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Chapter Directory 415 The Wisdom Of Lu Maru
    Chinese Name: 火影之远途  Author: 一缕浮华(Yī lǚ fúhuá, A Flash of Glitz)
    Original: www.vipzw.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

After getting Kurotsuchi, Orochimaru channeled dozens of small snakes. Check in the Death Forest to see if there are other Ninjas besides these Genins.

     After some investigation, Orochimaru determined that only the group of Anbu members monitored by Genin and Konoha remained in the dead forest, and Naruto's safety was also considered guaranteed.

     Orochimaru's "mission" was also over, so he carried Kurotsuchi and left the death forest.

     As for Naruto and Sasuke, after chatting for a while, the two began to resume Chakra.

     When the two of them recovered to their sevens and eights, Sakura took the tenth class and rushed from a short distance.

     Shikamaru looked at the destroyed trees around and a large piece of scorched land in front of him, and he had a rough estimate of the situation at that time.

     "Why are you here?" Naruto asked strangely.

     "Sakura told us that you were spotted by Genin from Iwagakure and a powerful woman in the Death Forest, and we rushed over immediately.

     I heard Sakura say that that woman has at least the strength of Elite Jōnin, and you can all win. Sure enough, Sasuke is really amazing! "Ino said excitedly.

     Naruto immediately retorted, "Hey! Ino, I was obviously responsible for the fight just now! And we didn't kill the woman."Shikamaru frowned, "It's not you? But what's the situation with the scorched land over there? What happened? Tell me."

     When Naruto was organizing the language, Sasuke said: "Let’s do it! At that time, my combination with Naruto, Ninjutsu, really hit that woman..."

     Sasuke told Shikamaru the story in detail. Shikamaru was also shocked after hearing Orochimaru's name: "Orochimaru? Sasuke did you mean that Orochimaru?"

     Sasuke nodded: "Yeah! It's him!"

     "It's really troublesome. I didn't expect that there would be such a big person in a Chunin exam. I had known that I would not take it." Shikamaru murmured.

     "Well, who is Orochimaru?" Sakura asked in a low voice, and Chōji on one side was also curious.

     Shikamaru sighed, and briefly talked about Orochimaru's glorious deeds to the two of them.

     After listening to Shikamaru's narration, Sakura's expression became more and more nervous. Chōji was still indifferent, but he asked a question that everyone wanted to know: "Shikamaru, why is there such a powerful person in Chunin's exam? ?"

     After a moment of silence, Shikamaru pointed to Naruto and said, "I think it's probably because of him!"

     "Me? Why me?" Naruto asked strangely."It's very simple, because of your identity. You are Konoha's new Nine-tailed Jinchūriki, and you can communicate with Bijuu (Tailed Beast) at a young age and use the power of Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). Iwamura subfraid of the consequences Kyuubi (Nine-Tails) will therefore send someone to kill you.

     And Orochimaru, it is estimated that Uncle Yuan came to protect you. "

     After listening to Shikamaru's words, Sasuke also suddenly realized that everything can be explained by saying this.

     "Sasuke, you said Orochimaru went after that woman, didn't you?" Shikamaru asked next.

     Sasuke nodded, "Yeah! Orochimaru has gone after the woman. I'm not sure if I left the death forest."

     Shikamaru looked down for a moment and said, "Orochimaru should be gone!"

     "Shikamaru, how do you know?"

     "Because Naruto is safe, Sasuke said just now that Iwagakure's Genin was very respectful when he saw the woman. After that woman appeared, Iwagakure's Genin left.

     This means that this woman is very powerful in the eyes of these Stone Ninjas, and that she can definitely kill Naruto.

     Since she can definitely kill Naruto, Iwagakure shouldn't send a second person. Assassination is not as many people as possible. ""Shikamaru, you said so much, it means Iwagakure only sent one Elite Jōnin, there are so many Genins here, Naruto is not safe!" Sakura asked.

     Ino smiled and said, "Sakura, you don't understand. This Orochimaru is called by Uncle Yuan. Uncle Yuan will not care about the fight for Genin. Orochimaru should be the same."

     Sakura's face changed a lot when he heard this: "That is to say, now we need to face all Genin teams in Iwagakure?"

     Shikamaru nodded, "Hmm! Iwagakure's Genin team should still hunt down Naruto."

     "Cut, just a bunch of Genin, I'm not afraid!" Naruto said disdainfully.

     Sasuke glared at Naruto and said, "Idiot! With our strength, if we come one by one, of course we will not be afraid. The question is what should these Stone Ninjas do?"

     Ino watched Sasuke's side face shine, and quickly said: "Indeed, if these people go together, you really can't handle it. So let's do it! Let's act with you! Shikamaru, OK?"

     "Ah? Such a troublesome thing..." Before Shikamaru's words fell, he felt a chill in his heart, and when he looked back, he met Ino's murderous gaze.Shikamaru screamed, and quickly changed his words: "Then what... I mean such a troublesome thing, we are partners again, of course we have to bear it together, but I have two conditions."

     "What conditions?" Sasuke asked.

     "1 Since I decided to act together, all battles and actions during this period must be listened to by me.

     2Because we are helping you, we must get the Scroll obtained first. "

     Sasuke thought for a while and agreed. Naruto and Sakura had no objection, and the seventh and tenth classes formally reached an alliance.

     After a while, Naruto and Sasuke's condition was completely restored, and the six of them were ready to set off after eating something casually.

     Before departure, Shikamaru said to everyone: "In a short while, Naruto Sasuke is in front, Ino and Sakura are in the middle, and I and Chōji are in the middle.

     Naruto and Sasuke are much stronger than us. You two open the way in front and attract firepower.

     Ino and Sakura are girls, so they are better in the middle. Ino is Ninja and Sakura is medical ninja, so it should be protected.

     Chōji and I were at the end because the family secrets of the Ino-Shika-Chō tribes need to cooperate with each other. Once there is a problem, Ino can immediately return to the team to form combat effectiveness.Ino establishes a Spirit (ual) / Mind (Mental) connection with us. At the same time, pay attention to the presence of other Genin nearby, and notify us as soon as there is a disturbance.

     That's it for the time being, everyone doesn't have any opinions, right? "After the arrangements were made, Shikamaru looked at everyone and asked.

     Everyone agreed. Before leaving, Sasuke looked at Shikamaru and said: "The wisdom of the Nara clan is really terrifying. In this case, wisdom is really the most powerful weapon."

     Shikamaru smiled: "My father often said that in the face of absolute strength, any resourcefulness is useless."
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