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Chapter Directory 399 Is White A Man Or A Woman?
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

That afternoon, the news that Shukaku and a blue giant appeared at Sunagakure caused an uproar.

     Rasa thought it was Shukaku who ran away again, and brought Sand Ninja Anbu to see Gaara's situation.

     What he didn't expect was that after only a few hours, Gaara could use Shukaku's power.

     Rasa hurriedly asked what happened to Baki, and Baki relayed what Pakura had told him to Rasa.

     Rasa frowned after listening to it. Yamanaka Ryo intervened in Sunagakure's Jinchūriki. Although the result was good, it still made Rasa a little uncomfortable.

     Jinchūriki is the biggest trump card in every village. Yamanaka Ryo's intervention disrupted Rasa's plan and made Rasa more wary of Gaara and Shukaku.

     You must know that there is Mangekyou Sharingan in Yamanaka Ryo, and Mangekyō can control Bijuu (Tailed Beast). This matter can be said to be well-known in the Ninja world.

     What Rasa is worried about is whether Yamanaka Ryo will use Mangekyou Sharingan to secretly control Shukaku and plant a bomb for Sand Ninja.

     Thinking of this, Rasa turned and said to Baki: "Baki, from today, you have to pay more attention to Gaara's situation. If you find anything unusual, tell me immediately."

     "Yes, Lord Kazekage!" Baki is Rasa's confidant. Rasa's instructions to Baki will naturally not object. He nodded and immediately agreed.Rasa turned around, glanced at Gaara who was indifferent, sighed and left.

     Yamanaka Ryo did not know the follow-up of this incident, nor did he know that Rasa had so much thoughts because of his contact with Gaara.

     Pakura knew it, and argued with Rasa because of this. Rasa apologized on the surface, but secretly what he should do. Pakura didn't bother to say anything to him.

     From Pakura's point of view, Rasa's actions are completely do more than is required, and nothing else, if Yamanaka Ryo really wants to destroy Sunagakure, there is no need for the power of Ichibi (One-Tail).

     As the pillow of Yamanaka Ryo, Pakura couldn't understand his strength.

     Yamanaka Ryo stayed in Sunagakure for most of the next half month until tonight.

     After a busy day, Pakura returned home. Yamanaka Ryo had already bought something to eat. They were eating and talking about what happened today, saying they were talking. In fact, Yamanaka Ryo was just acting as an audience. He heard Pakura talk about Sunagakure on government affairs Interesting facts.

     After dinner, Yamanaka Ryo hugged Pakura and said to her: "Pakura, don't go to work tomorrow, go to a place with me."

     "Where to go?"

     "The Nation of Wave! Naruto and the others have performed missions there recently. I want to see his growth."Pakura curled his lips: "Naruto is still Genin! The missions they perform are at most C-level missions, and even Ninja can't find anything interesting."

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head and said with a smile: "You guessed wrong. It stands to reason that Naruto's mission is indeed C-level, but this mission involves Gatō."

     "Gatō? Are you talking about the rich businessman Gatō?" When talking about Gatō, Pakura suddenly came to Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental).

     Yamanaka Ryo looked at Pakura a little strangely, wondering why she was so interested in Gatō.

     In fact, the reason is very simple, because Sunagakure is not as rich as Konoha, the development of the village requires a lot of funds, so Pakura usually pays more attention to the rich. And Gatō is precisely one of Naruto's World's local tyrant merchants.

     Yamanaka Ryo didn't get too entangled in this matter, and returned to the topic just now: "Well, it's him! Naruto and their mission this time is to have a direct conflict of interest with Gatō."

     "Conflict of interest? How can Ninja and the businessman have a conflict of interest?" Pakura asked with a frown.

     "Pakura, what kind of country is Poland, do you know?"

     Pakura nodded and said, "Of course I know, a small island country with few pitiful Ninja, lack of protection and economic resources, and people living in poverty.""It stands to reason that Poland is located on a major transportation road, and relying on the sea, the people can make a living by sea transportation and fishing, but you also said that the people of Poland have no economic source..."

     Pakura suddenly realized: "Far, did Gatō control maritime transportation?"

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded and continued: "Well, for an island country like Nami Country, controlling the lifeline of maritime traffic means controlling everything in this country.

     The people of Nami country did not want to be controlled by Gatō for a lifetime, so they started to build a bridge. Once the bridge was completed, Gatō would lose control of Nami country's maritime transportation.

     So Gatō hired Ninja to stop the construction of the bridge, and Naruto was hired by the people of Poland to help build the bridge. "

     Hearing this, Pakura also became interested, and asked: "Yuan, who is Ninja hired by Gatō? Who is Naruto and their sensei?"

     "Gatō hired Momochi Zabuza, and Naruto's sensei was Kakashi."

     "Kirigakure no Kijin (Demon of the Hidden Mist) and Konoha's Captain Anbu, interesting, I won't go to work tomorrow, let's go watch the fun together."

     Yamanaka Ryo nodded, hugged Pakura and fell asleep.Early the next morning, Yamanaka Ryo teleported to Nami, feeling the breath of Yamanaka Ryo, and Xiao Yin, who had been hovering near Kakashi and them, immediately flew to Yamanaka Ryo's side.

     "Far, how did you come? People are tired of flying!" Xiao Yin grumbled on Yamanaka Ryo's shoulder.

     Yamanaka Ryo touched Xiao Yin's feathers and said, "Sorry, sorry for keeping you staring at them for so long."

     "Far, this summoned beast is..." Pakura asked in a low voice as she watched the silver falcon on Yamanaka Ryo's shoulder shine.

     "She's Xiaoyin, it's me..." Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura briefly talked about how Xiaoyin was born.

     "Can I touch her?"

     "Can Xiao Yin?" Yamanaka Ryo asked with a smile.

     "Is her a far friend?"

     Yamanaka Ryo shook his head: "Not a friend, but a wife!"

     "Wife! Of course you can!" Said Xiao Yin flapped the wings and flew onto Pakura's shoulder.

     Xiao Yin's closeness made Pakura very happy. Yamanaka Ryo didn't pay attention to them, but turned his gaze to the other side.

     This should be the third time that Naruto and Zabuza, Bai met.

     The white mask has been taken off, and he is confronting Naruto and Sasuke, while Kakashi is lazy, dealing with Zabuza at will.With the strength of Kakashi Shadow, there is no difficulty in dealing with an Elite Jōnin in Zabuza.

     "Pakura, do you think that kid over there is a boy or a girl!" Yamanaka Ryo asked, pointing to Bai over there.

     Pakura followed the instructions of Yamanaka Ryo and turned her gaze to Bai. After looking at Bai for a long time, Pakura said: "She should be a girl, without Adam's apple, and the curve of her body is also like a girl."

     Yamanaka Ryo breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. When he first saw Bai, Yamanaka Ryo had a moment of heartbeat. If he was a man, it would be bad.
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