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Chapter Directory 373 Lifting The Caged Bird (Part 1)
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"A pair of training can't explain much, are the elders too anxious?" Hyuga Hiashi said lightly.

     "Huh! From ancient times to the present, when my Hyuga clan children were engraved with a bird curse seal when they were three years old, the patriarch's two daughters are already 10 and 6 years old, do you want to drag it down?" A member of the Main Family Said the clan people.

     "So it seems that you have to engrave the bird in the cage for my daughter today?"

     "It's not that we want to engrave, it's the family rules."

     "Hehe, then I'll see if you can do it." Saying Hyuga Hiashi opened Byakugan / White Eyes (rolling back the eyes) and assumed the pose of Gentle Fist.

     "Huh! Since the patriarch is so obstinately clinging to one's course, don't blame us." Hyuga Toyota snorted and took the pose of Gentle Fist.

     For a while, Hyuga Hiashi's home became full of gunpowder.

     Hinata and Hanabi are still children after all. After seeing the confrontation between their father and the tribe, they were a little nervous. The female tribe who split the family saw the Hinata sisters behind them.

     "Huh! As a Main Family, how can you be so timid? You guys come out!" Hyuga Toyota said to the Hinata sisters who were hiding behind the sub-family.The Hinata sisters had never experienced anything like this. They were trembling with fright. The members of the family took care of the Hinata sisters since they were young. They have deep feelings. Although they are very afraid of Hyuga Toyota, they still mustered the courage to intercede with Hyuga Toyota: " Elder, the two young ladies are still young..."

     "Huh! We are the Main Family speaking, when will it be your turn to speak up?" Hyuga Toyota snorted coldly, urging the curse seal on the head of the sub-family.

     The curse seal acts directly on the nerves, and the family splitting females instantly feel that they have a splitting headache, and soon lose consciousness.

     Hyuga Hiashi asked with a pale face: "Hyuga Toyota, the separation is also part of my Hyuga clan, don't you think it is too much for you to do this kind of thing?"

     Hyuga Toyota hasn't spoken yet, and the three elders on one side preemptively said: "The division of the family is an affiliate of my Main Family. The patriarch is worried that these talents are the most surplus."

     "The three elders are right."

     "Well, the person who broke in at this time should be punished."


     "Enough! I didn't expect that the people in the Main Family of the Hyuga clan are all such things. I saw that the system of family division does not need to exist!"

     Hyuga Hiashi's remarks were simply shocking, and everyone in the Main Family was shocked.The family members who guarded the gate outside took all this in their eyes, and they did not expect that the patriarch would maintain the Main Family so much, and even said that this kind of family division system does not need to exist.

     After the gatekeeper's sub-family looked at each other, one of the family members said, "Go and tell Master Hizashi what happened here."

     The other member of the family nodded, and immediately ran towards Hyuga Hizashi.

     At this time, in Hyuga Hiashi's home, the Main Family members were shocked by Hyuga Hiashi's words, and the room fell into a strange silence for a while.

     After a while, Hyuga Toyota said: "Hyuga Hiashi, you dare to say such a thing! It seems that you are no longer fit to be the patriarch of the Hyuga clan."

     "Humph, such a family, such a patriarch, I didn't want to be a patriarch.

     Back then, Hizashi sacrificed himself to make me the so-called patriarch of the Main Family. I have suffered for so many years, but I have been impotent about it. But yesterday, I finally got a way to release the bird from the cage. The Main Family of the Hyuga clan does not need to Existed. "

     Speaking of Hyuga Hiashi, she ran to the comatose female clan, and hand-sealed with both hands, injecting Chakra into the clan bird of the clan. The green curse seal of the bird in the clan gradually disappeared.

     The Main Family members were so shocked to see what happened in front of them, that they didn't come forward to organize Hyuga Hiashi.Hyuga Toyota pretended to be extremely shocked: "Impossible, this is impossible! How could he know the solution to the caged bird!"

     Hyuga Hiashi snorted coldly: "Humph! The solution to the bird in the cage has always been kept by the three elders and the patriarch, why can't I know?"

     "Three elders, haven't the solution to the caged bird been lost? Why!" The rest of the Main Family came back to their senses and immediately asked the three elders of the Hyuga clan.

     The second elder replied with a green face: "The solution to the bird in the cage has not been lost for a long time. It's just that the clan said that in order to let the members of the sub-family accept their own destiny, without thinking about it.

     The patriarch has always taken special care of the members of the sub-family, so we did not tell him how to release the caged bird, but we don't know where he learned about this method. "

     As soon as the second elder's voice fell, the third elder immediately said: "The patriarch is crazy. Now we must control the patriarch first to avoid any major changes in the clan."

     After the other members of the family looked at each other, they immediately dispersed and surrounded Hyuga Hiashi.

     At the same time, the members of the Hyuga family had already told Hyuga Hizashi what one hears and sees they had. Hyuga Hizashi immediately realized that this matter might not be that simple, and immediately ran towards Hyuga Hiashi's house.But before taking a few steps, Hyuga Hizashi was stopped by Yamanaka Ryo and Tsunade.

     "Tsunade-sama, Ryo-sama!" Hyuga Hizashi respectfully greeted the two.

     "Hizashi, what are you going to do in such a hurry?"

     "Tsunade-sama, something happened to the clan, I want to go to Hiashi-sama right away."

     Yamanaka Ryo said with a smile upon hearing the words: "Hehe, Hizashi, there are members of the Main Family. You are holding the bird in the cage. What is the difference between the past and the death? Let me help you."

     "Help me? Ryo-sama you..." Before the words fell, Hyuga Hizashi saw Yamanaka Ryo hand seal with both hands, and then a wave of Chakra poured into the bird cage on his forehead.

     A few seconds later, Hyuga Hizashi seemed to hear the sound of the chain breaking, an unprecedented sense of comfort arose involuntarily.

     "This is... Ryo-sama, you... how is this possible!" The bird in the cage was lifted, and Hyuga Hizashi was so excited that he spoke a little incoherent speech.

     Tsunade smiled when she looked at Hyuga Hizashi. She patted Hizashi on the shoulder and said, "There is nothing to be able to do. Now you can go. As far as I know, you are the number one master of the Hyuga clan. Go ahead. Help your brother!"

     "Well, thank you Tsunade-sama, thank you Ryo-sama!" After Hyuga Hizashi bowed to the two of them, he pressed his inner excitement and ran towards Hyuga Hiashi's house.At this time, Hyuga Hiashi gradually fell under the siege of 11 Main Family members.

     The Hinata sisters hugged each other, hiding in the distance watching their father and the Main Family clan fight.

     "Sister, father, he will be fine, right?" Hanabi asked nervously.

     Hinata squeezed out a smile to comfort him: "No, my father is very good."
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