina, Bofeng Minato learned everything about Naruto.Knowing that their children are not smart, but they work hard; they are not very good at reading, but they are very sensitive to fighting; they are not good children, but they are gentle to people.

     Without his father, Naruto could become such an excellent person. Thanks to the mother of Kushina. Thinking of Kushina's so many years of hardship, Minato couldn't help but hug Kushina again.

     After the two stayed warm for a while, Kushina took Minato to Naruto's room.

     Naruto was already asleep, and Hafeng Minato approached him and found that Naruto was wearing a yellow pajamas. The pattern on the pajamas was a small frog with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

     Hakaze Minato smiled at Naruto who was sleeping. He stretched out his hand to touch Naruto, but thought that he had not fulfilled his father's responsibilities, and put his hand back.

     After a long time, Hafeng Minato said to Naruto: "Naruto, sorry! As a father, but I have not been able to be with you, my father is really unqualified.

     I'm giving Dad some time, and Dad will come back to you when Dad finishes handling the matter at hand. "

     After speaking, Minato got up and left Naruto's room. Kushina followed Minato and helped him close the door.

     Going back to the living room, Minato sees Kushina's look becoming more guilty and nostalgic.

     Kushina smiled and said, "Minato, let's go!""Well, Yuan and I still have some things to do."

     "You can relax and go! With me at home, I will take good care of Naruto and wait for you to come back! I am the wife of Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Hokage), and I won't hold you back."

     Bofeng Minato nodded when he heard the words, did not say anything, hugged Kushina and left Konoha.

     After Bofeng Minato left, Kushina wiped the tears in her eyes and murmured: "Minato, take care!"

     At the same time, Amegakure (Village Hidden in the Rain), Akatsuki base, on the fingers of Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), there appeared 10 illusory figures headed by Tendō (Deva Path) Pain wearing red clouds on a black background. .

     Rinnegan of Tendō (Deva Path) Pain scanned the nine people below, and said in a serious tone: "Today Hoshigaki Kisame and Hidan have joined, and we from Akatsuki have been assembled. From now on, you will work in pairs. action.

     Itachi, Hoshigaki Kisame will be your teammate in the future. He is one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist like the previous Shizo. As for Hidan, let's act with Kakuzu! "

     "Hidan? I hope you are not a short-lived guy!" Kakuzu said with a glance at Hidan, turning aside.

     "No one has ever said that my uncle is short-lived! Worry about yourself!" Hidan retorted without showing any weakness.

     "There are so many newcomers!" Deidara murmured."Deidara, you are not qualified to talk about others!" Scorpion said blankly.

     "Senior Scorpion! We are partners, how can you dismantle my station!"

     "It's a bunch of troublesome guys!" White Zetsu couldn't help but complain.

     "Yes, yes, you are right! What a group of troublesome guys!" Obito wearing an orange Rasen mask echoed White Zetsu's words in a very funny tone.

     Deidara glared at Obito: "ALFY, you fellow!"

     "Enough! Stop arguing! Every time you meet, you have to quarrel, can't you learn Itachi and be quiet?"

     Konan's words made these people quiet for an instant. Except for Obito, none of the people present were Pain's opponents. Pain and Konan had a very close relationship. In a sense, Konan's words represented Pain's words.

     They didn't want to offend Pain for such trivial matters.

     Seeing everyone calm down, Nagato controlled Pain and slowly said: "As I said earlier, starting today, we will act in pairs and begin to accept various employment tasks, accumulate funds, and prepare for our future goals.

     Everyone looked at their teammates and said at the same time: "Yes, boss!"

     Hearing the affirmative answer, Pain and Konan disappeared as the leader, and the others disappeared when they saw it.After the meeting, Black Zetsu said to Obito: "Obito, Akatsuki's affairs come to the end of a phase, should we also act?"

     "Don't worry, it's not time yet. Yamanaka Ryo's strength is deep and unmeasurable. Let's bear it for a while!"

     After hearing this for a while, Black Zetsu agreed.
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